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Justice of Hogwarts

Chapter One: Justice Appears

Don't Panic. Masako Kaida knew this was the first rule of being a kunoichi and had taken it as her nindo, her ninja way. She had trained for this moment ever since she had heard of its possibility from the forbidden scroll. It was not enough. Every fiber of her existance screamed out against the force of the jutsu. Her mind shouted that it was unnatural, her body that it was unwelcome. Then in one sudden torrent of thought and wind, one feeling of Déjà vu and regrets, one emotional flood, it was over. She was there. Where there was, she had no idea. All she knew was that this was the place she needed most to be that needed her to.


"Were you really a ninja once, Momma?" A five year old Kaida asked, her violet hair bouncing.

"Yes..." She answered wistfully. "I was a medic nin in Konoha, but that was before... nevermind that... I was known as the 5th Hokage's greatest apprentice, but that is over now. Now, I have you." She said with a sad smile on her face.

"Momma, do you hate me?"

"I could never hate you. Even if I'm no longer a ninja, you are all I have left of him."

"What if I was a ninja? Would that make you happy Momma?"

Her mother laughed causing her light pink hair to cascade down her back in light trembles. "That would make me happy Little Dragon, but I would have to train you here, so I don't know how much you would learn."

"Can we go back to Konoha then Momma? Wasn't the 6th your friend? Wouldn't he want us back?" Kaida almost begged, her dark forest green eyes meeting the emerald of her mother's.

She had her sad smile on her face as she said "He was my friend, he even loved me once. But we've both moved on and I don't think he'll ever forgive me for choosing your father over him back then. He was his rival you know. Like a brother to him."

"Will I ever meet father, Momma? I promise I'd be good."

"Should we live so long... Kaida, his blood runs thick in you as you will find later. But you will not have the revenge in your heart as he did. It might be best for now if you don't meet him."

Kaida hung her head and said "Yes Momma" like an obediant child while thinking about everything. Then she spoke up "Thats not fair Momma. I want to meet these people too."

Her mother smiled again, thinking of irony. "Kaida, many things are unfair. That is why you are my Masako, my justice. If you live your life without losing what I have lost, then that is all te justice in the world that I need. Be free Masako Kaida."

End Flashback

Kaida opened her eyes and counted slowly to herslef. At ten she stood, ignoring the wave of nausea and reclaiming her legs. She looked around over her thin oval glasses and tried desperately to regain control over her breathing. She was on the edge of some forest, and what stood in front of her was a castle, larger and more spectacular then anything she'd ever seen. Don't Panic. Don't be Caught by Suprise. Don't show Fear. Know before you Act. Improvise. Anything is Possible. Accept and Move on. Act on Necessity. Be patient. Be justice. She recited this over and over until she took a deep breath and steeled herself. Kaida picked up her bad and started to her castle, making a mental note of the ground's layout as she crept closer to what appeared to be the entrance.

'This has to be it' she thought nearing the gate. 'if the spell went wrong I'd be dead not stranded. This has to be the place.' She made a handsign out of habit, then let it go, instead checking that her weapons were hidden but nearby in her messenger bag. She knew what power felt like and this caste reeked of it. She closed her eyes a moment and knocked on the door, causing a resonating sound to fill the air until it was opened by an old man.

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