shades of grey
by: ohwhatsherface

1. McKnitting

for anne because i fail as a writing partner
(and hey, you just may be the only person to get the title)

Naruto looked at Sakura from the corner of his eye with a confused look on his face.

She sat between he and Sasuke at Ichiraku, but while they were eating their ramen, Sakura was…


Sasuke merely shook his head at the oddness of it.

"Sakura-chan, why are you knitting?"

Sakura looked up from her hard work and smiled brightly at Naruto.

"What's wrong with knitting?" she asked, immediately looking back down to do some more. "I'm just knitting. There's nothing wrong with knitting. Knitting is great. It gets your mind off of everything. It brightens up your day. It's entertaining. It's great. Great, great, great—"

"We get the point."

Sakura's fake smile dropped for a second at Sasuke's voice.

She made a face and began knitting faster.

"Well um, what are you making?" Naruto asked awkwardly, watching Sakura continue with her…


"A sweater," she replied tersely. "I am knitting a sweater."

"But, Sakura-chan, why?!"

With her posture straight and her lips in a tight line, Sakura slammed the rectangular scrap of what she had knitted onto the counter, slapping it in the process.


"Because it is fulfilling, Naruto," Sakura hissed, pointing one of her needles at him threatening. "My sweater, yeah, it is filling that void. It takes the stress away. Any issues? Yeah, all I have to do is knit them the hell away. And it's freaking comforting. Feel how soft it is Naruto. Feel. It's like a freaking baby's bottom. My sweater, yeah, it's something to cuddle up to considering how I don't have anything else to do that with."

Sasuke frowned at her.


She was on a roll.

Sakura picked her partly knit sweater back up and began to working on it again at a furious pace.

"It—It gives me something to wake up to every morning because god only knows how I'm alone all the time! It makes up for what I'm missing. You know why? Because it… it…"

She stopped talking at the feel of a small weight over her shoulders.

Sakura stared at the warm, dark blue sweater with a fan on the back, that she was suddenly donning.

She turned to Sasuke, a questioning look on her face.

He merely shrugged.

"So you don't need to knit anymore."

Sakura slipped her arms into the sleeves and put her yarn and needles away.