The wagon was hands down crushing as DG wiggled her way into a bright canary yellow dress…skirt…tunic thing. As soon as she button up the front, she found that maybe she should just go see the Mystic Man in her dirty shirt and pants. It literally hurt her eyes to look at the hideous thing on her. But the twins thought it was 'gorrrregous' so she just shrugged and hopped out of the van.

Glitch and Raw had been waiting outside to give her some piracy. To be honest, she'd rather have them in the van with her just to keep her safe, but that's just not how this little changing time worked out. The twins truly loathed her. She knew they thought they were better than her. The moment she stepped on the ground, she saw the fear in Glitch and Raw's eyes.

"What?" DG asked them. "Is it that bad?"

"Well, it has a bit of…um…flair that can only be described as…um…" Glitch tried to find the words to describe it.

"Bad. Very bad." Raw nodded in sympathy.

DG merely turned around and went back into the van. The twins had hatred in their eyes as she explained her troubles, but went back into their large suitcase of outfits and looked through it. They pulled out a dusty blue number with more sleeve than dress.

"It's better than the last one." Glitch smile was lopsided as DG stood before them again.

"Spin." Raw said.

Sighing, she did a little model spin. Glitch and Raw looked at each other and then motioned her back into the van to change. Again the twins acted like they wanted nothing to do with this, but they dove back into the case and brought out a long red dress with orange buttons here and there for no apparent reason. She was almost afraid to go see what the two fashion critics thought of it.

"Buttons not in-season." Raw said.

"That would be just a fashion disaster." Glitch agreed.

Angrily, she marched back into the cramped van. The twins almost growled at her, but she had no time for that. She demanded everyone out of the van. This time, she'd choose for herself.

She actually felt giddy as she stepped out of the van. Glitch, Raw, and the twin's mouths dropped open when the saw her. She had fixed her long hair, dabbled on some make up, and put on a classy black dress.

"DG…you look like a…" Glitch tried to find the words as he stared at her.

"Princess." Raw said.

DG couldn't help but grin as they walked into the club to find the Mystic Man.