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Power – Redefined

Chapter 1 - Awakening

He woke up, looking around him he could see nothing, it was completely black, but he could tell that he must be in some kind of tunnel or cave because he could feel the uneven stone floor under his back, it wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world. He vaguely remembered being in some sort of liquid, it was green and he could see people moving around in front of him but apparently out side of the liquid then something was dropped into the water and another liquid rose up from the bottom of tank, this one was blue and a lot warmer than the green one that just seemed to vanish as the exothermic reaction took place. He couldn't remember what happened after that till he woke up without a clue as to where he was.

"Alright kid time to find out where the hell we are" said a voice in his head

"Oh really! And how exactly do you propose to do that?" he replied

"Simple really, I'm going to give you a new set of eyes" The voice said matter-of-factly

"Huh, how the hell can you do that?" He asked surprise apparent in his voice

"I can do many things that would normally be impossible, I'm the reason you've not died yet" Replied the voice

"Even so I thought you had to have kekkei genkai to begin with" He was curious and annoyed now, he knew he didn't have a bloodline and he was pretty sure that without one this being talking to him from within his own head could do nothing.

"Ah but that's where you are wrong" said the voice sounding slightly cocky, having apparently just read his thoughts "You already have a kekkei genkai and one of the strongest bloodlines around, but with no-one to teach you how to activate it or use it, it just lay dormant, now I'm going to teach you to activate and use it, but first I'm going to make it even more powerful, if you thought that the Byakugan or the Sharingan where strong yours will make them seem no better than normal eyesight in comparison" said the voice

"OK then so what is my natural bloodline then?" he asked the voice

"Fuengan: It's a powerful combination of Byakugan, Sharingan and a few other things one is a kind of genjutsu, another is in a class of its own and the rest I can't remember right now, now to give you a small history lesson before you bombard me with questions, your clan dates back over 3000years and was one of the first to have a kekkei genkai. Both the Hyugas and the Uchihas are descended from your clan, although both clans know it and would never admit it, and they each only gained a fraction of the full power, in order for the Hyugas to maintain theirs their eyes had to change and loose their pupils, the power the Uchihas took didn't need to the eyes to change too much but had one slight draw back, because of the level of power the eyes possessed they had to create a way of blocking the power so that only when a person was capable of handling the eyes up to that point could access that power but your clan again had a slight difference, the chakra reserves at any given age where at least 3 times that of normal shinobi at a similar age, so your clan never needed any control measures put in place, but it did have one problem, it could only use one of it's abilities at a time, now then first things first, I'm going to activate your kekkei genkai" said the voice

His eyes felt strange as chakra surged into them opening the gates to pathways he hadn't used before.

"Right now that's done, next is to explain the other skills of your eyes, you know what ultra violet light is and infrared light, your eyes can see both of these and also have the ability to see in any level of light, even total darkness, the genjutsu ability will create 2 kinds, the first is similar to standard genjutsu but is a minimum of 5 layers deep right now but with time and practise more and the second creates a single layer far more real and far harder to break than standard genjutsu, with time the number of layers you can put into it can be increased but each extra layer means using the same amount of chakra again so 2 layers would double the normal charka used, 3 would treble it and 4 would quadruple it and so on for each extra layer and for my gift, as I told you your abilities can normally only be used one at a time but I'm about to change that, you will now be able to use one of each of your abilities at the same time, so for example you could use Sharingan, Byakugan, a 5 layer genjutsu and night vision at the same time but you couldn't use night vision and ultra violet vision at the same time" said the voice

"Well that's all good and well but the hell do I actually get the abilities to work?" he asked

"You make it sound so hard when it's ever so simple, just think about the ability or abilities you want to activate and focus chakra into your eyes, once your eyes are active they will stay active and change what they are doing with a mere thought until you either run out of chakra or deliberately turn them off, unlike the Sharingan and Byakugan they will stay active even whilst you are unconscious and if you are knocked out at the same time as you loose the last of your chakra they will automatically reactivate when you have enough chakra stored up, now give it a try" the voice said

He carefully focused the chakra into his eyes and focused on activating the Byakugan and the night vision suddenly the world around him lit up as though there where lights every were and he found he could see in a dome around him, it was strange for him to not only be able to see straight ahead but behind, above, to both sides and below himself as well.

