The Pickpocket and the Maid

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Chapter III

Some Good News and Some Bad News

The boys had finally made it to Winchester. It was dark when they arrived but the sun was just starting to peak over the horizon. William was jumping for joy; he couldn't contain himself any longer. Once he recognized the street he ran as quickly as he could to his Aunt Millie's home. He knew about the spare key under the mat and unlocked the door. He ran through the pastry shop screaming, "Aunt Millie, i's Willie! I'm 'ere!"

Dodger walked slowly up to the building, he watched his new little brother run around the house. Every time he ran past his face seemed more and more disappointed. "I dunno where she could be Dodge!" he said.

They both stepped back outside and saw a note on the door. "Oh, this must explain it!" William grabbed the note and took it to the light of the rising sun.

"Can ya read?" Dodger asked.

"Course I can read! Can't you?"


William brushed his blonde hair out of his eyes and squinted at the paper.

Dear Public,

As of July 25th this shop will be under the new management of Mr. Scott Grand as a book store, due to the passing of Miss Millicent Drundell on July 6th

Thank You.

William's eyes began to fill up with tears. He crumpled the paper in his hands and threw it back at the door.

"What's wrong?" Dodger asked as he put his hand on William's shoulder.

"The shop ain't 'ers anymore!"

"What? Why?"

"She's dead!"

Dodger watched as his brother ran into an alley way. He straightened up his back and slowly followed. He shortly found William hugging his knees and crying.

"'Ey boy, nothin' to worry 'bout!"

"'Ow can you say that!?"

"I was gonna stay 'ere anyway, now you can stay wiv me!" Dodger put his hand on the boy's shoulder again, "Parentals are for chumps! I turned out just fine, and you are turnin' out right yerself!"

William rubbed his eyes, "Where ya stayin'?"

"Dunno, gonna check out some buildin's tomorrow."


"Ol' ones."

"Jus' fer yerself?"

"Course not!"

"'o then?"

"Anyone 'o wants ta!"

William stared at Dodger with so much confusion, "I'll h'explain tomorrow. Let's jus' get some sleep now."

The boy agreed and they laid down in the alleyway. William didn't sleep for quite awhile before Dodger made him. He felt bad that the kid had just lost his aunt but if he had enough courage to run away then he would be tough enough to get over it.

They were awoken by the sound of church bells. Immediately Dodger stood up and poked his head out of the alleyway, "Why, what a beautiful mornin'!"

William stayed sitting staring out into space. He was holding his stomach.

"Ya 'ungry, boy?"

William jerked his head back into reality and nodded.

"Well, too bad!"

William looked absolutely shocked, "What?! I've only been eatin' the things we found in barns!"

"I told ya, I would only thieve for ya once!"

"What am I gonna eat?!"

"Whatever ya want, but get in yerself!"

William look uncertain, maybe he would consider it if it was dark outside, but in broad daylight? He laid back down to show that he wasn't going to give in.

"I'll teach ya."

William shot back up, "Teach me?"

"Well I don't need the Runners getting' ya on the first day!"

"First day?"

"Yeah, ya think I'm gonna make an honest livin'?"

William stared at his feet as he stood up, "As long as we don't do it in front of Aunt Millie's 'ouse."

"Fair enough."

The boys walked out of the alley way and into the light. The city was absolutely bustling, and no one recognized Dodger. This was it; this was the place they were going to stay. Now they just had to find a home. They passed churches and beautiful mansions. Obviously, they had stumbled into a very rich community. Dodger was grinning from ear to ear.

"What strikes yer fancy, boy?"

William searched through the carts and his eyes gleamed at all the delectables, "I want those buns, Dodge."

Dodger nodded and led him to the side of the cart. They were about ten steps from the steaming pastries.

"I'll go first." Dodger said, "First thing ta remember is ta stay casual and don't strike the same place often."

William was concentrating and almost drooling.

"If they look at ya strike up a conversation an' take it when they aren't looking."

Dodger straightened up and cocked his hat to the side. He strolled on over and grabbed the bun just like that. He returned with half of it in his mouth but he didn't stop next to William. "Also, eat right away and get out of there." Dodger stuffed the rest in his mouth, "Now you try, boy. I'll be watchin' from behind this wall."

"What if I get caught, Dodge?"

"If ya worry, ya will be. Now go!"

William took a big breath of air and walked over very slowly. He kept looking around and stopping hesitantly. He stopped right in front of the cart. He just froze. The clerk stared right at him with a disapproving eye.

"Where's yer mummy, son?" The baker asked. He seemed to be a fat old man who would really appreciate it if his goods were not stolen.

"Um…erm…um…um…" William was panicking, "Sh…she is at 'ome. Yeah, she gave me some money ta buy some sweets."

"Ah." The man said as he kept a watchful eye on him.

William thought the man had turned his back and lunged out to grab a pastry. The baker on the other hand was still very much aware of William and grabbed his hand before it could touch the bun.

"William Oliver Dawkins!"

William whipped his head around and he baker looked upwards, "This boy yers?"

"He's my brother sir, he is s'posed to be at church right now!" Dodger came just in time and yanked William out of the baker's grasp.

"Mum told ya, no sweets until after service!"

William was staring shocked into Dodger's eyes. Dodger kicked his foot discretely and looked back at the baker, "I am so sorry sir! My little brother will be severely punished and this will never happen again!" Dodger kicked William again. He understood this time, as Dodger was begging for forgiveness, William swiped the bun and stuffed it in his pocket. The baker finally shooed the boys away and Dodger kept yelling at William until they turned the corner.

William looked with apologetic eyes towards Dodger.

"Don't worry 'bout it, it was yer first time, now eat yer bun."

William stuffed the sweet in his mouth as they continued down the road.

"Where we goin', Dodge?"

"We're gonna find a 'ome!"

They walked past Aunt Millie's pastry shop and the alley that slept in. They walked past all the mansions, all the shops, all the churches, and all the houses. The were in the outskirts of the town. The day had gone from bright and sunny to this depressing scene. It almost seemed to be darker. It was no longer clean and friendly.

"Ya wanna live 'ere?" William asked.

"Yessir!" Dodger answered, "We just need a buildin' no one goes inta."

They continued down the dark alleyway, there were buildings all around them. They seemed to all be burned in a fire.

"'Ow 'bout one a these, Dodge?"

"They prolly 'ave fire damage."

But at the end of the alleyway there was another building. It wasn't burned at all. The windows were boarded up and there was a sign that read 'Packaging Plant' that was hanging off the wall. They walked into the building and looked inside. There were high ceilings and stairs to a second floor. There was a bathroom and plenty of space. This was heaven to Dodger, but William didn't quite get it.

"Make yerself comfortable boy, this is 'ome!"

William sat on the floor and looked up at Dodger, "Where we sleepin'?"

"Just on the floor tonight, we'll spruce up the place tomorrow."

They had the whole rest of the day to look around town. They wanted to make sure they knew where everything was. By the end of the day it was though they had lived in Winchester all their lives. William even got better at swiping from carts. They had plenty of food in their bellies and they walked back to their new home. The idea had really grown on William, he knew this was going to be a great life.

"'Ey Dodge," William spoke when they got ready to sleep.


"'O is Oliver?"

"'Ow d'ya know about Oliver?"

"'E was the middle name ya gave me today."

"Oh, 'e was just an ol' friend is all. 'E was a boy I 'elped out."

"Just like me?"

Dodger didn't want to say that he completely ruined Oliver's life and then saved it again. He didn't want to tell his little brother about this past, "Yeah boy, just like ya."

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