Hello! Welcome to my collection of random oneshots that don't have substance enough for their own stories, or are just silly ideas that popped into my head. 2007 movieverse, because they made Bumblebee cuter than ever. :D

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Parallel Parking

Afternoon sunlight reflected cheerfully off Bumblebee's disco ball as he drove through downtown Tranquility, a catchy song named "Perfect Day" blasting through his radio. One of the perks of being the robotic car of his human friend meant he didn't have to sit around in parking lots waiting for Sam to finish whatever he was doing.

Well, he did have to wait a few moments to make sure no humans who had watched him pull up and Sam getting out of the driver's side saw him drive off - without his driver. But that was one of the perks of having tinted windows - so long as no one saw him quietly start up by himself and drive off, he was free to roam the roadways while waiting for Sam.

Now, Sam had just texted him, informing the robot that he'd be out within half an hour, and so Bumblebee was headed back to the small movie theater in the middle of town that Sam and Mikaela were fond of. All he had to do was go back and park, waiting for his friends to reappear so he could drive them to their next destination.

But, sadly, Bumblebee's day was about to become slightly more complicated.

The peppy song cut off with a screech as Bumblebee's brakes did the same, and he sat idling in the street, contemplating this problem that stretched before him.

The movie theater's small parking lot was full, the streets lined with cars in the busy bustle of a downtown afternoon. This left only one place for the car-also-robot to park - a gap barely long enough to fit him on the other side of the street.

He revved his engine slightly in annoyance - it would be a tight fit. As it was, he was glad that no others cars were currently behind him - he'd been idling in his lane for about a minute as he pondered the problem.

Slowly, he pulled over and ahead of his chosen spot, stopping as he was even with the car ahead of it. Even more slowly, he backed up, edging his aft to the side and into the space. He had to be careful to not bump the other cars, because then that would cause scratches and dents and humans questioning Sam about how his car had gotten into a fender-bender while he'd been in the theater. Too much hassle.

He noticed he was too close to the front car for his own comfort, focusing all his sensors along his side as he slowly maneuvered into place - he didn't want to scrape along the back fender, yellow paint tended to be easy to pick out on other cars--CRUNCH.

The sudden noise, pain of his bumper meeting something unforgivably hard, and the flashing of several damage and proximity warnings across his processors startled the young scout, and he cried out, lurching forward out of instinct, to get away from the pain as soon as possible. What a slagging idiot, he'd ignored his back-end completely in his concentration to avoid the front car--CRUNCH.

Bee froze for a nano-klik, before revving his engines and twisting his steering mechanisms, causing some rather unpleasant noises from both tires and gears. He had to get himself free of this deathtrap between cars, cars which surely had to be Decepticons for luring him into such a trap, probably waiting for him to become too damaged in his attempts to escape the inviting parking spot before taking him out--WHUMP.

He had just driven himself over the curb - well, his back rear tire, at least.

This day was just getting better and better.

The curb was one of those shifty ones - also clearly of Decepticon origin - that was slightly higher than the ground behind it - a patch of earth that had some decorative flora and a tree, in this case. No matter how hard he pulled, or how hard his tires scrabbled for purchase against the cement with a rather sickening squealing sound of rubber scraping asphalt at unmentionable speeds, his rear tire refused to find its own grip and pull itself over the small bump presented in its path.

This begged the question of how it had gotten over the curb in the first place - a curb that was decidedly higher facing the street than on the side he was caught on - but Bee didn't really care at this point. He was stuck, paintjob ruined on his fenders, with incriminating dents in both of the other cars that had even more incriminating streaks of bright yellow paint flecking the dents. He wasn't dented, his metal being made of far sterner stuff than anything on Earth, but the indignity of the whole situation stung about as bad. The only way it could be worse was if--


...Was if Sam and Mikaela were standing on the sidewalk right behind him, staring at him. Bumblebee immediately cut his engine, falling silent and hoping that, for once, his human friends would be as perceptive as he had originally thought humans to be, and wouldn't realize it really was him.

"Bee, what are you doing? Why are you over the curb? Why are there dents in the other cars shaped like your bumper?"

...No such luck. Slag.

Sam took in the situation, and, unfortunately for his giant yellow friend, immediately jumped to the correct conclusion.

"Bee, dude, I think you just failed parallel parking."

The yellow scout sent several disgruntled clicks and beeps towards the humans, who just ignored his anger and his poor dignity and proceeded to laugh themselves silly.

Forcing air through his exhaust vents - the closest he could come to a human sigh - Bee searched the radio waves for anything suitable for his situation. Music filtered through his speakers - not matching with his sentiments, but appropriate given the situation.

"...-- Parallel parking, stop the traffic, parallel parking, make them swerve, parallel parking, become and addict, parallel parking, stay off the curb..."


Song by Fighting Gravity, which I've never heard or anything - just trolling Google for appropriate lyrics to use, rather like Bee. XD