"Now I have two more small gifts for you, the first is hearing more sensitive than most animals and the second is a sense of smell on the same level these should make your life a lot easier" it said

He looked around and could see he was in some sort of cave but couldn't find any way to get out; as far as he could see the cave just stretched on and on in both directions with neither turns nor ends.

"OK you seem to be struggling a bit here kid so listen to me, focus on what you can hear" the voice said calmly

He did so and could hear the wind moving through the cave even though he couldn't feel it; it was going from in front of him to behind him.

"There you go kid, now you know which way to go to get out" the voice said

He started walking forwards avoiding the various stalagmites that he would have walked into if not for his newly awakened abilities. Slowly but surely he made his way to the end of the cave and out into the early dawn that awaited him outside, he found himself standing on the top of the Hokage monument but towards the back of it out of sight of the village itself, he turned off his night vision and then looked down at his clothes, they weren't his normal orange jumpsuit but instead he had baggy black jeans and a black t-shirt with black boots on his feet.

"Any idea what happened to me?" he asked the voice

"Yeah, you and the rest of your team went on a mission, but unfortunately it would seem that it was a trap to get you, they took out your team and left them there, near as I could tell they were all alive just badly beaten and unconscious, then they took you to some underground lab, I have no idea where, they did something to you but I can't tell what or if it was just one thing or many, beyond that I don't know, I certainly have no idea how we ended up in that cave" the voice replied

"I hope the rest of my team made it back and are OK" He said

'I guess there's only one way to find out' he said out loud and started walking up to the top of the monument and towards the village of Konoha as he reached the top and looked over as an explosion happened at the wall a short distance away from the main gate, he quickly started running towards it.

As he ran down one of the streets Shikamaru appeared out of a side street and nearly fell over just catching himself and carrying on running when he saw him.

'Hey Naruto, where have you been, you where listed MIA two weeks ago' said Shikamaru running along side him.

'No time to explain right now, we gotta find out what caused that explosion' he replied

As they arrived at the place they saw that the wall had a hole blown into it and sound ninja where pouring through the opening, other leaf ninja had already started arrived and had begun to engage the sound ninja, upon seeing the two young genin one of the sound ninja ran at them from the side but Narutos Fuengan was still active and he saw the ninja come at him, he bit his left thumb and pressed it onto his right forearm, a summoning seal appeared on his arm and a kunai appeared, he quickly grabbed the kunai in his left hand and threw it at the approaching ninja. The ninja hand been so sure that he hadn't been seen that he was surprised to see a kunai flying at him and couldn't react to dodge it, it struck him square in the forehead just below his forehead protector and killed him instantly. Naruto figured it best not to ask how he could do it in the middle of a fight and instead just activated the Sharingan part of his eyes and began to summon more kunai from his arms, quickly firing them at sound ninja both engaged in combat with leaf ninja and those still coming through.

'Shikamaru' Naruto shouted

'What now?' asked Shikamaru in his usual bored voice.

'Is Sasuke in Konoha?' Naruto asked whilst throwing a kunai at a sound ninja that was trying to sneak up behind him and hitting him square in the groin with it.

'Yeah, why?' asked Shikamaru apparently a but curious now

'Good' Naruto said, he then formed 8 hand signs in rapid succession and slammed his palm on to the floor, a summoning circle shot out from around his palm, as the smoke cleared an 8 foot tall fox with 4 tails slowly came into view 'Help the leaf ninja, I need to find some one' he said to the fox

'Sure this looks like fun' said the fox; it appeared to have a sadistic grin on its face

'Shikamaru come on, I need to find Sasuke' shouted Naruto running off, Shikamaru quickly followed 'what a drag, I'd rather be in bed' said Shikamaru under his breath.

