I ran hard, and studied the beast that my former love had became. He wasn't the man I loved. I was afraid, fear was all over my body, running threw every aspect of me, but I didn't run. He approached me, with the sadistic smile that didn't quite meet his personality. He raised his fingertips and placed the few strands of my hair that was in front of my face to behind my ear. Making everything perfect.

He then grabbed my wrists in his sturdy grip, far stronger then my own, as if he wanted to watch me suffer. Of course, I was afraid thought I wouldn't let the enemy acknowledge my weakness. He studied my face, for a possible answer or reason for this behavior, but didn't succeed.

He wanted me to beg for my life, but I didn't quite the opposite. He could hurt me rather then my love. I'd do anything for my love to be here, after all he does deserve it.

"Kill me now." I pleaded, not sure what to expect.