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Stone Cold

By Jan J. (P.J.P.), Little Sister's Keepress

The body was warm. It didn't feel cold.

The pale-haired prince carefully brushed aside the dark bangs that hid his brother's unblemished forehead. How quickly a tiny slip of moon crescent could be eclipsed by a curtain of obscurity. He shifted the body closer to his chest.

Prince Diamond clenched his jaw as he teleported to his chamber. His eyes gleamed with bloody thoughts of suffocating Wiseman. However, his mind was whisked away from such musings when a cool wisp of air skimmed over his cheek. He shivered and unconsciously clutched Sapphire tighter. His younger sibling's face was nestled against his neck. Eyelashes caressed the surface.

He wanted warmth. He wanted his brother back.

The prince trudged to the spacious bed. Gingerly, he lowered Sapphire onto its heavenly softness and leaned over the still figure.

"Do you know how much you mean to me?" he whispered to nothing—nothing that was breathing.

Diamond paused. He did not even bother to correct the tense in that intricately simple confession.

The ruler of Nemesis stared at Sapphire's worn facial features. The blue-eyed youth had always had faith in his elder brother. He had always looked out for Diamond. He had died for Diamond.

The prince slid a hand on Sapphire's forehead. Ever since Wiseman had taken Diamond under his wing, he had found himself more isolated from the younger boy. He didn't know if the cloaked phantom had done it purposely, but the violet-eyed Nemesian had begun to feel unloved—disconnected.

Warmth flowed from Sapphire's skin into his. Sapphire had returned for him. He had collapsed for him.

It seemed that his younger sibling was always a page ahead of him. Sapphire would always be the more considerate brother. Always the least likely to make mistakes.

Without any overly affectionate words, Sapphire had conveyed to Diamond what the Negamoon Family had lacked generation after generation. Sapphire's sacrifice—his death—had shown Diamond how truly loved he was. How he had never really been alone before.

The prince broke his gaze from his only kin's closed eyes. He removed his palm from the other's flushed flesh and stood up.

Slowly, Diamond stepped away.

He was alone now.