Gabriella bit her lip as she sat in a chair in front of a vanity while tapping her newly manicured nails on the wooden table with worry in her eyes. This was supposed to be her best day ever, and it was, that is until she missed her monthly friend two weeks ago and threw up this morning. Gabriella looked up at the clock and she had thirty minutes.

Thirty minutes and her make up was flawless.

Thirty minutes and her hair was perfect.

Thirty minutes and she would walk down the aisle elegantly, either by herself or with something growing inside of her.

Gabriella's head spun to the left as the big wooden door that led into the big room where the women and girls all got ready for the wedding opened. In walked a frantic looking Shar with a plastic bag. Gabriella stood up in her sweats and just looked at Shar, thanking her with her eyes. In next walked Taylor and the three best friends just looked at each other.

They were all 24 years old, all graduated college, and all came back to Albuquerque for this one main event: Troy's and Gabriella's wedding. Gabriella looked at the young accomplished Taylor who had already wrote two best selling novels, and was also engaged to her brother. Taylor stepped forward and gave Gabriella a supporting smile and said, "I'm proud of you Gabs."

They pulled back and now it was Sharpay's turn as she laid down the bag on the messy looking table that contained everyone's make-up, Shar stepped forward and hugged Gabriella. "No matter what it says, Troy will still love you." Shar said as she pulled away Gabriella looked at both of her best friends, and knew that things were just like they were in high school. They would always help her out whenever she needed it.

"Thanks you guys, but did you have to buy so many?" Gabriella asked looking at the full bag of tests and smiling at the author and fashion designer in front of her.

The three girls all sat down and Shar and Tay looked at each other nervously. Each one biting their own lips. "What's wrong?" Gabriella asked panicking as she saw the nervousness shine on her friends faces.

"Well…" Taylor drew out the word and looked at Shar.

"Fine, I'll tell her, but you owe me Tay." Shar said.

"Will someone just tell me what's up?" Gabriella asked getting impatient.

"Well, Troy kind of was outside the door and he saw me and Tay with the tests in it, and well…" Shar trailed off.

"He found out didn't he? He knows, please tell me he doesn't." Gabriella said panicking all over again.

"Well, not exactly." Tay said. "I was the one carrying the bag and he saw what was in there…"

"God, can you believe Tay, how cute would their baby look?" Shar cooed as Tay and her were walking down the stairs to the bottom of the church where the girls dressing rooms were.

"His eyes and her hair and there's no doubt that the kid would be good at basketball." Taylor added as they turned the corner and came face to face with Troy who was just wandering around already dressed. The two girls froze in their spots as Troy spotted them and looked down at the almost see through bag that anyone couldn't mistake as the bag that was carrying pregnancy tests.

Taylor put the bag behind her back as quick as she could, but not quick enough as they both saw Troy's shocked face. "Hey Troy." Shar said looking at Taylor.

"Hey." Troy squeaked out. Troy looked over the nervous girls and cracked a small smile, had he just saw what he thought he just saw?

Taylor nervously nudged Sharpay and passed the bag over to her and motioned with her head a little to go forward and Sharpay nodded.

"So Troy, what are you doing down here?" Taylor asked stepping up and putting her arms around one of Troy's upper arms and started dragging him away from the door that Shar and Tay were headed to before they got caught.

Troy glanced back at Shar's back as she walked into the room that Gabriella was in and then forward again to see that Tay was leading him away from the door and back up the stairs. "I was just--" Troy was cut off.

"Oh well, we'll see you when the music starts, good luck." Taylor called back and ran off to Gabriella and Shar.

"So he might suspect something, or maybe he won't." Taylor said and Gabriella looked down at the tests with wide eyes and freight taking over. Was she ready for a child?

"Everything's going to be okay." Shar said as both Tay and Shar took one of Gabriella's hands in theirs.

"Dude, you look like you've just seen a ghost." Chad said clapping Troy on the back as they were in their own room where the guys got ready.