"You did that didn't you" said Naruto

"Of course, just another little gift from me, saves summoning those damn toads, they don't listen to you half the time anyway" replied the voice

"OK I'll give you that one, now any guesses on the best way to find Sasuke?" he asked

"He's the one that's got the Sharingan isn't he?" asked the voice

"Yeah, why?" Naruto was a little confused as to why they wanted to know

"OK that makes life easier, there's one more ability your eyes have, by focusing hard on the kind of kekkei genkai that's descended from yours you want to find your eyes can lock onto and track each and every person around, they can also point you in the direction of the nearest person with that kekkei genkai, with time you'll be able to locate any type of kekkei genkai this way but it takes practice to find them, but your blood already knows about those descended from it so it can find them easily" replied the voice

"Alright, thanks for all your help, planning on giving me more in the future or is it a one day special?" asked Naruto

"I'll see" replied the voice

Naruto stopped suddenly to Shikamarus surprise 'Right time to find Sasuke' he said and closing his eyes started to focus, suddenly his eyes flew open 'This way' he said running down a side alley

'How in the hell does he suddenly know where he is? Oh well I better follow him' Shikamaru muttered as he ran after Naruto

As he was running up to an alley his eyes caught sight of Neji Hyuga round the corner and he shouted 'Neji, come on we're gonna need all the help we can get' both Neji and Shikamaru where stunned, they couldn't work out how he had seen Neji, but dismissing it for the time being they both followed him as he ran through the streets twisting and turning.

He followed the signals that his eyes gave him turning left then right then left again, as he got closer the signal his eyes gave him started angling upwards, so he jumped, he could see Neji and Shikamaru apparently very surprised at his actions but they followed none the less, once on the roof tops his eyes seemed to lock onto someone moving off in the distance, he quickly jumped from roof top to roof top moving on an intercept course with Neji and Shikamaru following along, completely dumbfounded as to how Naruto seemed to know exactly where to go.

Naruto quickly jumped from rooftop to rooftop continually gaining on Sasuke, after around a minute he shouted 'Sasuke, over here!' Sasuke quickly turned and headed towards Naruto. As soon as he arrived he noticed a difference in Narutos eyes.

'Naruto, what's happened to your eyes? They look like a cross between a strange version of Sharingan, a weird Byakugan and something else that I've never seen before' said Sasuke

'I'm not surprised, my kekkei genkai has been activated' replied Naruto

'OK, but why does it look like it's got Byakugan and Sharingan mixed together?' asked Neji

'Well that would be because it does, it's the kekkei genkai that both Sharingan and Byakugan descended from, I can probably teach you both to access the most powerful parts of your kekkei genkai' replied Naruto

'What are you on about Naruto, there is no more power in the Byakugan' said Neji

'And the extra power in the Sharingan can only be unlocked when you have enough chakra to do so' continued Sasuke

'OK then if you don't believe me Sasuke look into my eyes and I'll activate the next stage for you right now' said Naruto

'Fine let's see if you can' replied Sasuke looking into Narutos eyes, as he did Narutos eyes started to glow then his felt strange he blinked and when he opened his eyes again the world around him seemed to have slowed down as though his Sharingan was active but he couldn't feel any chakra being used by his eyes.

'It's done' said Naruto looking away.

'OK, that's different' said Shikamaru

'What's different?' asked Sasuke

'Your eyes instead of the tailed balls of your normal Sharingan their like fishing hooks, three of them' said Shikamaru

'Your normal Sharingan won't take anywhere near as much chakra to use its abilities, and you've gotten a few new tricks with the Mangekyo Sharingan, I'll activate the next stage when you've gotten used to that one, now then Neji how about I activate your latent abilities?' said Naruto moving his attention from Sasuke to Neji.

'You can try but like I said there's nothing there' replied Neji, his tone arrogant and as though he knew everything that would ever be need to be known.

'Alright then look into my eyes' said Naruto focusing his eyes on Neji, Neji followed suit focusing his eyes on Narutos which had started to glow again Neji could feel the chakra behind his eyes creating new pathways and it felt as though his eyes where changing too.

Shikamaru watched amazed, first Naruto had activated a kekkei genkai that he hadn't even heard of, then he'd advanced Sasukes Sharingan and now he could see Nejis eyes develop pupils right in front of his own, they seemed to be changing to be more like normal eyes but still kept a look of having had Byakugan, they also seemed to take on a slight orange hue to the irises 'Well Neji I think you can be pretty sure he's done something to them, by the look on your face I'd say you Byakugan is still active and working fine, but your eyes now look more like normal eyes' he said.

