Hello, my name is Kendell. This is my first fan fic not involving a giant monster and I'm real nervious so please be nice. Before I start, big thanks goes out to my friend Elita1Angel, without whom this fic would not be possible. Even though I mainly do giant monster fics, I've loved Balto since the first time I saw it a long time ago and I even got all three movies for the perpose of making this fic. This is a crossover with a 80s film series called Watchers but if you haven't seen them don't worry, it won't really help all that much to of seen them. What you need to know is for the most part this takes place between the first two Balto films. Ok, I don't own Balto and related characters, the Outsider and Tina are mildly based on characters from Watchers which in turn is based on a book of the same title. Enjoy!


New York City, 6 am, June 13, 2008

Three men walked through a steel door, they found it odd that it was so thick. They were handed automatic rifles as they walked in. They were all criminals on death row, chosen as test subjects. If they participated, they would be set free. What they hadn't been told, is that is only if they survived would they be set free. As they stepped out into a large room, modeled after a rain forest. High above in a control room, a man in a military uniform walked in. "Sorry I'm late, I had things to take care of. Are the test subjects in the room?" he asked.

"Yes sir, General Damien." replied a female scientist.

"Seal the room and let the Outsider in, it's feeding time." said the Damien with a smirk.

The metal door slammed shut behind the convicts, trapping them. They looked around wondering what they were supposed to be shooting at, they needn't wait long. The floor before them opened up and a nine-foot metal cylinder with OXCOM2 imprinted on it came up. Smoke poured out as it opened. Standing in it, arms crossed over its chest like a mummy's, was an eight foot reptilian creature. Its long arms ended in frightening three fingered claws, it had a short snout attached to a wide menacing head that faced downwards, a long tail curled around its legs, and it looked as if under its scales were solid muscle. It snarled as it's head moved upwards, revealing a pair of sadistic eyes, its mouth opened, showing razor sharp teeth and emiting a roar. A clicking noise comes from it and a nine inch metal blade emerges from each of its claws. "Shoot that thing!" yelled one of the convicts. They open fire but the Outsider leaps out of its cylinder, almost 20 feet into the air before landing easily on a tree limb, cracking the branch. It leaps around with a strange grace in its movements. The criminal looked around, frightened. Suddenly, one falls to the ground, three bleeding holes stabbed in the back of his head. As the others look at the dead man, another is lifted off the ground, impaled on the monster's blades. It throws its victim away and advances on the final one. He opens fire with his rifle, all impacting on the creature's chest but merely bouncing off. The monster retracts the blades on one hand and uses it to grab its prey by the neck and lifts him into the air. Its other hand is thrust forwards, stabbing into the man's chest and quickly ending his life. The monster throws the dead man to the ground, its mission was complete now it was time to play.

In the control room, the female scientist nearly threw up watching the Outsider's actions. Every test they did, it always tore its dead victims apart, which was what it was doing now. The scientist shoots an angry look to the general. "How could you do that?" she asks.

"Those men were on death row any way, besides, the Outsider's killing tactics are quick and painless." replied Damien, "You didn't seem to oppose testing its power on animals. Speaking of which get that dog, we can't go to phase two until she is trained properly."

In the other end of the laboratory, a wall of cages lined the walls. In one was the dog the general spoke of. She was a young red and white husky with a tuff of white fur covering her right eye and a faded, tattered, red bandana tied around her neck. The humans had given her a comfortable cage compared to her fellow prisoners and intelligence on par with them. What they hadn't given her is the reason how they could be doing this to her. She felt the Outsider, knew where it was, even saw its gruesome work, and it knew where she was at all times, planning the murder of any human near her. All she wanted was a kind family and because of the actions of the humans, that was not possable. How could they see an animal that was supposed to adore humans as a way to get other humans killed? She changed her thoughts, pictureing in her mind her role model, her hero. "I wish you were here, you'd know what to do." she said to herself. She knew it was impossible since her hero had been gone for nearly 80 years but she could still dream. She could feel the Outsider's plans, it would enact those this day and there was nothing she could do to stop it. A worker came to open her cage.

"Come on Tina, the time for your training." said the man.

Suddenly, a red right flashed on and off and an alarm sounded. "Attention, the Outsider has broken loose and is killing anyone in its way, all units report to subdue the creature." said a voice over the intercom.

The man ran off, leaving Tina's cage open. She finally had the opportunity to escape, she took it. She ran out the door and prepared to flee the lab but turned back to the other cages, her hero wouldn't leave those other animals trapped would he? She hears a burst of gun fire and quickly nudges a button on the wall with her snout, causing all the cages to open. "Quick, get out of here now!" she yelled.

