Hey Guys, this is the first of three Cory in the house stories that I will be writing. They all started from the same idea but I had too many ideas to make one or two good fanfics, so hopefully you think these are great and if this document is able to be read by you than consider yourself lucky. ( stupid Parental control thing blocks everything!)


Practice. It was the time that Meena loved and hated. She loved singing, being free, being a part of the music and express herself with the lyrics. But that's all it was express herself with singing. He didn't get it. He never will. He was a guy, one of her best guy friends. Guys don't tend to pick things up quickly.

So Meena Paroom was stuck crushing on her friend. She didn't know if they'd stay that way, move on or never have it happen. This was all so overwhelming. Oh great, now she felt sick.

"Meena are you okay?" he asked.

"Ya, I'm fine." Meena replied. He was so sweet to care.

"Are you sure?"

"Ya I think I'm just gonna go home and sleep." She muttered.

Curse these stupid hormones.

Sorry it's short. I just started this cta. So ya. Anyway, if you don't know the pairing yet, you will


p.s. I own no Disney shows, just a whole lotta plot.