Chapter 3

Sara,and Ian kept a eye on Jackie.
Sara was so scared her sister would die. Meanwhile Ron watched the hosptial, and Jackie's house he would get his wife back even if it meant him raping Sara, and turning her, and killing Ian.

One day while Sara, and Ian were watching Jackie Ron peeked threw the window he saw his beauitful bride laying in bed.

He put Sara, and Ian to sleep, then he opened the belcony doors, walked into Jackie's room,picked her up,and carried her out of the house.

Jackie didn't wake up until they reached Ron's hideout in the woods. She woke up, and when she saw Ron she cowred in the corner. Ron walked over her got down on his knees, and kissed her.

Jackie tried to resit Ron's kiss. But it felt so good. She wrapped her arms around his neck pulled him close to her,bit his neck. Ron moaned from the feeling, and then picked her up, and placed her in bed.

They made love after that they fell asleep. Once Jackie was sure Ron was sleeping she got dressed, and left Ron's hideout,and headed back to her house.

Once she got back to her house she went upstairs to her room where she found her garudin angels sleeping. She went into the bathroom got two picutres of cold water,and dumped it all over Sara, and Ian.

Sara "What the hell did you do that for?" Jackie "Ron had you two in a trance, and made you both sleep." Ian "He was here?" Jackie "Yep, and he kidnapped me."

Sara "How did you get away from him?"
Jackie "I slept with him, and once he was sleeping I left."Ian "Left you said you left where did you leave from" Jackie "I said to much already He'll be coming back here for me, and then he'll finish me off."

Sara "Please Jackie tell us everything so we can stop him before he comes back,and kills you for good." Jackie "He won't kill me." Ian "What makes you so sure?"

Jackie "Because I'm with child." Sara "No, no,you can't be with child no its impossible." Jackie "Its possbile because I am with child,and Ron won't kill me once he feels our child kick."

Ian "This is crazy you can't be with child." Jackie "You don't believe me why don't you put your hand on my stomach, and find for yourself Ian.!" Ian "Oh my god you are with child." Sara "Is she really with child?"

Ian "Yes she is." Sara "No that means I've lost you he'll never let you go now." Jackie "That's true Sara I'm his,and our child binds for life or death or whatever this stage is I'm in now."

Sara "I'll never see you again will I?" Jackie "Yes you will." Sara "No I won't he keep you locked up somewhere." Jackie "You will get to see me again Ron,and I may dead but you'll get to see me again."

Sara "How?" Jackie "Ron can't keep me away from you,and Ian you both are my family, and if I wish to see you guys Ron will have to grant my wish."

Sara "Your sure about that?" Jackie "Yes I am here he comes now." Sara "Jackie stay with us." Jackie "I must meet him you can watch what happens from the window."

Jackie left. Sara ran to the window to watch what happened between Jackie,and Ron.

Sara watched as Jackie kissed Ron on the mouth, and she watched as Ron grooped her sister she wanted to kill Ron,and save her sister's soul. But she knew she was too late.

Ron made Jackie his undead wife forever, and always. Sara watched as Jackie turned to the window,and waved goodbye. Sara waved goodbye. Then ran to the bed, and cried. Ian held Sara close.

Ian "Sara are you alright?" Sara "I'm fine my baby sister is a undead vampire who is with child to a man who won't let her go I'm just fine Ian." Ian "I was just thinking there might be way to save Jackie before she dies for good."

Sara "How Ron has her under lock, and key?" Ian "All we have to do is find your sister kill Ron,and then everything should go back to normal."

Sara "Nothing we do will save Jackie she's doomed forever so I say just let my sister be." Ian "Are you sure you want to do that?" Sara "Yes I'm sure."

Meanwhile In Ron's hideout in the woods Jackie was getting ready to tell Ron she was with child.

Jackie "Ron I have wonderful news that I hope will please you." Ron "What is this news that you hope will please me?"

Jackie "I'm with child I'm having your child." Ron "I'm pleased with every fiber of my being." Jackie "Really your not mad?" Ron "Of course I'm not mad when did you find this wonderful pecie of news?" Jackie "Whenever I went back to my house to wake up Sara, and Ian."

Ron "A child I never believed it was possible but now that you've told me, and I can see your starting show I believe we are with child." Jackie "Oh Ron I'm so happy you want this child that is ours I was scared you would have said to get rid of child." Ron "I really want our child I always dreamed of us having children whenever I was alive."

Jackie "Well now your dream has come true we'll have as many children as you wish to have." Ron "Only if you want them as well I won't force you have my children."

Jackie Ron do you remember when we first got married,and how I said to you lets have a baby?" Ron "Yes I do."

Jackie "Right now is the same as it was when we were alive only now we are having a baby." Ron "Your right I love you Jackie." Jackie "I love you too Ron Sara, and Ian will try to kill you,and save me."

Ron "They can try all they want but they can't kill me we'll live forever." Jackie "I won't let them kill you I will throw myself in front of them, and save you."