Troy looked at Chad who still had the same afro hair, same personality, and the same everything, just with an older feel to it.

"I wish." Troy mumbled as the idea struck him of Gabriella pregnant. Sure they were 24, but were they ready? She had just gotten a job at a high school in California while he had been playing on the Lakers for a year and a half now, while Chad and Zeke both went their separate ways. Zeke went out to New York and opened his own restaurant and lives with Sharpay, while Chad went to U of A for college with Taylor and now played on the Lakers with Troy after getting traded.

Zeke walked into the room and sat down in one of the chairs as Chad and Troy continued their discussion. "What's up?" Chad asked.

Troy just stared down at the ground. He wasn't mad, and he wasn't sad, he was just shocked. They had plenty of money, he knew that they were well off with that. They could support a child, he knew he wanted one, but was now a good time? But then again, he wasn't getting younger and Eric Danforth taught them all that.

Troy remembered the last time the gang was all together and it wasn't on a good note. It was four years ago, everyone's second year of college when Chad and Gabriella both got a call from their mom that she was coming home from England because their father had died and the funeral was being held in Albuquerque. Chad and Gabriella both had a hard time and left it to Taylor and Troy to call Sharpay and Zeke, and the gang all flew back home to pay their respects to Eric Danforth.

Maybe having a baby wasn't a bad thing, but…what was he gonna do about his hand. He would need a hand guard or something because Gabriella had a lot more strength than V did, and Troy absentmindedly flexed his hand.

"Troy, what's up?" Zeke asked now pulling Troy out of his thoughts.

"Oh just…"

"You're not getting cold feet are you?" Chad asked. "Because I'd have to kill you for hurting my sister, she's been through too much." Chad said.

"No, I wouldn't do that to Gabi, I love her." Troy said and that's when he realized, it didn't matter if they weren't ready for a baby because Troy would always love her, and Troy cracked a smile.

Chad didn't know how to respond to that and Troy knew that whenever he said that Chad would just drop whatever subject they were talking about and change it. "So um, Zeke? How's the restaurant?" Chad asked and Troy smiled more.

"Oh, Shar and I are thinking about moving back here again. You know, to a smaller town where we both grew up." Zeke said and Troy just smiled as he listened to his two best friends talk about their lives, even though he knew all about Chad's and Taylor's because they lived next door to them in L.A.

"Gabs, just pick left or right." Shar commanded as Gabriella stood before her and Shar held two different types of pregnancy tests behind her back.


"Guys, this is taking too long. Here." Tay said shoving this in Gabriella's hands. "Just pee on the stick, wait three minutes and it will either give you a smiley face or a frown. Now which one are you wanting?" Tay asked as Gabriella looked at the box.

"Um…I honestly don't know." Gabriella said.

"Well, you said that you're what? Two weeks late?" Shar asked. Gabriella nodded. "Has that happened before?"

"Um…not often, but yeah." Gabriella said.

"But you threw up this morning?" Tay asked.

"But that could be from nerves." Gabriella retorted.

"Do you want a baby?" Shar asked.


"Gabs, just go take the test, we only have…twenty minutes and you still have to get in your dress." Taylor said.

"Where's V?" Shar asked.

"Um, I think she's with Brie helping seat guests with Anna." Taylor said. Gabriella just stood there looking at the box that would possible affect her future. "Gabs, go pee." Taylor said knowing they were just gonna make it in time to start the wedding on time.

"But…I don't have to pee." Gabriella whined.

"I have wine…right here." Shar said pulling a bottle out of her bag that she brought with her. Taylor and Gabriella both gave her a look saying that if Gabriella was pregnant, she couldn't drink that alcohol. Shar's face dropped once she got over her blonde moment and said, "Oops, don't drink that. Sorry." Shar said meekly as she put the bottle down.

Taylor looked around, "You know, you would think that there would be like a water fountain around her somewhere. Isn't it like against the law to not have water?" Taylor asked heading to the door.

