Author's Note: So three weeks ago I got into Ninja Storm, watched the full season in four days, was corrupted by fanfiction, and then in the span of a week, read every single Hunter/Cam fic in existance. I spent the last week rereading every fic over again. Then I realized something. I had an idea for a Hunter/Cam fic, and no one has done it before. Well, actually, they did, but with different characters. So it got me thinking. And then THIS was the result. I plan on writing the second chapter, because well, this is taking too long, and I'm going by episodes. I'm actually taking quotes from certain episodes and then some.

So, enjoy, and I hope I can write the second chapter tomorrow.

As the leader, one would think he noticed things first. But he was a Red, and Reds weren't known for being observant, at least, not most of the time.

But between having their school and fellow students stolen by an evil space ninja, their Sensei turned into a guinea pig, becoming Rangers, learning to work three into one, clones, friendship issues with Dustin, new Rangers who kicked their butts and monsters on a daily basis, Shane was surprised he could even remember everything that happened.

Usually Tori or Cam handled stuff like that.

Cam. Shane didn't think much of Cam at first, he was just Sensei's son, always sitting in front of his computer, speaking in his condescending way at them, but always having the Zords or their Tsunami Cycles ready on time.

Then they saw Cam at the botany place.

Shane knew something fishy was up. Cam never disobeyed Sensei, even if he was Sensei's son. He quickly followed him while Tori and Dustin went to ask questions to that botany guy.

Then Shane saw Cam kicking the Kelzak's butts. He didn't know Cam could fight! Of course, that only got the condescending tone back into Cam's voice. So he grew up at a ninja school, that doesn't automatically make someone a ninja master.

But later that day, when he, Tori and Dustin were out running for staying up late, and saw Cam coming up behind them, a warm feeling settled in his stomach. Cam could get in trouble too. Who would have thought?


They were stuck on an island with crazy Thunder brothers, no way of communicating with Cam or Sensei, and to make matters worse, even after the monster was dead, the freaking island was sinking, and they couldn't go anyway.

So one could imagine the relief that flood into Shane's body when his morpher beeped. He was already on his feet, aware of the others closing in around him, trying to hear the voice over the morpher.

"Is that you, Cam?"

A sarcastic reply answered back, causing Shane and Dustin to share a small laugh, "No, it's the phone company. I'm calling to find if you're happy with your long distance service." Shane could almost here the silent, Of course it's Cam, you idiot. Who else calls on your morphers? But he kept that to himself.

Hunter's voice took him back to the present, "Is he always this uh…" Shane could hear the smirk, "funny?"

Shane tossed a look over to his fellow red, still smiling from hearing Cam's voice, "Not always." He looked back to his morpher, hoping to hear Cam's voice again, "We're great, Cam. Thanks for asking."

But the next voice to be heard over his morpher was not Cam, but Sensei, asking if the Thunder Rangers were with them. No point in lying, they were, and Shane informed Sensei that they were. Sensei continued, talking about having to talk to them, but Shane barely registered this information as Cam's shivering voice quickly followed his father.

Oh yes, the sinking island. Shane forgot about that for a moment.

Dustin brought up the Gliders, but Cam shot down the idea, something about the air pressure, but Shane wasn't paying attention to the words coming out of his morpher, only Cam's voice. How cold was it over at Blue Bay Harbor? Sure it was a little chilly on the island they were on…

Blake mentioned the zords, which seemed to be a good idea, according to Sensei, and Cam could be heard typing away at his computer. Good ol' Cam. Shane confirmed they would be waiting, and the link on his morpher was cut.

Shane looked around at the others, nodding as they began their trek, when Hunter's voice caused everyone to stop. Shane shrugged at the thanks Hunter gave them. That's what friends do, Shane told him, and they started walking.

Of course, then that supposed dead monster had to attack again.

Shane gripped his left arm, calling for Cam about those zords, and sure enough, they were coming.