Ron "You always were the one who said that you'd kill yourself to save me." Jackie "You know I'd do anything for you, and I meant that everytime I said it."

Ron leaned forward , and kissed Jackie hard,and Jackie kissed him back they fell back on the bed. They began to make love. Meanwhile Sara was waiting for her sister to come back.

When her sister never came back Sara threw her coat on she left her sister's house, and went for a walk threw the woods to see if she could find her sister.

Whenever she came across Ron's hideout but she didn't knowit was Ron's hideout.

Sara walked up to the door opened it, and found Ron,and her sister naked, and in bed together.

Jackie "Sara what are you doing here Ron will kill you?" Sara "I wanted to see you are you alright?"
Jackie "I'm fine please leave."

Sara "Let me stay I miss you Jackie you can't be happy out here in the woods." Jackie "I am sorry Sara I didn't want you to see me naked let me grabbed my robe." Sara "Its okay we both have the same parts."

Jackie "I love you Sara now for safty, and Ian's you must go now."
Sara "I will go but you have to come back to my house, and visit."
Jackie "I will now go Sara go."

Jackie sat down on the bed, and began to cry. Ron woke up, and held her close he pulled her back onto the bed, and then he kissed her tears away.

Jackie kissed Ron hard she removed her robe, gave herself to Ron. It was the most wondeful feeling ever making love to her husband again. It felt like she was walking on air.

When Sara got back to her house she sat, and waited for Jackie whenever she didn't show layed down, and cried.

Ian showed up at Sara's. He walked into Sara's room, laid down on the bed,and slept next to Sara.

Sara rolled over,and maid love to Ian he had no idea how Sara felt but he loved her so he joined her in making love.

Sara figured if Jackie was making love to her husband she could make love to her boyfriend.

Jackie smiled as she rode her husband over, and over gain passion flying all over their hideout.

Once they finished making love they fell asleep. Being dead was worth it.

Jackie would never leave her husband again. The next day Jackie, and Ron went back to their old house.

There they would raise their children, and teach them everything they knew. Jackie was happy she had her man back even though he was a vampire he was still her Ron.

Ron went upstairs to one of the extra bedrooms, and started work on the nursery.

Jackie smiled, and then she went to lay down. Everything was perfect in Jackie's life.

Meanwhile Ian, and Sara woke up together. Sara still wanted to go, and get her sister.

Sara knew Jackie would never come back but she still wasn't going give up hope that Jackie would come home,and live.

One day while Ron was working on the nursery Jackie decided to go for a walk. As she was walking she bumped into Sara. Jackie,and Sara hugged eachother they were crying.

Jackie "How are you Sara?" Sara "I'm fine, you?" Jackie "I'm fine too the baby, and Ron are fine also." Sara "So your truly happy were are you staying?" Jackie "Mine, and Ron's old house." Sara "So your close by now?" Jackie "Yes we are."
Sara "When can I come visit you, you look so weak."

Jackie "Anytime you like Sara I'm fineI just haven't fed in the last 24 hours." Sara "You can feed of meif you like." Jackie "Sara I can't." Sara "Why?"

Jackie "Your my sister you twit I can't feed off family." Sara "What about Ian?"Jackie "I'm hungry but I'm not that hungry." Sara "You need to eat at least to give the baby some food."

Jackie "Sara you keep bugging me to eat, and I'll feed off you,and Ian." Sara "You wouldn't dare." Jackie "You asked for it Sara." Sara "No please Jackie don't?" Jackie "Too late you offered." Sara "AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"
Jackie "Sorry Sara but like you said the baby needed some food." Sara "Why?" Jackie "I needed to eat, and you did offer up your blood, and thank you now for Ian I think I'll suduce Ian first then I'll bite him."
Sara "Leave Ian alone." Jackie "It's too late you rest now,and I'll come by,and check on you."

Jackie walked away from Sara, and headed to her sister's house so she could have her next meal.

Jackie "Hello Ian." Ian "Jackie hello." Jackie "If your looking for Sara she's in the woods mmm Ian your looking very sexy right now."

Ian "Thank you." Jackie "You know Ian I think you are so cute as matter of fact Ian I was thinking that I'd like to come here to me, and let me please you." Ian "I love your sister Sara." Jackie "It would just once trust you'd never want another woman after me."

Jackie pulled Ian to her,and bit his neck a few hours later Jackie left Ian half drained of his blood she licked her lips, and then she headed home.

She was full, and wouldn't need to eat again right away. When she got back to her house Ron was doing what he used to do when he was alive. He was watching one of his Batman movies, and having some coffee. Jackie walked over to the couch, and sat down. She laid her head on Ron's chest. Meanwhile Sara, and Ian were dying were Jackie drained them of their lives.
Sara managed to get up the best she could, and walked a dead walk to Jackie's house Ian was also on jackie patio. Will they make it? Or Will they die?