Power – Redefined

Power – Redefined

Chapter 24 – Epilogue


Narutos first act was to completely disband the council and reform 3 separate councils made up of people he chose, he simply asked people to apply without any criteria given and selected those he thought best for the jobs. The first council to be reformed was the shinobi council consisting of the major clan heads and 4 high level jonin. The next was the civilian which was set up to deal solely with civilian matters and would have no control at all over the shinobi. The final council was the education council which would look over the education systems after each year and implement changes to optimise the running for each one, the first being the pre-ninja the second being those selected for training as ninja and the third being the civilian.

The next thing he did was to outlaw arranged marriages, he agreed that children could be brought together at an early age to increase the likelihood that they would end up in a relationship but they would not be forced into a marriage so that a family could gain political power. He also tightened the laws on what ninja clans could and could not permit their members to learn, this was to prevent the glaring weakness created by the Hyugas dependence on the gentle fist style.

3 months after the Third Great Shinobi War and the shortest war in the history of the Elemental Countries ended and just before the start of the chunin exams to be held in Suna, Hinata gave birth to her and Narutos first child, a little girl with bright blue eyes and wisps' of light blue hair which they named Tenpi. Naruto and Sasukes genin teams both achieved the rank of chunin at the exams. Neji having had the fate stick surgically removed from his ass finally realised that Tenten liked him and started dating her.

By the end of the year Sakura, Temari and Utsuri had all given birth and Ooburi seemed to have become quiet taken with Lee. Naruto and Hinata got married first, followed shortly by Gaara and Utsuri and Sasuke and Temari in a double wedding then Sakura married Choji and Shikamaru finally got his act together and asked Ino to marry him.

3 years later Gaara and Utsuri moved to Suna with Kankuro and Gaara took the position of Kazekage, six months after that Yugito and Taihei moved to Kumo with Yugito taking up the position of Raikage. Naruto and Hinata had had a further child as had Gaara and Utsuri and Choji and Sakura, Yugito and Taihei had their first as did Lee and Ooburi. Narutos genin team all attained the rank of jonin with Sasukes joining them 6 months later.

2 years after that Hanabi married Niji Makiwari and Mame Inuzuka in a three way wedding.

After 30 years as the Hokage at the age of 45 Naruto stepped down and handed over the reigns to Konohamaru, who took the office for ten years before passing it on to a new, younger Hokage.

The alliances between Konoha, Suna and Kumo only got stronger as time went on and as each new generation became friends with the children of their parents' friends and frequently marrying. In less than 5 generations the only villages remaining where Konoha, Suna and Kumo. Each enjoyed a state of peace and anytime a tyrant came to power in one of the villages he was swiftly dealt with to maintain the peace, Rain stayed in the background after Pains defeat they didn't have the power to challenge any others but could still handle enough missions to keep going.

This is the end of Power redefined, I am working on other stories and depending on how they go I'm hoping to have them up quiet soon.

After careful re-reading and consideration I have come to the conclusion that this story does in fact SUCK so I'm hoping to learn lessons from it and use those lessons to improve my future stories.

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