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Chapter 4

Emmett's POV

"She's fucking gone." I yelled at myself, again. Even though almost 2 years have passed by I still wasn't able to comprehend it completely. It was just like she was there one minute and gone the next. In the realms of things, that was actually correct.

"Calm down, sexy man." I nearly gagged. Not only has Rose been throwing herself at me, but I couldn't even find it attractive anymore. It wasn't confidence but rather in a slut fashion. She walked over to me, making sure to glide her legs across the floor as if a ballerina, something that she always did as a way to annoy me. She did it because she knew it reminded me of Bella's clumsiness. What made it worse was that Rosalie had an incredible low cut shirt on that her right breast was completely exposed while the left was covered. She paired that with a skirt, so low that it couldn't have been longer then 3 inches, and the infamous, hooker boots.

"Get away." I hissed at her with venom that I knew hurt her. Even though I hated her, a part of me still loved her, so it did sting a little when she gasped. However, I knew that she deserved it, completely.

I pushed her aside while I went to leave. I glanced at Esme, who gave me a sad smile and a nod.

I missed Bella, to say the least. I knew that I loved her, but I never expected that if she were to leave I'd be worse then Edward. Edward hid his depression a lot better, but with him you knew at times he was content and even sometimes happy. For instance, he found out he had a new niece; his father's brother's son's son's son's daughter. Of course he wasn't able to actually meet her, but he did get to see her being born. Carlisle delivered her and Edward was his aid.

I took a walk on the streets of Bothell; Carlisle decided that after Bella died, that we should move away. It was time, we stayed in Forks for almost 4 years and people would be getting suspicious if we weren't aging. However, Edward and I agreed on one thing, that we couldn't leave completely. So we compromised and found a place in the suburbs of Seattle.

"2 years." I muttered so softly that no human would ever be able to hear me. Rain began to fall from the cloudy sky and it expressed my mood identically.

I just kept walking, until I figured out I was on the streets of Seattle. I knew I had to be careful not to be seen. However, unlike the rest of my family, who stayed the same, I changed. Maybe not a lot, but my eyes were heavier to match my depressing mood. My skin color was paler, even to the human eyes. It was because the lack of blood. My usual curly hair, looked more like it was half slept on. I was different than before.

I couldn't help but blame everything on Edward. Maybe because deep down, it really was his fault. Because for whatever the reason, he's the one who had sex with my wife. He could come up with an infinite number of excuses for his actions just as Rosalie did, but it didn't justify what they did.

Suddenly, a sweet, toxic smell came in contact with my nose; my throat was burning. You need to go hunt I fought with myself. Luckily, my more determined side won rather then just taking the life in front of me. I walked swiftly into the woods, a bit fast for a normal human, to find something to eat. After the first few steps inside the forest, I took off.

I smelled a herd of deer south of where I was and bolted that way. Within a few seconds, I found them, tackled and sucked out the blood from the male deer. It was temporary relief, but I knew I needed more blood. I took the two more deer with ease. I let their blood drip down my itchy throat, when I was hit with a new scent.

It was a human, coming from about a mile away. I decided to follow its tracks, why would a human be in the woods? Especially alone?

I ran the way and when I became closer I smelt dead blood, someone must've killed an animal. The smell was revolting. I ran the few hundred yards with ease and that's when I saw her.

It was Bella, the innocent human girl, drinking blood.

I stared at her while she stared back. She stared at me for a second, as if she didn't know who I was, until it actually registered. Did she forget about us? My conscious questioned. She took off, faster then any human could. Because she wasn't.

I ran after her, trying to find her. When I hit Seattle's streets, Bella's normal smell, strawberries, was intensified much more than normal. That's when I finally realized how popular strawberry-scented shampoo actually was. I walked around looking for her for a good, long while, and I realized she must've already left. So my entire hunt for the girl had been in vain.

However, she wouldn't dare to go back to Charlie and live with him. She was a vampire, he would know that she wasn't changing. And she knew the rules. So I figured that she must have been staying in a place nearby.

I walked north of where I was, and found the faint smell of a wolf. I followed it, hoping that wherever it led would at least have clues as to where Bella was. Bella would be the only vampire here with a wolf. Luckily, I was able to trace the smell back to a hotel that they must've been staying at.

I walked into the front door and very politely said a hello, flashing the receptionist a grin.

"Hel- Hello, How may I hel- help you?" She stuttered

"I was wondering if Miss. Isabella Swan was here. I need to get in contact with her, it's very urgent," I flirted. One thing I learned about while I was a vampire was how to twist a human's natural behaviors.

"I - I'm not suppo- supposed to give a- away that infor- information."

"I promise I won't tell." I smiled. She quickly nodded and handed me their room key.