'There's more than that, you can see objects that are moving too fast for human eyes to see now and you can also have night vision and can see in infrared' said Naruto

'Oh and how exactly would I do that?' asked Neji

'Simple, the fast vision will activate with your Byakugan and to activate either the night vision or infrared vision all you have to do is think about which one you want to activate and focus some chakra into your eyes and it'll activate, once active you can switch between the two just by thinking about it' said Naruto

'Okay now that that's all sorted, why did we need Sasuke and what are you planning to do?' Asked Shikamaru

'Well I'm guessing the second part of the final stage of the chunin exams went ahead as planned' said Naruto

'No they didn't, Sasuke was given time to recover after the beating he took, the water shinobi that was left was called home because her father had just died so she was given time to grieve and with you MIA Neji asked Haishi Hyuga to see if he could get them postponed because he wants to prove to you that you're a failure, so they've been put back 3 weeks, but it would seem that Orochimaru decided he wasn't going to wait' said Shikamaru

'Double perfect, OK Sasuke, Neji it's time for you to put your new skills to the test, we're going to take down Orochimaru, Shikamaru can you devise some sort of plan on the way?' said Naruto

'Sure, but I gotta say I think you're crazy, taking on Orochimaru ain't gonna be a walk in the park ya know' said Shikamaru

'We'll see, you just come up with a plan' said Naruto

They once again started leaping from rooftop to rooftop this time in the direction of the Hokages tower, both Sasuke and Neji where finding their eyes far more effective at their normal functions and they had both realised that along with the new abilities they had gained they also had a small but noticeable increase in their chakra levels.

Naruto lead the way, they'd just landed on a rooftop when 3 sound ninja jumped up onto the other side of it 'We don't have time for this' Shouted Naruto continuing to run at the 3 ninja, as he approached red chakra covered each of his hands and quickly morphed into blades, he put his hands together and they formed a single blade 10 feet long, he brought it down to his right side and swept it round in an arc in front of himself easily slicing the 3 ninja in half, their bodies quickly falling to the floor with blood spraying everywhere except for some unknown reason the 4 of them, as the chakra blade dissipated and the 4 genin ran past the dead sound ninja.

"That was your doing wasn't it" Naruto thought

"Gee you think" the voice said sarcastically "like you said you don't have time for that sort of thing so for now I'll just take control of your arms and use my chakra to solve these little problems, I'll teach you the techniques I use and a few extras either later today or tomorrow we don't have time for it now" it said

"Fair enough, by the way is there anything more about my kekkei genkai that would help?" asked Naruto

"Now that you mention it I think there is but I can't quite remember, I'll let you know as soon as I can" said the voice

"OK, now to kick Orochimarus wimpy ass" replied Naruto

The 4 genin continued to run at high speed they could see the Hokages tower getting closer, after a couple more jumps they could see a barrier on the top of the Hokages tower and after 3 more jumps they could see several ANBU black ops outside it apparently unable to get in.

'Great how are we going to get through that?' Asked Shikamaru in his usual droll

"I remember one now kid, you dispel any barrier regardless of type or strength by merely touching it" said the voice

"Great, that's just what we needed" thought Naruto 'Don't worry another part of my kekkei genkai means that I can dispel a barrier of any type or strength by just touching it' he told them.

'OK, well I guess that's that problem solved, the best plan of attack is going to be for Sasuke and me to take the back and Naruto and Neji to take the front, our chance of success is at its best – around 30percent' said Shikamaru

'Well you would be right on our previous power levels but I think our best chance will be with Sasuke and me up front, we can keep him pinned with very powerful kekkei genkai genjutsu and whilst he's stuck you and Neji can hit him from the back, our chance of success should be nearer 95percent' replied Naruto

'Why did I even bother come up with a plan if he wasn't going to bother using it, then again like he said I am basing it on what the three of them where capable of not what they are capable of' Muttered Shikamaru to himself

'Naruto, what are you on about I don't have a kekkei genkai genjutsu' said Sasuke quite confused by Narutos statement

'Trust me Sasuke you do now, and when the time comes you'll know exactly how to use, I'll use mine first and trap him then you'll be able to use yours without him even trying to fight it' said Naruto as they landed on top of the Hokages tower and one of the ANBU turned round to look at them

'What are you genin doing here, your no match for Orochimaru, particularly not you Sasuke Uchiha as you're the one he's after' said the ANBU wearing an owl mask

'Do you want in the barrier to get the Hokage out or not, and I do mean get him out not fight alongside him?' asked Naruto

'We certainly want in the barrier why?' asked the ANBU

'Then get out the way and leave this to us' Said Naruto. The ANBU quickly moved aside, they planned to let them open the barrier if they could then they'd knock them out and one of them would take them to safety.

