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Top ten ways to attack Daisy

1. Hit her over the head with a rabbit.

2. Hire Brightheart to attack her. (You might not have to pay her)

3. Send your mad Ninja mice after her (You don't have Ninja mice!? Shame on you!)

4. Toss her into the Badgers camp where they're planning revenge.

5. Tell her there's a mad rabbit after her and tell her to run away (in the direction of Shadowclan territory, of course)

6. Take her to Sundrown Place and put her in a can of shark bait and feed her to the sharks (Which are what?)

7. Tell Brambleclaw and Ashfur that she murdered Squirrelflight.

8. Toss her to the dogs.

9. Dip her in a bucket of poison ivy, mosquitoes, and NATURE!!!

10. Drop a ton of steel on her (ah, what the hey, make it ten million tons)