Ok, I have FINALLY continued Warriors Top Ten. Here is my newest chappie: Top Ten cats who loved Squirrelflight! R&R, and I will give hot fudge Sundays!

Top ten cats who loved Squirrelflight:

1.Crowfeather-well, maybe he didn't, but I have to put something!

2.Hawkfrost-I have no idea where this came from…0.o

3.Firestar-not love like kissy kissy, love like daughter father….

4. Sootfur- He never said it, but he didnods

5. Shrewpaw- he may be dead, but when has death stopped anybody?

6. Stormfur- If you have read the 2 book in TNP, then you understand. If not, get away now.

7. Spiderleg- their ages are close enough...

8. RAVENPAW!  

9:Ashfur- he'll, like, never have a mate now, unless he gets over Squirrely & goes to Whitewing.

10. Brambleclaw-they had kits together… self explanitory? .'


BTW, this was not meant as an insult to any of these cats.

Also, #8 was a joke…+.+'