Atobe's Kimono

Atobe Keigo knew he was a very sexy handsome man. He also knew how to seduce tempt his lovers. Which is why Keigo was currently wearing short, lavender kimono, which was, of course, silk.

The kimono was designed to flow around Atobe and it did, but not only that, it accentuated all of his best features. Especially his ass, which as we all know is his best feature. Well, other than his gorgeous face. But everything makes his face look pretty, or maybe his face makes everything look pretty? Anyway, this kimono hugged his every curve and muscle and barely covered his very pretty, and according to his lovers, very tight, ass.

Keigo smirked at his reflection, now all he had to do was wait for his lovers to arrive. Then they could a mind-blowing orgy and it would all be thanks to both his impeccable fashion sense and seduction skills.

Keigo heard a car pull into the, admittedly long, drive way. "Show time," he muttered to himself. He quickly walked down the stairs and settles himself on the floor in front of the lit fireplace.

"Monkey King?" Ryoma called out as he slammed the front door shut. "Where are y-"

Ryoma's eyes widened for a second, and then he looked confused. Eventually he settled on a smirk.

"Ne, Monkey King, do I want to know where you got that?" Ryoma asked, putting both his jacket and book bag in the hall closet.

"Hello brat. And no, you probably don't," Keigo matched Ryoma's smirk inch for inch.

"Have the others seen you yet? Do they even know about this?" Ryoma asked curiously.

"No and no. Care to wait around for their reactions?" Atobe's smirk widened.

"Mada Mada Dane," Ryoma muttered.

The next to arrive was Fuji. He came into the mansion quietly and calmly entered the living room that the other two occupied. He surveyed the room through squinted eyes. The only change in his composure that let the other two know that he liked what he saw was the slight sadistic edge to his normally sweet smile.

"Ne, Syuu, doesn't Keigo look pretty?" Ryoma asked.

"Very pretty," Syuusuke answered. Then he pulled the millionaire into an intense kiss, only pulling back to pull Echizen off the couch and in between them.

When Tezuka and Sanada arrived together ten minutes later, the found a half dressed Ryoma with his mouth around a completely naked Syuusuke's cock and a kimono clad Atobe with three fingers in Ryoma's ass.

"Ah, Kunimitsu, Genichirou, you're late," Atobe said, extracting his fingers and standing up. The light purple kimono swayed around his ass teasingly." But you're still in time to join in the fun."

A moan could be heard but no one was sure who it was from.

Later that evening, as all five lovers lay on the living room floor coming down from their post-orgasmic highs, Ryoma turned around in Keigo's arms.

"Keigo, you have a weird sense of fashion," Ryoma was hushed by Tezuka's lips.