Inner Demon

The other half of Unicron's spark, untainted by Phoenix's being, still stirred with evil desire unlike his other half, he woke and took hold of Megatron's wondering spark, drifting in the great cosmos.


Megatron drifted closer and closer, Unicron speaks to him.

"Welcome, Megatron."

The blast of his voice caused Megatron to fly back a little but he soon regained his posture.

"What do you want Unicron?"

"I have summoned you here for a purpose."

Megatron's rage burns deep inside him.

"No one summons Megatron!"

Unicron chuckles a little.

"Then it pleases me to be the first." Unicron said calmly.

Megatron grew ever more angry but he could do nothing since he had no body.

"State your business."

"I have a proposition for you. One that you either accept or face total annihilation."

"What is it?"

Megatron's spark swayed gently back and forth in Unicron's head. Shifting and turn, Unicron's head goes around Cybertron.

"This is my command: I want you to destroy Phoenix and my other half along with all the Autobot's on Earth. All you have to do is lure them to a place I will tell you in time, there they, the Dinobots and Phoenix, will be at my will! They'll never see it coming."

"Why should I? What's in it for me?"

"Your bargaining position is out of the question, so I will give you a new body, new troops to command."


"And nothing! You belong to me now."

"I belong to nobody!"

"Perhaps I misjudged you." Unicron uses his power to inflict pain and the feeling of Oblivion upon Megatron. "Then proceed on your way to oblivion."

"No! I will serve! I will serve!"

Unicron stops it and chuckles as he took hold of Megatron.


Unicron uses his power and changes Megatron into a new Transformer and gave him new troops as well. He was no longer grey or silver, but dark blue and purlpe. A massive hand cannon can be seen on his right arm.

"Behold, Galvatron!" Unicron said in a commanding voice.

Galvatron checks his new body he smiles and begins to laugh as Unicron begins to make Galvatron's troops.

"And these will be your minions. Scourge the tracker, and his hunch men the Sweeps. Cyclonus the warrior and his armada."

Unicron uses his power to create a giant space ship, Galvatron looks at it as does his hunch men.

"And this will be your ship, now go. Destroy the Autobots."

Galvatron smiles.

"I will rip open the Autobot's till they tell me where Phoenix is! I will enjoy the screams of my dear old friend Phoenix as I cut her open and rip out her heart!"

Galvatron uses his arm cannon and flies over to the ship.

"To Earth!" He shouted, his troops follow as well. The ship blasts off heading to Earth, light years away.

"Kill them all... Kill them all and their sparklings, their children." Unicron said as his voice faded away.

Galvatron begins to wonder, what if he retrieves the other half of Unicron and implants his into his spark?

Ultimate power!

So Galvatron plots and plans, he will do something to get them, something to get what he desired the most now.


But for Galvatron, he will let Unicron suffer for a while longer, for Galvatron decides not to reach Earth till a year and a half has past.

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