Naruto, Sasuke, Neji and Shikamaru walked up to the barrier then Sasuke, Neji and Shikamaru stopped just in front of it and Naruto carried on and soon as it seemed like he was going to hit the barrier face first the barrier dissipated and he walked on into the second barrier and to the surprise of the 4 ANBU as soon as he hit the barrier it dissipated and all 4 of the genin disappeared, they quickly hurried inside to look for the Hokage.

Naruto appeared in front of the Hokage, standing between him and Orochimaru 'It's time you left Lord Hokage, we'll handle this guy' said Naruto

'How can you, he's one of the Sannin, the best of my former pupils?' asked the Hokage, apparently very worried for the safety of the young boys.

'Relax, we're far stronger than we used to be' said Naruto looking over his shoulder to smile at the Hokage, it was then that the Hokage saw Narutos eyes and the change they had undergone and the realisation that the most powerful kekkei genkai was once again active and under the control of a loyal member of the hidden leaf village.

'Alright Naruto, he's all yours, make him pay for his crimes' said the Hokage feeling very proud of the young man standing in front of him, after this was done he would make sure the village knew of his bravery and his kekkei genkai, the most powerful to have ever come out of The Village Hidden in the Leaves: The Fuengan.

'You got it Hokage now get clear' said Naruto

'Oh Sarutobi-Sensei you aren't leaving the party already are you?' Asked Orochimaru, his voice light and playful as though he was inviting the man he was trying to kill back into a birthday party or a disco.

'Yes I am Orochimaru, you're going to have your hands full anyway, you remember the nine tailed fox don't you, Naruto here is the one that it was sealed in, and he's an Uzamaki, you remember their kekkei genkai don't you, the Fuengan, well I suggest you take a good look at his eyes, and of course you know the, Sharingan possessed by Sasuke and the Byakugan possessed by Neji Hyuga over there and of course you should be able to tell a Nara like Shikamaru just by his looks' replied the Hokage with a smile on his face that grew each time he relayed more information to his former pupil and watched his face drop further with each and every piece he heard.

'No this can't be, these clans shouldn't even be able to stand being near each other never mind fight together' said Orochimaru a look of pure terror on his face

'We'll do more than just fight together, we'll fight as a team we aren't just a few ninja from different clans, we're friends first and foremost' said Naruto a wide grin on his face.

'No that's impossible, the Uchiha and Hyuga elders should have prevented it' cried Orochimaru despairing more and more with each time he was told something that would never have happened before

'I'm one of only 2 remaining Uchihas and I intend to kill Itachi for wiping out the rest of the clan' said Sasuke

'Like I'd listen to the elders of the main household, they're the reason my father is dead' said Neji

'What can I say, these guys are worth the effort because I know they'd put it in for me' said Shikamaru a rare smile gracing his lips

'And I'm guessing you already know, but just in case you don't, I grew up an orphan, outcast by the village, these guys knew me before knowing about the fox and they know that the fox doesn't control me so even now that they know they don't care and are still my friends, as for my clans problems with other clans, I couldn't care less, we intend to forge a new future with those problems left in the past' said Naruto, slowly starting to build up his chakra.

"Hey how about lending me some chakra to give this guy more layers of realistic genjutsu then he ever imagined normal genjutsu could have?" Naruto asked

"Now that sounds like fun, sure thing take as much as you need" replied the voice

"Alright, thanks" Naruto thought and then started to draw out the chakra and mix it with his own, then he quickly started focusing the chakra into his eyes 'Fuengan style: Visual Jutsu – power hunger' Naruto shouted whilst giving a look that seemed to bore into his very soul to Orochimaru, but to Orochimaru nothing seemed to happen.

