Yay I decided to write another story! ok well thats not really a reason to celebrate but you know its nice to be excited right:-D

Eventually i have decided it will be Addek and there will be lots and lots of flashbacks so you get a sense of Derek and Addison's life before they went separate ways.

ok well i'll stop rambling now and let you read :-)

"So where do you want to go tonight?" he asked looking down into her eyes smiling warmly at her.

"Oh I dunno. Wanna just go to Joe's and grab a drink? Then maybe later we could get a take out and not eat it?" she said while her eyes glistened with mischief.

"Hmm" he said before kissing her softly and aiding her with her scarf "sounds like a plan Dr Grey."

"Doesn't it just Dr Shepard?" she said while holding her hair up for him.

"Mmm it does indeed" he confirmed before placing a kiss on her lips once more. When he pulled away he held out one of his hands for her and when she accepted it he led her out of the glass doors into the night.


Getting a cab was easy for Addison Montgomery. Being a red blooded (not to mention red haired) New Yorker she simply stuck her fingers in her mouth and let out a piercing whistle, catching the attention of not only three taxi cabs but the people around her from a ten mile radius. Getting into the cab closest she acted nonchalantly as the people around her tried to regain their hearing, even though she was bursting with pride at her massive whopper of a whistle. She settled against the plush backseat of the cab and answered the gruff cab driver with the request of Seattle's finest hotel and soon immediately she found herself whizzing towards her destination.

She had reached her hotel in record time which was quite unusual from the distance she had just come from. With the help from her cabbie (whose she had learnt was nicknamed Michelangelo because he liked to draw caricatures for people on his breaks) she managed to lug her Louis Vutton suitcases out of his trunk and into the arms of an waiting bell boy who looked very uncomfortable in his new uniform; a clear sign that he was new. Quickly requesting the further services of Michelangelo, Addison left him waiting and followed the bellboy inside.

She walked up to the desk; her heels clicking along the white marble floor and her coat billowing around her. "Hi I reserved a room for Addison Montgomery over the internet" she said tapping her fingers nervously. She always preferred to make a personal reservation; that way she got to know the clerks and people who made the hotel tick, not to mention the extra amenities she gained. She was nervous about using a computer because in her case everything seemed to go wrong. One example being that she nearly deleted her entire hospital computer database just from playing solitaire.

"Ah…" the clerk said. His shiny badge read David "A Dr Montgomery is it?"

Addison breathed a sigh of relief "Yeah that's the one"

David bit his lip "I'm sorry but we gave away your room just a couple of hours ago to a newly wed couple. Very nice people but could not keep the display of affection down to a minimum you know? Something about they were visiting the guys mum…I dunno I wasn't listening."

Addison could tell this guy was clearly gay for the fact that he had not looked at her once; most of the male staff had at least done a double take just to get a good look at her, the clerk however didn't.

She continued not surprised that something had gone technologically wrong for her once more. "Isn't there anything you could do for me?" she said still clinging to her personal hope that when God shuts a door, he opens a window.

"Hmmm" David said looking her up and down clearly judging her; something that all the other men in the room didn't do. When he was happy with his assessment he spoke "Well… we already gave away the single rooms we have but…" he tapped frantically on his keyboard "If we change this…then we add this…cut the price of that" he looked up at her "Obviously" he said flinging his right hand out but continuing to tap with his left "We can give you a suite but for half the price" he exclaimed before continuing "Just don't tell my manager" he winked.

Addison was in shock partially to the fact that everything had happened so fast. "Wow thank you so much I just don't know what to say except for that I'm extremely grateful!" she gushed.

"Oh honey don't worry about it" he said waving her off as if he did this thing almost everyday. He reached behind into a mahogany cupboard and pulled out a key "Here" he said "Your room is 1010 call me if you need anything"

She took the key from his grasp "I will be sure to" she said as she began walking off towards the elevator, the bellboy closely following. On entering music began to play; 'typical of a hotel like this' she thought. When they got off at her floor and away from the annoyingly catchy song she went the gold numbered door that read 1010. Slotting the key inside, she dumped her bag on the bed and went exploring whilst leaving the belboy to struggle with her heavy suitcases; he was thinner framed than Michelangelo who was beefy but had managed to pick up her bags with ease. Seeing him struggle and she offered to help him before he shook his head furiously claiming "I have everything under control" Leaving him to continue she went exploring. The room was cream coloured and had a lot of gold accenting. The curtains were thick and tasselled and the bed was centred in the middle of the room. Entering the bathroom she saw how drastically it clashed with her room. Painted in terracotta, it was decorated to fit a Moroccan theme with huge pots in the corner as well as a shower and hot tub/bath. Testing the taps she heard the bellboy call her.

"Umm Dr Montgomery I've finished with your bags"

She rejoined him. "Thank you here let me get you a tip" she rooted around her bag and pulled out $20 "I appreciate it"

Graciously accepting the favour he pocketed it then spoke to her.

"Um seeing as I'm new here I was wondering if you could fill out a report card and tell me what I need to improve upon" he patted down his blazer in search of one of his report cards and when he found one gave it to her. "When you have filled it out you return it to the front desk. Well…" he ended giving her a nod before he turned on his heels and left.

Remembering Michelangelo she quickly changed into more casual clothes, put on a smudge of makeup, grabbed her keys and left.

"Hey baby doll" said David "Out so soon?"

Addison turned to him "Yeah just thought I'd get a quick drink before work tomorrow"

"Ooh" David said clapping his hands together "There's this great bar called Joes. Bartender is a great guy, real friendly towards everybody new or regular" He tilted his head towards Michelangelo and pursed his lips "Your cab driver friend looks like he might know the place"

Addison disciplined him lightly "Behave" she said with a smile on her lips

"Ugh you know I'm right" he smirked before answering his ringing head set "Hello this is David speaking how may I help you?"

Shaking her head she walked towards Michelangelo who was patiently waiting "Sorry to keep you out here so long" she paused "In fact I'll buy you a Coke to make up for it"

"Agreed" he replied "So..." he said as he got into the car "Where to?"

"Um do you know a place called Joes?"

"Yeah! I know the bartender we go way back!"

Addison smiled and whispered under her breath "I'm sure you do" the car sped away "I'm sure you do"


If i should continue let me know :-D