Embers of the Past: Redux

Summary: Redone version of the episode: "Embers of the Past", since I felt that, that episode was sustained by too much null-matter and not enough matter.

A/N: Tis my first SR fic. And I'm completely aware of the message that the creators was trying to convey with that episode… So, I'm not here to dishonour that theme, but just to change up the plot a bit…And this may be wishful thinking, but who cares: I plan on reviving the dead planet that is Planet: SR-FF-Archive.

Pairings: Zerus/Pyra and JadeHeart

RatingsT & Drama, Adventure and Romance


"There was and always will be a clear difference between the consciousness and the unconsciousness…"

No matter what they did, how they did it and why they did it…It was all thanks to the threat that was and still is… the Beast Planet…

For, it acted as something, which would fan the flames of survival…deep within the confines of their hearts…

With the Beast behind and the nebula ahead of them, the Alliance wasn't just wandering aimlessly in space for a purpose anymore…Such that, they knew exactly what they were supposed to do: to enter the nebula…

Within the confines of each airship, the seven chief-members of the Alliance awaited patiently and carefully.

Inside the Aurora, Gaveheart and Cryos stood, with Pyrus sitting on the bridge between them, with his legs, dangling over the heads of the warriors of Planet Ice.

"Are we all ready?" Graveheart asked to reassure himself and anyone else, if they were all set to go…

"On course for the nebula." Cryos stated, ordered and responded to Graveheart's question, such that he was also reassuring their intention.

"Well..." Pyrus sighed, "Nothing to do now, but wait…" he spoke, as if taking out what was on everybody's minds, which was the wait for safety.

A sound interrupted them... though only alarming, to the extent of familiarity, which had given attention to their Communicator-screen. Appearing before them was the visage of Tekla and Voxx, "All planets at full power and ready to proceed." Tekla announced, ending her transmission.

And this only meant more reassurance, which only reinforced what they already knew and wanted.

"Then let's get-"and before Graveheart could finish and the crew could continue with their things, another sound had interrupted their focus...

Though this time, it was alarming to the extent of urgency, which, at that instant, Jade's voice spoke, giving attention to her. "We've got incoming:" she examined the computer screen in front of her, "one object."

"Put it on screen," Cryos requested ardently.

And again, appearing before them was the image of what at first seemed like empty Space. But of course, that couldn't have been possible, so upon close inspection...

"It appears..."Cryos speculated, "to be a planet…"

"The Beast Planet?" Graveheart questioned, even though he saw the image, and had a slight inkling that this was possibly redundant and stupid. For, he wanted to make sure that they weren't just getting wound up over nothing.

Without the need to say, 'my sentiments exactly', for Cryos had already begun to study the planet with Jade's computer, "No," he said calmly, staring at the screen, "its movements are too, erratic…" he revealed the behaviour of the planet, in which its axis were tilted, yet moving in a direction it wasn't supposed to, "Whatever is propelling that world is not functioning very well."

While the others were staring at the computer screen, Pyrus was aloof doing the same, but at the Communicator-screen.

"It can't be…" Pyrus exclaimed in a whisper, being completely mesmerized by wonderment, he spaced out.

"Then, what world is it?" Graveheart asked.

"Planet Fire!?" and by pure coincidence, Pyrus's revelation had answer Graveheart's very question, which resulted in a sudden shock to everyone.

"Ëxcellent" far away, a devious smirk ran across Lamprey's flashing skull.

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