Volturi Daughters

Chapter 1: Growing up in Volterra

My sisters and I were born in the Volturi Castle to the Three Brothers; Aro, Marcus, and Caius. They thought it was impossible for a female vampire to get pregnant since they were considered dead, anyway their mates; our mothers, died giving birth to us. Let me explain why they died, giving birth is very painful and when your a vampire your senses heighten and that includes pain, our mothers died due to too much pain. Our fathers were sad and blamed themselves for their death, but they had to put it aside to raise us. Now since they do not know how to raise children, that and the fact that they were men, had every female vampire in the castle helping them. Raising three baby girl vampires in the castle was very hard, we were breaking things and throwing fits. Occasionally our father will tell us what our mothers what were like, that was the only thing that would calm us down.Our mothers were the complete opposites of our fathers. My mother Marie was kind and she loved to go to the gardens and grow plants of all kind, she was also energetic and couldn't stay in one room to long or she would get bored, my father Marcus was layed back and calm and loved to read books, I however was a mix of them; I love the gardens, it has something to do with my powers, and I love to read books, I was also calm and sometimes energetic and I looked like my mother; heart shaped face and long chocolate brown hair.

Alice's mother Selena was calm and collected, Alice's father Aro was enthusiastic and happy about everything; it was not easy to make him sad or angry, Alice was just like her father, personality wise, she had her mothers looks; short black hair and pixie like looks.

Rosalie's mother Tatiana was very beautiful and shy, her father Caius was bold and always had to have his opinion heard, Rosalie had her mothers looks; she was tall and she had blonde hair, but she had her father's personality.

The things we had in common was that we looked like our mothers and we didn't have to drink blood. We are fully fledged vampires, but we don't need blood. Because of that we have different eye colors. My eyes were brown with flecks of gold in them, Rosalie's were blue, and Alice's were green. It's odd that we end up with our mothers eyes from before they were changed.

Years later when we were ten, our fathers thought we should have some education so they home schooled us. We learned everything that you could possibly imagine. We even took fields trips all over the world. We completed our schooling at the age of fifteen.

When we were 16 we had a coronation for us to officially become the princesses of Volterra. We got crowns and capes to let people know who we are. Our fathers invited one of their closest friends named Carlisle Cullen. Because he was new to the castle we followed him everywhere. He told us of his wife Esme and where he has traveled. He was so interesting. Soon he had to leave and so he left with a promise to come and see us in the near future, which could mean years to vampires. We were all very sad to see him leave.

On our seventeenth birthday we discovered our powers, I could grow and control plants, Rosalie can lure any man she wants any where she wants, and Alice can see the future. When we use our powers our eyes kind of glow, well the gold flecks in my eyes glow, in Rosalie and Alice's eyes the entire color in their eyes glow. It's very cool when we use our powers at night.

A couple of months after our birthday we noticed that we stopped aging, so we were forever stuck at the age of seventeen. Our fathers were of course ecstatic because I quote ' Forever their little girls' touching huh? Oh! I think I hear Heidi calling...

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