She didn't search him out when she woke up. Instead she changed her bandage, deleted the calls from Trina and decided to cool her temper in her lab. Something was going on, Vegeta kept hinting at something that meant he should care for her condition. She didn't understand, no man had ever treated her like him. He was attracted to her, she knew that, and in some twisted way she was attracted to him as well. She didn't understand the desire and didn't welcome it but it was something she couldn't stop. She accepted it and had moved on. She had been raised by prostitutes, she understood sex and lust, it was emotions that often gave her difficulty. Her time with the Z-team had aided her in overcoming her shortcomings in human contact but there were still a great many things that left her confused.

Deciding that she didn't want to think about this at all she took the dino-cap that was her bike. She had used the school for her credit but it had by far exceeded the work that had been required of her. Making sure the engine was quiet until she was out of earshot she blasted for the home that was basically the middle of nowhere. She had promised to visit Chi-Chi anyway.

The vibration of her machine against her belly would have been ticklish to most, she wasn't so it didn't. To go faster she controlled the bike while nearly lying on her stomach. She could sit correctly on it if she chose to drive slower but at the moment she was going faster than most vehicles, certainly faster than any officers' car. What losers.

Two hours later when she landed she pulled her helmet off and shook her hair free. Smiling at the sight of the Fry Pan Princess with her newborn baby she stepped forward and kissed the baby before being allowed to hold him.

"Kami he looks more like his father each time I see him. I pray that he has your brains Chi-Chi." The woman laughed. Soon they were chatting over tea, Bulma cooing over the tailed infant and Chi-Chi looking through the things and supplies that Bulma had brought to the Son household.

"Sometimes he repeats what we say, he's not speaking on his own but he's mimicking." Bulma smiled proudly. Her little godson was the highlight of her life at the moment. Turning her attention to the curious and innocent eyes she cuddled him to her face.

"Is that right Gohon, are you going to give me a run for my money. Yes?"

"Esh!" Her face froze slightly then she laughed. So this was why people had babies. The love, she had known it in theory but until this moment didn't understand the want to bring another life into the world. Even when she had helped bring him into the world, she'd known what she'd been doing. Her mother's weren't the only street walkers she'd known. She'd learned how to take care of a pregnant and birthing woman and had helped bring in children to the streets. Ones that she had known to follow their parents paths. She had never seen the point, and even though she knew her friends to be wonderful people. She'd been disillusioned; birth was something that was dangerous at times, messy, and painful. Now holding Gohon she finally understood, and thought that maybe, someday she would be willing to carry a life to term and raise the result.

It wouldn't be until years later that she looked back on this moment and notices how she never gave thought to a father, men to her were sperm donors and very few were reliable and worthy of knowing their children. She loved Goku but his type of male was not what she needed. His loyalty, his devotion, things like that she wanted but not so pure. She was not Chi-Chi, she was not the Princess raised by a loving father that would protect her from everything.

When Goku arrived she laughed as he lifted her into his arms in the boyish hug she allowed only a few. She was still uncomfortable with physical contact, a major reason for her adventures the years not so long ago. The innocent Goku who hadn't known the differences between boy and girl had given her something to build a light side out of. She felt less grey and credited to him above all others. Kissing the oaf on the cheek she got him to set her down, they had fish for dinner.

Her temper had cooled and she was in a good mood even, she'd taken pictures of Gohon and his family some with her in it and most without. She had just encapsulated her car and pocketed in her belt when she was pulled against a firm body. Without thought she stomped on the foot of her molester and was soon lifted off the ground, Vegeta. He was the only one she could think of that would do this and bring her a few feet off the ground.

"Vegeta what the fuck do you think you're doing?"

"Where have you been?" She felt him hold her close and his face press to her hair."

"Ah the third class." She stiffened at the comment. "His brat and mate." For an instant she knew fear, terror that filled her so completely she didn't have anything to compare it to.

"We will talk now girl."

"No shit." It was a good thing she didn't have a gun in her hand at the moment, she'd have shot him. Her temper kept what little fear she had for herself when he brought her to his room. She'd never really been in his room before; knocked on the door to tell him dinner was ready but not inside. He'd always come to her.

"I know that your friend is Sayain."

"I figured that out when I met you. You stay away from them."

"He is under my rule; I should order him to return to our planet. Why he is here, it could be considered treason." He was speaking hypothetical and she was terrified for Goku.

"He doesn't know." It slipped out, unlike her but it caught his attention from the train of thought he was telling her of.


"He, he hit his head as a baby, he was sweet after that. That's what I was told anyway, from what I can see it's true, Goku loves his wife and he's a brother to me. He fights like you, he trains all the time, but he's known nothing else. This is his home." Her temper flared as she regained control of herself. "Do anything to him and I'll stop at nothing to kill you." She'd killed, not often but she had, it was part of survival. She'd never killed someone she knew beyond reputation though, but for Goku she would.

Vegeta stiffened and she knew she had just revealed something to the Sayain prince, even if she didn't know what. What he seemed to appreciate was never clear to her.

"You would kill."

"I would do a lot to protect me and mine." He was judging her and she would be nothing but truthful.

"Then there may be something, do you know why I'm here?"

"A truce, deal with my planet. We're going to provide technology you guys the protection."

"But why am I living with your family?"

"We have the money to feed you and we'll be providing nearly all the technology." It was logical and he was seeing that she wasn't ignorant she just hadn't looked into the deal thinking it had nothing to do with her.

"I'm to stay here a year."

"Times almost up." She smiled but his stare lessened her humor.

She was being cocky but careful at the same time. When she had threatened to kill him he had believed her. She would do so in any way that she could, she was honorable but she knew when underhanded deeds were needed. It made him want to press her to the nearest flat surface. He withheld.

"That is only half of the contract, a promising heir will have to be taken with us and live on my planet for a year." She paled and when he released her she didn't move.

"I, I'm not. They, its me isn't it?" She did not sound pleased, she was processing the information and withholding her reactions. "I need a drink."

"You need no such thing; you rely too much on that horrid substance."

"Fu-dream on Vegeta. I am far from reliant on alcoholic beverages. I just found out I'm little more than chattel and I really don't think I'll take that well once it settles in. Unless you want me to start screaming my head off in denial and tears, that's an option too." She tried to twist out of his hold, never mind that she was still quite a few feet above the ground. "Put me down would you?"

"No, you would run, you will remain with me until we leave."

"No, I won't, I have things to do, people to see, yelling and screaming to fulfill, your ears won't like it!" His hand moved over her mouth, she bit him hard enough to draw blood for most. He didn't flinch.

"Rest girl, you're going nowhere tonight." She let out a muffled curse and froze when he laid her on her bed, and beside her at the same time. He couldn't actually intend…He did.

The last time she'd slept this close to another body she'd been with Goku and Krillin, they'd sandwiched her to keep her warm while they resided in the hut buried in an avalanche. Probably the only two males she trusted enough to be able to sleep peacefully beside.

"Sleep girl, I will not take advantage of you." This coming from the man who felt her up from time to time. That was it; she was making phone calls in the morning. Screw school.

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Who will Bulma dear call? What will she say to her parents, how will Vegeta handle having the woman he desires in his arms alllllll niiiiiggggttt looooooong.

Horns anyone?