Shar chuckled at how all of a sudden Taylor's mood could go to all comforting and then all of a sudden her second person would kick in and the perfectionist side comes out and now everything has to go as planned as before the whole baby thing came up.

"Wh-where are you going?" Gabriella asked as a thought of Taylor leaving her flashed through her mind.

"I'm going to go see if the guys have anything to drink." Taylor said and then rushed out.

Taylor barged into the guys room with only 18 minutes left. "Hey!" Taylor's stern voice echoed through the room making Chad, Zeke, and Troy jump from their spots.

"Whoa, chick in the house." Chad said and Taylor smacked his chest.

"We don't have time for that." Taylor said as the three guys looked at her confused. "Do you guys have anything to drink?" Taylor asked.

"Um…" Troy looked around.

"We have Miller, Bud, Jack Daniels--" Zeke was cut off.

"We're in a church for God Sakes, is that all you have?!" Taylor exclaimed.

"Um…we have…" Zeke trailed off looking around trying to frantically find something knowing that Taylor was obviously upset over something.

"We have…red wine…wine coolers…" Chad continued.

"What the hell!?" Taylor quickly calmed down. "Heck. What the heck." Taylor corrected. "Why haven't you said anything Troy? Are you drunk, you needed to be drunk to marry Gabs?" Taylor asked.

"What?" Troy asked surprised because he hadn't touched one drop of alcohol. "No, Tay, I would never do that." Troy said.

"Good." Taylor snapped and then took a deep breath as Chad put his hands on the back of Taylor's shoulders. "Because if you blow this then Gabriella would be devastated and I'd have to kill you." Taylor threatened and then took another deep breath as Chad rubbed her shoulders and she did the sign of the cross. "Sorry." Taylor mumbled and the three guys knew that she wasn't apologizing to them, but to God himself.

"So, you need something to drink?" Troy asked. "I think we might have a bottle of water or something." Troy said as him and Zeke sifted through things thrown throughout the room.

"Yeah please." Taylor said looking at the clock and seeing that they only had 15 minutes, and Gabriella still had to get into her dress, so more like 10 minutes.

"What's all this about?" Chad asked.

"Um…it's just…thirsty." Taylor said lamely.

"And you girls didn't bring anything to drink?" Zeke asked as he looked through a duffle bag.

"Well we did, we just need something…non-alcoholic." Taylor said quietly.

"Oh?" Troy said suspiciously eyeing Taylor up remembering what was in the bag she was carrying before.

"Yeah, actually not Gabs, it's Shar and me." Taylor covered.

"No one said anything about Ella. But now that you have, it's Ella that needs something to drink?" Chad asked looking strangely at Taylor from behind as his hands still caressed her shoulders, collar bone, and upper arms.

"Well…yeah." Taylor said quietly. Taylor looked at the clock, 14 minutes til the wedding started, which left them 9 minutes for them to pour liquid down Gabriella's throat and make her pee on a stick. "Can we hurry this up, Gabriella has to still get in her dress and,--" Taylor stopped once Troy jerked his head up from looking under a chair.

"What, she's not ready?" Troy asked. "Is everything okay?" Troy asked.

Taylor nodded quickly. "Oh yeah, nothing to worry about…yet." Taylor mumbled the last part.

"What did you say?" Chad asked.

"Nothing, but…do guys have water or not?" Taylor asked. "Or anything else like soda, milk, juice? Anything?" Taylor asked.

"Here!" Zeke exclaimed finding a water bottle underneath a chair and tossing it to Taylor who caught it shakily. Taylor mumbled a 'thanks' and bolted for the door, 8 minutes before they had to get Gabriella into her dress.

"Wait, is everything okay? Why did you guys need this?" Troy asked.

"Listen…" Taylor said looking back at Troy trying to understand how confused he must feel. "You'll see her in…13 minutes walking down the aisle. I promise you and if not 13 then sometime tonight." Taylor said quickly bolting for the door again.