The Outsider had lept through the glass separating its test room from the control room. Once it had done that, it showed no mercy and only one remained alive. Damien was looking into its hate filled eyes as the monster lifted him to eye level. "You can't kill me! I created you and this is what I get in return?!" he yelled. The Outsider thossed him, knocking him clean through a wall. The Outsider felt Tina was escaping, only it did not know her as Tina, to it she was called the decoy because her job was to lure prey to their doom by tricking them into staying close to her so it could find them. It had to follow her as long as she was alive, it was its programming. If it allowed her to live, she would try to warn its targets and thus defy her prime function, it gave her the new identification of traitor and smiled at the thought of what it would have to do.

An hour later, Tina was in central park. She fell to the ground, out of breath. She had run non-stop because she couldn't let it catch her. She knew it would kill her if it did, she had never been more frightened in her entire life but not just for herself. "It can't find me. I'm the only thing holding it back, without me it will kill everyone." she told herself, forcing herself to her feet, finding herself facing a statue of her hero, the wolfdog Balto. She looks it over, she'd never seen it before but she knew everything about it. The statue put up in memory of Balto and his team that saved the children of Nome in 1925. Once again she wished for his help, he was her idol and she thought he could do anything. She is stirred from her thoughts by another feeling, she had let the Outsider get too close. She couldn't escape it, not here, in an open stretch on the ground she was faster but not with all the trees it could jump through. She'd have to stall it there somehow. Before she could think further, she was roughly picked up by her neck by the horrid creature. She knew the Outsider had her right were it wanted her and she didn't want it to have the satisfaction of her fear, so she fought. She bit and clawed at the infernal beast but was unable to pierce the surface of its hide. It extended the blades of its free hand and raised it towards the cloud covered skies. Before it could bring down the weapon, thunder roared and a lightning bolt crashed down from the skies. It hit the Outsider's extended claw, the beast's body crackles with electricity, causing the monster to roar in agony. Tina felt the electricity but it was diminished through the monster's thick hide, only burning the fur of her neck. Everything around the two seemed to contort and bend, as if reality itself was warping. In a bright flash both disappear, leaving only a scorch mark on the ground.

Nome Alaska, 3 am, 1925

There were no lights on in the town, everyone was sound asleep despite the thunder and lightning in the skies overhead. The storm seemed to come out of no where without warning during the night. It hadn't started to rain or more likely snow yet but the wind was growing pretty strong. Jenna snapped awake after a particularly loud thunder clap. After she regained her senses she checked on her owners, she found they were still sound asleep. As she returned to the living room, she thought that maybe the thunder wasn't the only thing that had woke her. She looked out at storm with a concerned expression, she was worried for Balto. She wished he'd stay with her like she asked, Rosy and her family let him come and go as he pleased. She sighed, he could be really stubborn sometimes. She guessed she couldn't blame him for not wanting to leave were he'd spent his whole life, except for before Boris took him in and not even Balto really knew what happened before that. "Maybe I'm just worrying for nothing." she said, trying to calm herself even though she knew her fears weren't completely unjustified. All Balto had to protect him from the weather out there was an old blanket and a rickety ship, and the weather wasn't the only thing she was worried about, not everyone liked what Balto had done. Since Balto saved Nome, Steele had become more and more obsessed with revenge and Jenna, he didn't just want to beat Balto in a fight, he wanted to kill him or steal Jenna. Balto always avoided Steele when he could and ignored him when he couldn't and Jenna loved Balto too much and knew Steele too well to give in to his advances. Still, Steele never stopped making fun of Balto and even though he had pride in his wolf half now, it hurt him when Steele taunted him for it, maybe it hurt worse now. She told Balto to stand up for himself but he said that was just what Steele wanted him to do, get mad and fight him. Jenna knew Balto could beat Steele easily but she had to agree that if Steele got him mad enough, he couldn't think clearly and Steele knew it. He knew Balto wouldn't start a fight unless he was mad and ambushing Balto would probably just result in Steele losing and making Balto look good. The only time Steele would stand a chance in killing Balto was if he was angry or asleep. Was Steele really that desperate for revenge to sink so low as to kill Balto in his sleep? Jenna didn't think so but she still couldn't bare for Balto to be so upset. She put her head down out of saddness, it broke her heart that there was nothing she could do to help her mate but try to comfort him. She suddenly had an awful feeling, she couldn't figure out what it was but something bad was going to happen and part of her thought Balto would get caught in the middle. "Balto, please be ok." she said, trying to put her fear aside. She laid down and tried her hardest to slip back into sleep.

On the outskirts of Nome, a lightning bolt struck the ground beside the main road into Nome. At once the storm thunder and lightning stopped and snowflakes began to gently drift to the ground. As the smoke from the strike cleared, a red and white shape was left unmoving in the snow…

Ok, first chapter done, I must say it was fun to write. I didn't tell the month in the past because I'm unsure of what month it would take place in. I know Balto himself didn't appear in that chapter but next chapter has a lot of him, expect it Tuesday of next week or sooner. See you then!