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She wasn't a stalker of that she was sure. As she casually leaned against a doorframe watching the green haired pirate walk by, she adjusted her glasses. Both pairs. Her normal eyewear was hidden underneath a pair of ugly, though for some reason popular, gaudy pair of huge sunglasses. Tashigi was nearly unrecognizable with her hair slicked back, a trench coat over her normal clothes and sword, with large book in her hand to hide her face in should anyone notice her. It was likely that the fact that having the book turned upside-down did more to detract from her camouflage than enhance it escaped her notice. It was also unlikely that she realized that wearing two jackets made her look something like a misshapen body builder, so focused was she on the object of her...morbid curiosity.

After seeing the straw hat crew in action at Arabastia, and coming to terms with letting them go when they had stood up for justice where she had fallen, Tashigi had felt a strong desire to understand the group better. The opportunity seemed to have presented itself recently as her crew and Luffy's were docked in the same town. With a sigh she thought back to the events that led her crew to be dry-docked here, for three...long...months.

It hadn't been Captain Smoker's fault really, that Vice Admiral had it coming. First insulting Smoker's leadership, tactics and cigar brand, then ranting on the overall shoddiness of their vessel, finally, apparently ignorant of what the large throbbing vein on Smoker's forehead might signify, the man had begun insulting Smoker's crew. In the end three months suspension was probably a light punishment, though Tashigi was certain the Vice Admiral would one day be able to eat solid foods again.

As it was, the three months in dry dock had given Tashigi too much time leisure time, and even practicing with her swords could only occupy her for so long. Wandering aimlessly around the town and countryside became a therapeutic respite to being in Smoker's presence, as he was not taking his suspension well. It was during one such wandering a few days ago that she spotted some of the Straw-hat crew. The navigator Nami and the crew's pet/Doctor were apparently getting some provisions. She got close enough to hear, "Two months for repairs...Luffy will eat everything...need more..." When a third member of the crew staggered up to the first two, this one bent nearly double with the amount of supplies he was shouldering.

"Nami, damn you, I am not your pack mule. If were going to be stuck here for two months anyway, why restock the ship right now?" Came a severely aggravated voice from beneath several bags of flour.

"You still owe me money! Either you pay it back now, or do as I say until you can, or until you die whichever comes first, Zoro!" Retorted the navigator. "We're restocking now because we never know if we'll have to leave in a hurry, and Luffy will eat what's on the ship in about 2 days."

Any more of the conversation was lost on Tashigi as she was weaving amongst the crowd and fleeing the scene.

Now, two days later with disguise in place Tashigi was continuing to attempt to observe and better understand the crew of Monkey D. Luffy. Tashigi had so far failed twice at even relating the Straw-hat crew to human beings, let alone actually trying to fathom what drove them to risk their lives to save a Kingdom, yet still sink to such a base occupation as piracy.

The first day in this undertaking Tashigi followed the captain, Luffy. She ended the day with a migraine and a stomachache. The man was either an incredibly enlightened genius or a complete and total moron, and if Tashigi were a betting woman she knew she'd be leaning toward the latter. The second day was brief. After about five minutes of following the blonde chef the man turned his amorous affections on her and after trying to kiss her hand was left a smoldering heap in the middle of a road.

Now on day three, having spent several hours tailing the pirate-hunter turned pirate, Roronoa Zoro, she was beginning to think the entire crew was made up of madmen. Zoro left his ship around noon having spent several hours practicing his own unique fighting style on deck. Not that she watched him the whole time! She wasn't a pervert or anything; she left for several moments to get something to drink during his workout.

After leaving the ship things went down hill. The man seemed to move with no purpose at all. He ambled in and out of stores, around parks, through the seedy underbelly of the town, and finally lay down in a field and napped for nearly an hour. Now he apparently was off in search of dinner. She felt her stomach rumble at the thought of dinner herself, after spending the day following after Zoro, having to duck behind walls and into doorways often, as his keen perception seemed to pick up on her, she was absolutely famished. The restaurant he went into supposedly served excellent duck and, making sure that her disguise was firmly in place, Tashigi decided she would eat there as well.

Since Tashigi had managed to catch the end of the Straw-hat crew's breakfast she felt no need to watch Zoro eat and propped her book on the table as a screen and make shift splatter guard. After a few moments of waiting for the sounds of cow-like chewing, or of other patrons leaving in disgust, Tashigi looked up. Rather than feeling rising bile, the marine was pleasantly shocked to see Zoro calmly sipping his tea and taking normal sized bites of food that he actually picked up with silverware. This was an interesting turn of events, and Tashigi wondered if the animal-like devouring she had witnessed earlier was part of the Straw-hat crew's group dynamic, rather than Zoro's personal behavior. Not that she cared what Zoro did or how, not at all. Tashigi's dinner slowly grew cold, as she was distracted for several minutes by a drop of tea that had spilled on Zoro's chin and was slowly making its way down his neck.

After dinner Zoro wandered around town for another few hours, stopping in several pubs. At each pub he had at least one very strong drink before moving on. After four such stops Tashigi assumed he had to be plastered, but he seemed quite steady as he made his way back to his ship for the evening. Tashigi made her way back to the room she had rented for the duration of their stay with several thoughts in mind. Of them the most notable was that Tashigi was certain she had found the one member of the crew who, while probably despicable, might react in a way she could manage to understand. This was likely due to the rigid control a swordsman, or swordswoman, must excise to maintain their edge in combat. Really, Tashigi thought to herself, trying to understand another swordsman seemed like an obvious method of investigation. She would need to watch him closely for several days at least, to try to figure out him and this strange pirate band. This was all for the sake of understanding her justice, and getting more evidence against the straw-hats for when she and Captain Smoker finally brought the pirates down.

It made perfect sense to investigate, and in no way was this behavior anything like stalking. Nope, not at all.

Chapter 1 End

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