"Tay!" Chad called out and Taylor placed her hand on the doorknob, but froze in her spot with her back turned towards them. "What's wrong?"

"Um…" Taylor sighed. "Thanks for the water and, Troy…" Taylor turned around. "She loves you, and if something unexpected came up, then I swear to God that I'll kill you if you hurt her." Taylor warned in a deathly voice and once again bolted out the door.

"What the hell--heck was that?" Zeke asked as he chuckled along with Chad.

"She's pregnant." Troy breathed out quietly as the thought of Gabriella being pregnant came into his mind and he looked at the clock; 12 minutes until show time.

"What?!" Zeke and Chad exclaimed as that was the last thing Taylor heard before she ran back to Gabriella.

"Here." Taylor said tossing the water bottle over to Gabriella. Gabriella caught it with ease and started chugging the water down.

"You know, with my luck, I'm not gonna be able to pee right now, and then have to go during the ceremony." Gabriella said halfway done with the bottle and there was a knock on the door.

"Who's there?!" Shar called out.

"Gabs, there is something I have to tell you." Taylor said.

"Who?!" Shar called through the door again, pressing her ear up to it.

"What is it Tay?" Gabriella asked slamming the bottle down on the table, leaving it empty.

"Just a minute!" Shar called as she turned her head curiously as to what Tay was saying to Gabriella.

"Well, I think Troy knows that you might be pregnant." Taylor said and Gabriella's face dropped and she didn't know what to say. "Now I said think. I think he knows." Tay said as Lucille Bolton walked into the room after being put on hold by Sharpay.

She was about to scold the girls for being cooped up here when they only had ten minutes before the wedding started, but stopped as she saw Taylor's nervous face, Shar's shocked face, and Gabriella's scared looking face that was starting to pale.

"Girls, it's almost time. Gabs, why aren't you ready?" Lucille asked and walked up to Gabriella and put one of her loose curls behind her ear and smiled at her daughter-in-law. Over the years Gabriella and Lucille Bolton had really gotten along and at sometimes, she was just how she used to be before Troy got emancipated and brought it to her attention just how bad of a mother she was being by never being around, so she changed and Gabriella grew to treat her just like she treated her own mother.

"I-I…oh God." Gabriella said sitting down again. Would Troy still want to marry her? She might want a kid right now, but does Troy?

"Alright girls, here's what we have to do." Lucille said switching over into her Coach Bolton side. "You two need to go out there and help V look for the flower basket Brie misplaced and then get into position, just like we practiced last night, got it?" Coach Bolton asked.

Shar and Tay looked back at Gabriella and Gabriella nodded. "Got it." They both said and walked out.

Coach Bolton turned around and looked at Gabriella. "You're gonna have to take the test." Coach Bolton said and Gabriella looked at her curiously and Coach Bolton laughed a little. "Sweetie, before you asked me how, your friends are not that good at not drawing attention to themselves. I saw Taylor carrying the bag into the church, but don't worry, it was just me as your mother was busy, and then Taylor was rushing around upstairs looking for something non-alcoholic to drink." Coach Bolton said as she gave Gabriella her hand to help her up.

"How's mom?" Gabriella asked as she didn't really speak to her mom as much as she did before her dad past away as it hit her mom pretty hard.

"She was actually talking to your dad's parents and side of the family. I think she's getting better." Lucille said as Gabriella smiled.

"Thank you." Gabriella said and Lucille nodded as she knew that Gabriella was talking about taking care of her mom since Lucille and Anna lived together since Lucille got a divorce from Jack Bolton a couple of years ago too, and they had actually become really close now.

"Now, go take the test seeing we only have seven minutes before you have to actually walk down the aisle." Lucille said giving Gabriella a little nudge to the bathroom and throwing her one of tests.

