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"Your last name is Darcy? Brad Darcy? What about Michael? You said that was your last name"

Brad winced "yes, but I only use it for official things, Michael is my middle name"

"So you decided to do a little swap?"

He nodded "it sounds better that way" he shrugged "besides, you wouldn't want me to get teased at the workplace now would you?" he gave her a cheesy smile and she laughed

"Of course not, but now I know the truth, I'm never leaving you now" she sighed and sat back in her chair "Darcy…Darcy…Darcy"

"What are you doing?"

"shh" she held a finger up at him "Brad Darcy…Darcy…" she smiled "Addison Darcy…Addison Montgomery Darcy" her smiled got even bigger "I cant believe it"

He looked a little sad "I knew it was bad, but not that bad"

"No" she shook her head "its not that, it's just…I found you"

"We've been going out for a while now"

"No, I've found Mr Darcy" she looked slightly impressed "I've kissed, touched, and made love to…Mr Darcy" she looked at him, her eyes going out of focus

Mr Darcy in question looked around awkwardly "Addison are you ok?" he waved a hand in her face "Addison?" he said it a little louder "Addison!"

She jumped, shaking her head as she focused "I'm sorry, but I'm still in shock" she smiled "it's just so cool!" she squealed clapping her hands together

He looked at her with playful disgust on his face "you're one of them aren't you"

She rolled her eyes "I'm not one of anything but the future Mrs. Darcy"

He laughed "you and many others"


"All she wants is fast food! Fried chicken, pizza, spring rolls, noodles; I swear I have been more delivery boy than…well whatever I do"

"But she's been ok though right?"

He shrugged even though she couldn't see it "more or less, she said she does it every year"

"Still doesn't make it normal"

"I dunno, grief is different for people, at least she's not suicidal…yet"

"Nah, she doesn't seem like that to me"

"Yeah? Really? I always pictured her as the person who could get away with stuff"


"Like she'd be the quiet genius of our group, or those people who are the really scary convicts who just kinda hiss at you" he paused "or the other woman you just couldn't hate just because she's so…nice about it"

"You have way to much free time on your hands"

"Its part of the job" he twirled a bit of the phone cord in his fingers "by the way do you have any colouring books?"

"No, why?"

"She wants them, and a box of felt tip pens" he scratched absently at his neck "and while you're at it bring some deodorant"

"Why deodorant?"

"Just for the ambiance"

"Oh ok, I'll be there soon, I have to check on my house first"

"k bye" he hung up the phone then looked to the delivery boy in front of him "I'll take that thanks" he fished a couple notes out his pocket and paid. Getting on the elevator, he tapped his foot impatiently, got off at her floor and knocked.

"Who is it?"

"Me, David"

The lock clicked and she left the door open for him to walk through going back to a pile of scattered playing cards on the table where she began to form little pyramids, getting to the second level before it collapsed.

He kicked the door shut, and some other stuff on his way in "so what did you do today?"

"Well Addison has been dictating her life in third person, and she has also been building card pyramids"

"Oh yeah? Well David brought you dinner, here" he thrust the box towards her and she took it gratefully ambling over to the bed to lay back and eat it.

"Addison acknowledges your gift, and she says thanks"

"Would Addison like to stop her third person?"

She shook her head and continued watching the TV. He worked around her effortlessly, bundling her clothes into a pile then shoving them into the back of her wardrobe seeing as she had stayed in nothing but various and colourful vests and panties for the past three days. When he had finished, somewhat happily eighteen minutes, later he flopped down onto the bed next to her.


"Yeah, I couldn't keep it up long, besides I was getting tired of talking to myself for like the whole day, I'm kinda annoying and very paranoid, doesn't make for good conversation"

"Hmm" he folded his hands over his stomach "are you planning on coming out anytime soon?"

"No, give it at least another ninety six hours"

"Ok" he folded his arms behind his head "I'm thinking of quitting"

"Why?" she turned to him

"Well" he reached out and wiped the corner of her mouth, brushing the few crumbs away "I only took this job to fill my time, I don't need it anymore"

"You found a higher purpose?"

"If you want to see it like that"

"Where are you going?"

