Till' I See You Again

"You're right. Everything you guys said was true."

"We know you miss Zoey man," Michael said.

"I don't just miss her. I'm in love with her. I've been in love with Zoey ever since I met her. When she got out of her Dad's car, I saw her standing there and I rode my bike into that stupid flag pole. I was in love with Zoey before I hit the ground. I don't think that feeling's ever gonna go away."

Chase had finally admitted it...again, to Michael and Logan and to himself that he was in love with Zoey Brooks. He sat there on the floor of his dorm room, breathing heavily, feeling disorientated. He thought he was over it. He thought that they were just friends, just really, really, close friends. But his feelings for her had never really died. It was like a cactus that his mom had last summer. It was a nice little cactus, about two inches tall, but in the winter, the cactus died. When spring came, Mrs. Matthews put the cactus outside. Chase never really paid attention to it until August, right before he went back to PCA. He was with Rebecca at the time. She was inside watching tv on the couch. He had gone outside to get his shoes that he had left by the trampoline when he saw it- the little cactus was about a twelve inches high now.

"Mom," Chase found his mother in the kitchen chopping walnuts for her famous chocolate chip cookies, "When did that cactus grow? I thought it died last year. Is it new?"

Mrs. Matthews looked at her son like he had lost his mind,"Um... I'm not sure. I put it outside last April and I guess it just grew over the summer."

"But I thought it was dead."

"Honey, why are you so bent out of shape over a plant."

"I-I don't know. It's just weird."

"Why don't you go back in the living room. It's not proper to leave your girlfriend alone watching television while you fret about a cactus."

"Alright Mom." He did what she said and forgot about it...until now. His love for Zoey really was like the cactus...even though that was possibly the strangest analogy he had ever come up with. He loved Zoey for those first two years, every day a little bit more. Then during Spring Break everything had crumbled down. He was SO close to telling her but once that stupid tek-mate fell in the fountain he gave it up. Rebecca was sort of a rebound, in a way. He needed to find some way to distract himself. He had convinced himself and his friends that he stopped loving Zoey. But, man, the look on her face when she walked in on him and Rebecca kissing. It was possibly the worst feeling he had ever had. He felt embarrassed, upset, and just awful that she had to see that. She had a look of hurt on her face that cut him inside so deeply he couldn't even describe.

Then when the year went on, when he and Rebecca broke up, and he and Zoey had gotten even closer than before he started falling again but he wouldn't admit it to himself. He still loved her, maybe a million times more than before.

He just stared at Logan and Michael, not knowing what else to say. There was nothing left to say. Zoey was gone and she couldn't come back. She said so herself.

"So what are you going to do?" Logan asked, quietly.

"I don't know," Chase said. About a half a second later his cell phone rang. Still feeling numb and oddly free from his piled up feelings he let it go to voice mail without even checking who it was.

"I think you should tell her," Michael said.

"You always think I should tell her. It's too messy. Especially now that she's gone."

"Who said love isn't messy? It's possibly the most complicated feeling in the world," Michael said,"The way I see it is that you could either tell her, and get it over with or keep these feeling to yourself and everyone but Zoey and be miserable."

"And what if she doesn't feel the same way about me?" Chase asked.

"Than you'll move on and get on with your life. You'll find someone new...that doesn't have the gross habits of a chimpanzee."

Chase rolled his eyes and thought for a moment.

Logan stood up,"Why don't we leave you alone to think about it." He pulled out the key for the padlock from his pocket and motioned for Michael to follow him. They unlocked the door and walked out.

Chase sat there for awhile, thinking, unable to move. He picked up the decapitated giraffe and it's head. Maybe he could have his Mom sew its head back on its body. Zoey gave it to him for Christmas last year. Who knew it would mean so much to him now? Even the mere thought of not being able to see Zoey again killed him. It was like a part of him had died. And it didn't help much that she was mad at him right now. Suddenly Chase remembered the phone call he got earlier and reached into his pocket. Maybe it was her, he thought. He looked at his missed calls list and sighed. It was only his cousin Antwan. Chase stood up and grabbed some shampoo, soap, and a change of clothes. He needed to take a shower.

A/N: Next chapter will explore Zoey's side of the story. I have been waiting for this episode (Good-bye Zoey Part 2) FOREVER! I can't believe it and used my shock to write this story. Normally this isn't my style of story but I felt like I needed to write it or I would die from...something. Thanks for reading if you did and please review:)