Gabriella stood with her one arm linked with Chad's and smile plastered on their faces. All the worries Gabriella went through that day, was all wiped away once music started to play and little six year old Brie started walking down the aisle throwing flowers to the ground and then Shar and Tay started walking, which just left Gabriella and Chad to enter. Gabriella let out a breath she didn't know she was holding and Chad nudged her.

"Nervous?" Chad asked.

"Nah." Gabriella answered.

"You know, I think weddings do things to people. Taylor was acting so weird today." Chad said as they heard the wedding song start to play and Gabriella's smile grew.

"They certainly do." Gabriella mumbled to Chad as they started to walk and everyone was already standing as Gabriella made her appearance with Chad tagging along. Gabriella caught eyes with Tay, Shar, her mom, V, Lucille and Gabriella wanted to give off a signal of what the test said, but she didn't. She sent Lucille out of the room after she started asking questions and Gabriella just merely told her 'she wanted to tell Troy first.'

Gabriella locked eyes with Troy now and smiled even brighter as he stood proudly up at the alter with Zeke by his side, that is until Chad came and took his spot as best man. Troy came down a couple of steps as Chad and him did a man hug and Chad gave her away to him. The moment Troy took her hand in his, everything that went on that day flew out of Gabriella's head and the went by in a blur.

"You may now kiss the bride." The priest announced and everyone clapped as Troy took Gabriella and crashed his lips down onto hers as they shared a soft and gentle kiss, and then unexpectedly Troy dipped Gabriella down and even more applause could be heard and when Troy brought her back up they pulled apart and smiled at each other.

They walked down the aisle together as Mr. and Mrs. Alex and Gabriella Bolton. When they reached the lobby where everyone was gathering to greet them and see them off in the limo outside with the press roped off and police officers so that they could try to contain the paparazzi Gabriella and Troy stopped at the same time.

"I have something to tell you." They both said at the same time.

"You first." Troy said waiting to hear the news that Gabriella was pregnant with his kid.

"No, you first." Gabriella said wanting to know what Troy had to tell her right after they had gotten married. They were both silent waiting for the other one to start talking and then heard the people exiting the church, coming nearer and nearer.

They both panicked as they wanted to have this conversation now, but in private also. "I know you're pregnant." "I'm not pregnant." They both blurted out at the same time again.

"That's grea--..wait, what?" Troy asked confused as to why Taylor and Sharpay were acting weird all day.

"Wait, you thought I was pregnant?" Gabriella asked realizing Taylor was right. "I'm not." Gabriella said softly.

"But what about Tay, and then the water, and the bags?" Troy said thinking out loud with a confused face on.

Gabriella bit her lip. "I took a test though because well…I just had to take a test and I'm not." Gabriella said as people started filling the room and Troy and Gabriella both shared a look telling the other one that they would talk about it later.

"So, how is it being married?" Chad asked draping an arm around the married couple at the wedding reception. It was pretty late into the night as they already started serving cake and most of the people were either tipsy, getting over a slight hang over, or were drunk and making fools of themselves all captured on a video camera.

Gabriella looked at her brother and was surprised to see that he wasn't drunk or anything of that matter. "Good considering we've only been married for seven hours." Gabriella said taking a sip of wine in front of her and Chad shot Troy a look as Troy had his arm around Gabriella and was rubbing his thumb up against her upper arm.

"Shouldn't you be drinking something…other than that?" Chad asked still thinking Gabriella was pregnant.

"What? Why?" Gabriella asked putting the glass down.

"Well, the baby." Chad whispered into her ear and Gabriella gasped.

Gabriella turned to look at Troy who scratched the back of his neck. "Did I mention you looked beautiful tonight?" Troy asked trying to get out of being scolded by Gabriella that he told Chad that she was pregnant before actually knowing for real.

"Yes you did." Gabriella said turning back to the confused Chad. "Chad, I'm not pregnant." Gabriella said.

Chad sighed. "Oh, wow, well…okay, awkward so I'm gonna go dance with Tay, and you two…I'm really glad you're with each other." Chad said.