With nothing better to do, Kelly yelled at him for getting in the way of her new employees, Shane retreated to Ninja Ops, where he found Tori next to Cam, checking something on the computer. Shane plopped his skateboard on the floor, hopped onto it, and proceeded to try and land some tricks before getting yelled at.

It didn't take long.

"I'm confused; does it now say 'Skate Park' outside the secret entrance?" Cam and Tori stopped what they were doing, turning around to look at Shane, who simply shrugged, said sorry, though by the sound of it, he didn't really mean it, and rolled on over to the computer terminal.

Cam went back to his theory, voicing it out loud for Tori. "Someone knew what they were doing when they built these Thunder Zords. The technology isamazing."

"Yeah," Tori sighed, as Sensei made his way next to the computer scene and Shane leaned down on the other side of Cam, trying to see what the big deal was, "Now all we need is someone to drive them." Shane turned his head a bit, trying to make it look like he was looking at Sensei, but was clearly looking at Cam.

"Blake and Hunter will follow their destiny. Whatever that may be." Sensei stopped right in front of the computer screen, looking at it with no clue what the screen was saying. It appeared that Tori and Shane had no idea what to make of the codes on the screen meant either.

"That's weird," Cam spoke up suddenly, random places on the Thunder Zords lighting up.

"What?" Shane asked, feeling compelled to egg the computer geek on, "Finally find something you can't figure out?"

Cam seemed to fall for it. "No. I've scanned the Thunder Zords for damage, and I keep coming up with this nonfunctional retrofit."

Shane just blinked as Tori summed up his question perfectly, "Could you repeat that with fewer syllables?"

Cam tossed a look over at Tori, not aware that Shane did the same, and gave the simple version of his statement. "Well one piece doesn't have any purpose. But it is integral into the overall design. I'd just love to know what the deal is with it!"

Shane chuckled a bit under his breath, just shaking his head, "Wouldn't that count as something you can't figure out?"

Tori tried to refrain from laughing, while Cam just slowly turned his head to give Shane a deadpan look. Shane simply returned the look with a smile.

Oh yeah, Shane won this round.


Go figure it would take defeating Choobo to get the Thunder Rangers to join the Wind Rangers. Of course, everyone was excited when Hunter and Blake said they were in, the fact that they turned down an offer from Factory Blue, the new Zord combination, if Choobo never kidnapped the Bradley Brothers, they probably wouldn't have joined.

Once Hunter confirmed they would stay and help, Tori and Dustin crowded around Blake, who seemed content with the attention, especially from Tori, and Shane just sent a high five Blake's way before turning to Hunter, and nearly faltered when he did.

He looked over just as Cam and Hunter withdrew from their hug, but Hunter's arm was still wrapped around Cam's shoulder as Cam gave Shane a pat on the back and Hunter gave Shane a one-armed hug.

It would be stupid to try and move to the other side of Cam now that Blake had an arm around Shane and vise versa. Shane was stuck where he was, and even from there, he could tell that Cam's right arm was wrapped around Hunter's body. This wouldn't have been a big deal, except Shane's left arm was around Hunter's shoulders, so there was no way he was going to touch Cam without someone noticing. So he gave up thinking about it, forcing himself to listen to Sensei.

After Dustin agreed to the addition to their growing team, Shane just looked at the new two members of their team, claiming they were apart of them now, and willed himself to look at Blake a little longer than he needed to. But when he looked over to Hunter, he cursed as the blond Bradley looked over at Cam instead.

Suddenly, things weren't looking so good.


It was stated before. Two Reds on one team was never a good thing. Didn't a past team have two Reds? Look where it got them, Shane thought bitterly. Of course, he doubted that that past team fought over the resident computer geek. If they had one. Wasn't their's a green ranger though? The Winds didn't have a green ranger, nor did the Thunders, but Cam wore green. No, Cam wasn't a Ranger. He was just… Cam.

