Meg was relaxing n her sofa, watching Runaway Bride. A stray thought crossed her mind. She nearly laughed out loud.

The movie was one of her favorites; it was sweet, and romantic… and being a marshmallow in-and-out, she loved the chemistry between Geere and Roberts. She didn't care that nearly all great love stories were based on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. She just loved the sappy plots and line that rendered a new twist on an old story.

As the chick-flick continued, she kept laughing, knowing how very insulted the two people she thought of would be, if only they could know what she was thinking.

The credits rolled, and the cheerleader still couldn't get the thoughts out of her head. She laughed again, trying to crowd it out with thoughts of other movies: White Christmas, You've Got Mail, Love Comes Softly… but the first idea kept gaining ground.

She dressed for exercise, put in her i-pod, and tried jogging for a few hours. But the images of the two people playing Ike and Maggie kept popping up in her mind, making her giggle… and causing a few of Neptune's residents to stare at her curiously.

She made it back home, and threw herself into the shower. Half an hour later as she emerged, dripping wet, she bit her lip. The ideas, the thoughts kept pouring in.

Meg groaned, and threw her hands up to Heaven. "Fine!" she exclaimed, laughing, "Fine, I'll write it down, geez!"

The cheerleader dressed in lounge-clothes, and dragged open a new notebook, clicking on a gel pen.

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