Gabriella and Troy nodded at him as Gabriella turned to look at Troy again. "Okay, so before you get mad, I just…I was shocked and then Taylor, and--" Troy was cut off by Gabriella pressing her lips to his.

"I'm not mad." Gabriella said.

"Are you disappointed?" Troy asked as he turned to look at Gabriella and even though they were in a big banquet hall filled with over 200 people, they felt like they were the only ones there.

"…a little." Gabriella said looking up at Troy. "What about you?"

"A little." Troy admitted.

"So…" Gabriella trailed off as she brushed one of Troy's bangs out of his face.

"So maybe a little Bolton will be running around here in nine months at Chad's and Taylor's wedding?" Troy asked with a smirk on his face.

Gabriella pretended to think about it. "I think that could be arranged." Troy and Gabriella connected their lips again and Troy's tongue brushed against Gabriella's bottom lip, asking for entrance.

"I'm a little tired, aren't you Mrs. Bolton?" Troy asked standing up and taking Gabriella's hands in his and leading her to the exit of the five star hotel they were at and led her over to the exit.

Their lips met again and Gabriella mumbled, "Very, very tired."

"I think we should…head up?" Troy said against Gabriella's neck. Gabriella nodded as they made their way up to their honeymoon suit in the hotel and then the next day they had a plane to catch as they were going to Hawaii for two weeks.

"So where's Gabs or Troy?" Shar asked Tay as they sat at the table and Chad and Zeke came over.

"You ladies care to dance?" Chad asked.

Tay stood up and placed her hands on Chad's waist. "Hey baby, do you guys know where Gabs and Troy are?"

"Yeah, they're…" Chad trailed off as he turned his head to where he just came from. "They were there a couple of minutes ago."

"There they are." Shar pointed out and then made a disgusting face as they saw Troy attacking Gabriella's neck with kisses.

"Even as a married couple they still need to learn to get a room." Zeke said as Shar stood up and he wrapped his arms around her.

"I think they are." Taylor said as they saw their two friends leave while giggling and laughing.

"Did they just leave their own party?" Chad asked.

"What do we do now?" Tay asked.

"I'm betting we won't see them until they get back from their honeymoon." Zeke said.

"No way, they'll be back down in like…thirty minutes." Chad said.

"You guys are both wrong, we're gonna see them before they leave." Tay said.

"No way, we'll probably get a phone call from them when they're on the plane." Shar added.

"Deal." The four friends said as they looked over at their two friends in the elevator with the doors closing on them.

"Troy, someone is gonna see us." Gabriella giggled as Troy nipped at the base of her neck.

"So? That's never stopped us before." Troy said against her neck, making his way up to her ear lobe and whispered in his husky voice. "Have I told you today just how much I love you?" Troy asked.

Gabriella rolled her eyes, "Troy we just got married. But for the record, I could never get bored hearing you say that." Gabriella said and then kissed Troy as he smiled against her lips.

"And how beautiful you are?" Troy asked.

"I believe that this was your twentieth time telling me tonight." Gabriella giggled against Troy's lips.

"And how nice this dress looks on you, but it's just gonna have to come off." Troy said.

"Same old Alex Bolton." Gabriella mocked as the elevator came to a stop at the top floor.

Troy picked Gabriella up bridal style and kissed her again as he took her to their room. Troy was about to open the door as he looked down at Gabriella Bolton, his wife. The one that he was willing to spend the rest of his life with. The one who he trusted the most. The one who he will always love.

"You ready Mrs. Bolton?" Troy asked with a grin as he saw the 'T' necklace around her neck, sparkling in the hotel lights above them.

Gabriella nodded. "Always." Gabriella whispered as Troy and Gabriella both made their ways into the room, showing just how much they love each other, and that night created a new bond between husband and wife as Troy and Gabriella celebrated their hectic, joyous, and blissful day together with the people the love most in the lobby below them celebrating their accomplishment.

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