To the tune of "Carol of the Bells" and expresses the events of the beginning of Stargate SG-1's ninth season. it is. The last Stargate Christmas song parody I have on hand. Thanks to everyone who has read and stuck with this collection. Your readership is incredibly important to me. Thanks for all of the feedback I have received for these. I hope this ends on a good note.

Carol of the Gate

Jack O'Neill's gone, the base carries on.

Mitchell is here, new enemies to fear.

Daniel has to stay, Teal'c's got more to say.

Carter returned, Vala got burned.

Landry's in charge, Chevron Man's a Sarge.

Ori are bad, making them sad.

Priors are dumb, they shouldn't come.

Baal has some clones, Atlantis comes home.

There's a new team, everything's extreme,

Getting our fill with such a thrill.

Prometheus and Daedalus

Fly through the skies, open your eyes.

That's the start of Stargate's season nine.

That's the start of Stargate's season nine.

On with the show, on, on it goes

Everywhere it's shown in ev'ry home.


We love Stargate!