Inner Demon

Long Version of Summary:

Obsidian survived her death and was reborn like a Phoenix emerging from the flame. Now having back part of her memories she must deal with the demon inside her, Unicron. He is the one that gave Obsidian her life back and in turn Obsidian is his new body. Now Obsidian must deal with her inner demon, with or without help.

It has been about four years since the destruction of the labs and the Decepticon base. I have been watching Slash ever since, I can't leave her till she is able to defend herself from the Decepticons. Back at the labs I left myself be killed by that sword, I had to wake up. Unicron was clouding my vision thus I thrust myself upon that sword which hushed him.

The formula Starscream injected me with was the cause of Unicron taking control. It broke the bind and forced him to take command. But I am he as he is I, and I took it upon myself to hush him, for I was already dead anyway.

Obsidian holds out her right hand, a red spark appears.

Though the body of Starscream was dead, his spark wasn't. I had to know where reinforcements will come to land. When I was with them, we never needed reinforcements from Cybertron and since they no longer have many troops or a base, they will need help.

Megatron and the other Decepticons have been wandering around for a long time trying to call for reinforcements and find a base. For four years and six months they've been wandering. They occasionally fight the Autobots and I watch. Sometimes Slash helps out and in turn I save her skin sometimes. She never notices though, they all think I'm dead.

I am dead, I am nothing more than a ghost from the past. Thus I have given up my name, Obsidian died four years ago. I am Phoenix, born from the flames of Obsidian's and Unicron's hatred. For hatred is my master.

Phoenix closes her hand and the Starscream's spark returns to her body. She's been living in a cave above the Autobot base. She has made tunnel connections everywhere but then again she doesn't need them since her power returned.

She looks down at the Autobot base and looks inside. Frenzy was enjoying himself as always. But he was given a new look, he is part Dinobot now. A Compsognathus, that same little dinosaur from the Jurassic Park films. Cute and cuddly when in fact it is very deadly. Just right for Frenzy since he's crazy.

Over the years Phoenix is able to change her forms. Anything she pleases to be, but her favorites are the Spinosaurus, the Dromaeosaurus, the Utahraptor, the phoenix, and the grey wolf. But at times she will stay human but rarely she changes into a doppelgänger of Starscream or even Unicron, mini version of him. She can even look like Slash and any of the other Transformers. She can transform now into a Transformer bot mode, whatever look she pleases.

Frenzy and Slash are training inside the Autobot base, Slash is a teenager now, fourteen years. Phoenix sighs, she misses them. She misses Frenzy's crazy antics and personality, she misses Slash's way of waking her brothers and her sweet little face.

"How much longer must I hide from the world?"

"Till Megatron shows himself to us."

"Yes, but the question is when. After all, we have to have our tear filled reunion. Ha ha ha!"

Phoenix sits down and lets the warm wind blow at her, her hair grew back only a little but she now keeps it short. As the sun slowly sets for the day Phoenix watched as the stars come out to play with your mind.

"Out there is where you are."

"I know, I can see us from where I am. I'm in two places after all."

"Here and there. So what? Just as long as you're still in half you can't wake up and destroy more planets."

"My dear, that's my purpose. I am a world eater after all."

"Since when do I care?"

That hushed him up, Phoenix yawns and lays back basking in the coming darkness. The moon was half full tonight, wolves howled in the distance, Phoenix soon fell asleep enjoying the mysterious and melodious songs of the wolf. This was her new life, her life with Unicron.

Short I know, but all a good plot. Please review! This is a sequel to 'Is This Really Home?' by me and 'Wish' by blood shifter. Thanks for reading.