'Either this is excellent genjutsu or you just failed miserably' Orochimaru chuckled

'Argh, why didn't it work' Naruto said

'MMM, well maybe it did, so just in case I think I'll dispel it' said Orochimaru putting his hands together to form the genjutsu dispel seal and activating it, the world went black for a moment then the 'world' reappeared again

'Well it looks like you managed to break the genjutsu so we're just going to have to take you head on' said the Naruto standing in front of him


'OK Sasuke get ready, he's broken the first layer of my genjutsu and thinks he's free and clear' said Naruto, they were still standing in the same places they had been in, Orochimaru hadn't actually moved a muscle even to talk

'What on earth do you mean Naruto?' asked Neji

'The genjutsu created by Fuengan is so powerful that it creates the illusion purely in the victims head, as far as Orochimaru believes he's fighting us right now, he's dispelled the first layer and it's taken quite a bit out of him, but he's still got 4 layers to go before he can get out and each time he's going to need more energy because the fights he'd have would be harder each time so it gets more and more realistic, but we aren't going to give him that chance, we're about to use the Mangekyo Sharingan that Sasuke has, that'll trap him in a fifth layer of genjutsu again, but it will be fully real to him and Sasuke will have full control of it, and in the meantime Neji is going to close most of his chakra points, as to date I'm the only one that's been able to reopen them I doubt he will, and Shikamaru will grab him with his shadow and hold him in place whilst we bind him in place, once that's done Sasukes genjutsu can be deactivated and by the time he get's out of the final of my genjutsu he'll be nearly dead, that is of course assuming he does.' Said Naruto

'Alright, Sasuke go ahead and start, but Naruto when the hell did you become able to make such a plan with such speed?' asked a very surprised Shikamaru

'No idea. I don't have any idea what happened to me in the 2 weeks I've been gone, all I do know is that the nine tailed fox ain't gonna let me be controlled unless he's the one doing the controlling, which he doesn't seem inclined to do anymore, so whatever they did is only going to be of benefit to me' replied Naruto.

'OK' Replied Shikamaru as Sasuke began channelling chakra into his eyes for his genjutsu and Naruto altered his genjutsu so that Sasuke appeared in front of Orochimaru in it, then Sasuke activated his mangekyo sharingan and Orochimaru was caught in the genjutsu.

'Alright, now Neji start cutting off his chakra' said Naruto when he knew that Orochimaru was being pounded to hell in Sasukes genjutsu

'Alright, here I go Eight Trigrams: one hundred and twenty eight palms' said Neji then beginning to quickly and accurately slam into 128 of Orochimarus chakra points instantly closing each of them and just as Sasuke finished his genjutsu Neji finished his attack and Orochimaru fell limp on the floor exhausted mentally and physically unable to move.

'Well it would seem that you've teamed up rather well to take me out, and your genjutsu worked so well I couldn't even tell it was genjutsu, but do you really think that blocking the chakra points would stop a Sannin? never mind me?' Orochimaru started building up the chakra and tried to push it out only to find that he couldn't 'what have you done to me?' he screamed

'Just closed off the chakra points around your chakra centre so it can't build up enough momentum to break through, the only one who can open them after I've done that is Naruto by using the Nine tailed fox's chakra to overfill his chakra centre forcing them open' said Neji matter of factly

(A/N: Neji and Naruto decided to have a sparring match before he went missing so they could see who was likely to loose in the chunin exams – it ended in a draw)

'No, how could you have done that, it's impossible' screamed Orochimaru

'Oh by the way, your still in a genjutsu only now you can't dispel it and slowly but surely your body will die whilst you can do nothing to stop it, your arms are already gone and your legs will follow shortly' said Naruto

'Oh really, well I hate to disappoint you there because as long as I'm still conscious I can still dispel genjutsu' said Orochimaru doing so as he said this, to realize that now Naruto was actually standing over him holding a kunai to his throat, but just before Naruto could deliver the final blow the sound four and Kabuto appeared knocking Naruto away, the sound four each squaring of against one of the Konoha ninja whilst Kabuto picked up Orochimaru and then all four of them disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

'Damn, we lost him' said Shikamaru running forwards into the smoke to look for them

'Don't worry about it, his arms are useless now and it will be quite a while before Kabuto can reopen his chakra points, and that is going to hurt like hell' said Neji

Just then a huge raccoon appeared a short distance from the village limits outside the walls 'Looks like I've still got something to take care of' said Naruto with a smile, then he started jumping away in it's direction

"It's Shukaku, used to wreck a village or two a year alongside him about a century before I ended up in you" replied the voice

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