if you can't stand the heat

Ace could get metaphysical about it and say something about how fire loves steel, but frankly it's no more than that the swordsman's hot and he himself is horny. The cook's watching, and that's even more of a turn on. He likes the risk. He likes the danger. He likes his tongue in the swordsman's mouth and the feeling of the swordsman's buttocks under his fingers, tight and muscled, and the swordsman trying to not act like he's being turned on, trying to stay all cold and impassive, and totally failing.

Ace thinks it's cute. He knows the score, the swordsman knows the score, and that's just the way he likes it. He's never had a thing for innocents: he'd rather be gallant in their general direction. But someone like this, trying to hide the fire and totally failing, is perfect. It's idle, it's frivolous, it's a good way to work off tension, and hopefully he won't fall asleep in the middle of it all.

Well, he only did that once. And it was being kind of boring. And he really didn't see why the other guy got so offended.

The cook's sitting at the end of the bar and biting on his cigarette. Ace gets the feeling that he's horning in (ha ha) on some private territory here, and he would apologise if not for (a) that the swordsman hadn't said anything about his ass being private territory, (b) his tongue being in the swordsman's mouth right at this precise moment and kind of occupied after that moment too.

Besides, the cook had made the cocktails. If a man makes cocktails, he's got to accept people having sex in front of him. Ace thinks this rule is very important and ought to be put up in every bar in the world. It'd make his life a lot easier.

The swordsman's melting like hot wax now and has got his arms fastened tightly round Ace and it's a good thing that Ace is a strong man, because he likes his vertebrae where they are.

Well, he's supposed to be bunking down in the galley anyhow, since the ship's a small ship, and the cook isn't going anywhere. He's just standing there and very obviously not watching in a way that means he is watching. Perhaps he's hoping that Ace'll get nervous and have performance anxiety.

Pity for him that Ace has absolutely no problem with an audience.

The swordsman's past caring.

Later, Ace'll blame the wine for not being able to fuck the cook as well, and he'll apologise for it.

"Think nothing of it," the cook says, and hammers several knives into the quivering joint in front of him in a very pointed way.

"Gnngh," the swordsman says, and starts snoring.