Shane and Hunter were in a fierce spar, Shane giving everything he had in the fight, Hunter just trying to keep up. A kick at Hunter's chest sent him back, and Shane sniffed, rubbing his nose with his thumb, "You ever heard of cutting your losses?" He asked, knowing full well Hunter had no clue what he was talking about. Hunter's confused look on his face confirmed his thought before Shane started up again, only to be tripped.

Hunter brought an arm down, was deflected by Shane's, but Hunter took hold of Shane's arm and shoulder, twisting him over as he relished in his victory, "What losses?" He prompted, as Shane tried to get out of Hunter's grip. Losing this spar meant giving up Cam, even if Hunter wasn't aware of this fact. He saw his opportunity by grabbing Hunter's ankle and throwing the blond off balance.

Hunter fell a few feet away while Shane rolled to his feet, Hunter doing the same. They started back, running at each other at full force, Shane sending attacks at every angle, thoughts about how he had to win this spar, he just had to, Hunter blocking at every turn.

Shane pushed forward on one attack, before Hunter managed to push Shane's shoulder, reeling the Red Ranger back a few steps. He rubbed his wrist from the sudden pressure it was just given. What was Shane's problem?

He looked up at the Red Ranger, still holding his wrist in his hand, "I thought we were just sparring!"

"Hey," Shane shook his head to the side, "If you can't keep up, we can get my sister over here." And maybe then I wouldn't have any competition when it comes to Cam. Shane thought bitterly.

Hunter scoffed, holding his fists up in fighting stance, "Oh you're straight comedy, Shane."

They were about to engage in combat once more when Sensei's voice stopped them. A kick from the guinea pig sent both down to the ground, and Sensei's lecture voice was set. "We've talked about the Wind and Thunder ninjas working together as one. What have we said?"

Shane sighed, cursing himself for letting his emotions get in the way of his sparring. "A competitive spirit is healthy…"

"As long as you don't sacrifice honor and friendship." Shane cursed inwardly. Hunter cut him off.

Anger rushed through Shane's being, "Dude, I was right in the middle of saying that!" Shane got to his feet, followed by Hunter doing the same. They got a hold of each other, fully about to fight again when Sensei told them to do push ups. The two Rangers simply sent glares back and forth, one knowing why, the other just confused but at the same time pissed at some misunderstanding he wasn't aware of, but they settled down onto the sand, both trying to out push up the other.

Really, this was a great way to join two ninja academies.


This was getting them nowhere. That kick boxing kangaroo kicked their butts, and all the while they were fighting each other.

A bench came into view and Shane tried to turn so he could get a look at Hunter, slowing down and telling Hunter to 'Dude, hold on.' Both plopped down on the bench, breathing heavily, but satisfied by the run. Shane tossed a hand over to Hunter, nodding as he gasped out, "Good run."

Hunter looked over in disbelief, "Wait, did you just give me props?"

Shane laughed at Hunter's reaction, holding up his hands as he tried to straighten things out, "Hey, don't get all weird on me. I'm just saying…" He began, only to be cut off by Hunter.

"That maybe Sensei has a point?"

Shane shrugged, leaning back on the bench, "The guy's pretty right on, that's why he's the teacher?"

Hunter looked out to the water, seemingly in thought, "Blake and I are used to being on our own, no parents, no Sensei, no one to answer to except for each other."

Shane thought about that for a moment, "Hey look, you got us now." He paused then, mind flashing to the green clad technician before he shook his head, "All of us. And we look out for each other. That's the way it's gotta be." He leaned forward a bit, waiting for Hunter to say anything.

Hunter thought about it for a while, before nodding, a smile coming to his face, "I hear ya."

With that, they got up, and continued their run, only to find that crazy kick boxing kangaroo again. And this time, it had an upgrade. But they were able to draw Hunter's power into Shane's sword, and that defeated the monster, until it got big anyway.

There was no point in letting something as pathetic as jealousy get in the way of Hunter and Shane becoming good friends. Besides, it wasn't as if the jealousy followed Shane out into battle. Cam wasn't a ranger, he never will be. It would be safer this way.