I'm aware this is really short. It wasn't supposed to be long or anything… Just like a mini-follow up to Perfection. But this time, the tables are turned and Aaron's the one taking over. Inspired by some random adorable fanart found on photobucket.

Oh yeah, it's rated T for safety.

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Times were slow at the Pokemon League, and once again, Aaron was bored. The last challenger to have come by defeated him, but ended up losing to Flint's Infernape. After his loss, Aaron trained intensely, vowing not to lose next time. By now, both him and his Pokemon were exhausted. And bored.

Aaron took the liberty of assuming that Lucian was even more bored than him, as most challengers lost to Flint, meaning Lucian didn't get to battle much. So, Aaron began a new hobby of bothering his favorite purple-haired Elite whenever he was bored.

On the way, he passed by Flint, who was training with his Rapidash.

"Hey Aaron!" he said, "I take it you're going to visit Lucian." Aaron nodded and continued on his way. Flint smiled, knowing about the budding relationship between the two.

Lucian, of course, was reading when Aaron entered his room. Lucian peered over the top of his novel, but said nothing and kept on reading. The green-haired boy simply crouched before him, staring.

"Yes?" Lucian finally asked.

"I've been thinking..." Aaron said, crawling towards him. He was practically on top of Lucian now, causing the older man to drop his book.

"How do you even read out of these things?" Aaron asked, taking the glasses off Lucian's face. He protested, but Aaron ignored him, gazing at the frames inquisitively.

He's so damn cute sometimes, Lucian thought, allowing the boy to look at his glasses.

"I mean the lenses are purple. That would bother me... Anyway," Aaron continued, casting Lucian's glasses aside, "they get in the way of more important things."

Aaron began to close the gap between their faces, Lucian moving in as well. Just as their lips met lightly, the door burst open, startling them. Aaron rolled off Lucian quickly, only to see Flint standing in the doorway.

"Ever heard of knocking?" Lucian was tempted to say, but kept calm. But still, that man had the worst timing.

"Sorry if I was interrupting anything!" he said, a big smile on his face. "I just wanted to tell you that I was going out. I have some, uh, business to attend to with Volkner. That was really it, so feel free to continue with whatever you were doing."

Flint turned to leave, but stopped to Aaron and Lucian's dismay.

"Oh, and I think you dropped something," he added, pointing to Lucian's discarded glasses.

"Oh, he won't be needing them," Aaron replied with a smirk.

"Alrighty then. Have fun!" Smiling, Flint left the two alone. Aaron then turned his attention back to Lucian, and much fun they did have.


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