Gabriella's mom and Chad's dad both got married when their kids were five years old.

Shows Gabriella and Chad walking down the aisle with Gabriella being the flower girl and Chad being the ring bearer.

The kids got along like a little perfect family.

Gabriella and Chad are playing basketball when there teenagers. Shows Gabriella shooting and making a basket.

"I can't believe I lost against to my lil sis again." Exclaimed a panting Chad.

"Chad, I only won by one point. Don't worry, I promise I won't tell." Gabriella said cheerfully as she wiped the sweat from her forehead.

Gabriella gets to go to England for two years because she won some scholarship.

The whole Danforth family including Gabriella Montez, since she didn't change her last name, is at the air port saying goodbye.

"I'm going to miss yah sweet pea." Eric Danforth said to Gabriella as he gave her a hug with glossy eyes.

"You promise to call everyday?" Anna Danforth asked as she embraced her daughter.

"If I don't, then I'm sure you will." Gabriella rolled her eyes playfully.

Gabriella and Chad looked at each other awkwardly and Gabriella sticks out her hand for Chad to shake, but Chad wraps his arms around his 14 year old sister.

"I'm going to miss you sis. Who else is going to beat me at basketball?" Chad jokes as they pull back, both with glossy eyes.

"You'll find someone." Gabriella said sadly.

"Bye Gabster." Chad said.

"I love you guys." Gabriella said and started walking away when her flight was being called.

A new neighbor moved in next to the Danforth's the summer Gabriella went away.

Chad walks over to Troy's backyard where Troy is shooting hoops.

"So you're a hoops dude?" Chad asked.

"Yeah." Troy turns around and smile. "I'm Troy."


They become best friends, they acted as if they new each other since pre school.

"Dude you suck." Troy said jokingly.

"Just because I have a girlfriend and you don't, doesn't mean I suck." Chad said.

"I don't do girlfriends, I do flings." Troy pointed out.

Chad and Troy pick Gabriella up from the air port where Troy meets Gabriella.

"So what does she look like?" Troy asked in a bored tone.

"Do you have to sound like that? She's my sis and I care about her, so sorry that we're not playing basketball." Chad said in an annoyed tone.

"Sorry. Didn't know you would get all defensive." Troy said putting his hands up as if surrendering. "So what does she look like?" Troy asked again.

"She's…" Chad trails off as he sees someone running towards him. "Her." Chad pointed to the girl that just jumped into his arms. "ELLA!" Chad exclaimed happily as he swings her around.

"Chad!" Gabriella squeals. "I've missed you." Gabriella said as he puts her down.

"I've missed you too. Man you've grown up." Chad said looking at Gabriella with a smile.

"I haven't changed that much." Gabriella said with a smile. "Have you found a replacement for me?" Gabriella asked.

"No one could replace you Ella. But, I did bring my best friend, Troy." Chad motioned to Troy who was sitting.

Gabriella looks at him. "Hey." Troy greets as he stands up.

"Hey yourself." Gabriella says coolly. "Up for a game of basketball big brother?" Gabriella asks with a smile almost ignoring Troy.

Chad puts his arm around Gabriella's shoulder as they start walking. "Of course. You coming Troy?" Chad asks behind his shoulder as Troy can't help but stare at Gabriella.

They all have the same friends who are all going out.

"You really need a boyfriend Gabs." Taylor said.

Gabriella looks down feeling uncomfortable. But before Gabriella could answer, Chad steps in sensing there was something wrong. "No, my sister isn't allowed to date with me around." Chad declared as everyone rolled their eyes playfully as Gabriella smiled.

"You're right, I do flings." Gabriella added with a smile.

"Perfect for me then, isn't it Montez?" Troy asks with a smirk.

Gabriella and Troy get closer

"You want to get better, then listen." Troy instructed.

"Why should I? You don't even like me." Gabriella pointed out.

"I never said that." Troy said stepping closer.

"You sure as hell act like it." Gabriella said stepping closer herself.

"Fine." Troy snapped.

"Fine." Gabriella mocked.

Troy leans in and Gabriella pulls back a little. "What are you doing?" Gabriella whispers in shock.

"Just hold still." Troy said roughly as their lips connected.

Chad disapproves because of Gabriella's past.

"So what's the real reason Gabi doesn't want a boyfriend?" Troy asked as they were shooting hoops.

"Dude, just get the thought of her and you out of your head." Chad said taking a shot.

"I'm just asking." Troy pointed out.

"Listen, it's not for me to tell, just don't mess with her like you do with all the others. Just listen to your best friend for once, please?" Chad asked.

Troy sighed. "Yeah…sure, if that is what you want." Troy said.

Troy and Gabriella don't listen to Chad

Troy is laying on her while she is laying on a bed. Troy is trying to kiss her. "Troy, what are we doing." Gabriella said before their lips connect again.

Troy pulls back. "We're trying to kiss Gabi." Troy says as he kissed her again.

"This…is…wrong." Gabriella said in between kisses.

"Just…relax…" Troy answered.

"No…one…can…find…out." Gabriella said and then pulled back. "Not even Chad, especially him." Gabriella said sternly as Troy looked down at her and then Gabriella shut her eyes and leaned up to connect with Troy again.

Gabriella has a past from England.

"Why can't you tell me?" Troy asked.

"Because if I do, I won't be able to stop." Gabriella said as she shot the basketball.

Taylor catches Gabriella and Troy together.

"Oh my God!" Taylor exclaimed.

Gabriella rolls off of Troy and collects her shirt from the ground. "Taylor, it's not what you think." Gabriella said frantically putting on her shirt as Troy just sat up shirtless.

"SO IT'S NOT TROY AND YOU ALMOST HAVING SEX!?" Taylor exclaims with her hand over her eyes.

"Taylor!" Gabriella tries to reason frantically standing up.

"No, don't come any further, do you know how Chad is going to react Gabs?!" Taylor exclaimed. "He's trying to protect you and keep you safer than what happened in England!" Taylor said.

"Tay, please don't tell him." Gabriella pleaded. "It's not what it looks like, it's not just some fling." Gabriella said. "I know better than to do that again."

Taylor considers this possibility and looks at them. "Chad is going to go fucking ballistic." Taylor informed them.

Then Chad walks into the hidden relationship.

"What are you doing?" Chad yelled.

"We were just…" Troy starts but gets cut off.

"I come up here to comfort Ella, and I find my best friend with her!" Chad shouts. "What the hell is this?!"

"Chad, please don't be mad." Gabriella pleads.

"I'm far past that Gabriella." Chad spits out.

Troy is a player.

Shows Troy with a girl in the locker room.

Gabriella is lost in her own life

Shows Gabriella crying.

Gabriella and Troy have to overcome all the odds.

Shows Troy holding Gabriella in his arms.

"I promise that I'll change."

"I've heard that one before."

Will they make it?

"This can't be happening again!?"

"It's not, let me explain."

"No, I've heard enough, I'm through."

"Just listen for a minute, would you?!"

"I've heard that one before."

"I love you…Have you ever heard that?"

"Don't come near me."

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