"Nowhere yet" he gave her a small but knowing smile "I'll have somewhere though"

She opened her mouth only to get hushed buy the ringing of his phone.

"Hello?" he slid off the bed away from her, going to the bathroom to have his conversation. Shaking her head she finished her third slice, licking off her fingers briefly before she shovelled up the fourth slice in her hand, eating from the crust to the tip. Halfway through her fifth slice, David came out of the bathroom, looking at her as if he had only just realised she was still there.

"What was that all about?"

He brushed her off "nothing just some housing I needed to take care of"

She took another bite, speaking to him with her mouth still semi-full "you know I haven't seen where you live"

"Well I'll take you when you leave the room"

She shook her head "not going to happen, I told you, ninety six hours and I'm same old Addison again"

"And you don't think this is a bit unhealthy?"

"well at least I'm not suicidal…yet" she swallowed then took another bite "besides I am dealing very very well" she paused "extremely well" she paused again "exponentially well" she picked up her sixth slice "I liked the last one"


"How many hours till you leave?"

"Seventy two hours" she counted on her fingers "well maybe, I have to take into account toilet breaks where I wasn't actually in the room"

"I see" he looked over at what she was doing "aren't strawberries normally red?"

she looked down at her colouring, her felt tip poised above her page "I thought it was a blueberry" she sighed then tore the page out, scrunching it up and throwing it towards the bin "so how was your day?"

He flopped onto the bed, watching as she sat cross legged in a turquoise cami set on the floor and flicked through the colouring book smiling when she found something blue to colour

"Hardly a joyous occasion, I answer phones on a too expensive desk, you are a surgeon who had been stuck in a bedroom for four days?"

"What does me being a surgeon have anything to do with it?"

"Aren't you supposed to be the best?"

"I didn't ask for it" she leaned closer to her picture, tracing the fine detail of the butterfly

"I guess" he looked at her noticing something on her back "what is that?"

"What's what?"

"That there" he pointed "on your lower back"

"It's a lily" she pulled her vest down to cover it then she switched to using green "I've had it since I was twenty"


"Something to do with a name"

"Oh" he turned the TV on and flicked through the channels "that makes sense"

"uh huh…" she finished, finally putting her felt tip on the table and focusing on the burger David had put down earlier for her "thanks"

"Don't speak with your mouth full"

She lay back with the box on her stomach preparing to eat from the relaxed position

"And sit up straight"

She frowned but complied none the less, finishing her burger quickly and wiping her mouth on the back of her hand.

"Finished your way to obesity yet?"

"No I could have done with some cheese fries and actual mayonnaise, not the low fat crap I got before"

"Hmm yes" he leaned forward "tell me again Addison as to why you are doing this?"

she looked at her picture, her eyes tracing the neatness of her colouring "because I should have coloured out side the lines" she bent over the book again and found a new picture proceeding to colour everything than the actual object, a family of kittens, itself.

Slouching into the bed even more, he observed her quickly then began flicking though the stations once more.


"Callie, I need your help"

"What is it now? I'm kinda busy"

"She's just kinda stopped"

"Addison? Stopped what?"

"Everything, I found her curled up in the centre of the bed, she barely acknowledges that I'm here" he scratched his head "she's just kinda existing"

"Where are you now?"

"In the room, she can hear us talking"

"Put her on the phone"

He walked over to Addison, holding the phone out for her. Slowly she looked toward him and held her hand out, nodding her answers until she finally pressed the number nine and gave it back to David


"You can hang out with me tonight; Derek is keeping an eye on her"


"Who is it?" he called out, putting his last touches on Addison. So far he had braided her hair, then took it out again, deciding a french plait would have suited her bone structure more, only to realise her split ends needed cutting. Finishing his last snip, he walked to the door with the scissors still looped on his thumb and fore finger.

"Its Callie and Derek open up"

"Oh" he pulled on the handle and gave a polite smile to the extra company "you must be Derek"

"Yeah" he held out his hand and shook David's briefly

"David" he let go, looked back at Addison then back at Derek "I guess I can leave you too it" he stepped past Derek as he stepped forward.

"See you in the morning"

Derek looked pensive "maybe, she's different every year" he said before he shut them both out.