Volturi Daughters

Chapter 9: Remembering The Past


Oh my god, oh my god, Dad's going to kill me! He going to MURDER me! He's going to throw me into the dungeon, lock me up and many years later he's going to let me out only to rip me up into pieces and let me slowly and painfully put myself together, then he's going to rip me up again and this time he's going to light me on fire! Okay maybe I'm over exaggerating on things a bit, but still! He probably found out about the other stunts we did! Okay time to think about all the things I did and how I'm going to beg for forgiveness. Let's see there was this time when we put black dye in the water system, the time were we made this one old man think he was crazy, I cheated in last year's grow-a-thon, played so many pranks that it's probably not funny anymore, almost exposed our race to many time to count and got away with it, there is probably not a werewolf out there that we haven't ticked off, starting the rumor that Jane is dating her brother and cheating on him with Felix, there was also the time that we made several tunnels collapse on certain members of the guard that flirted with us, put glue on the thrones so when they sit on them their pants stick, oh and when I switched every one of Uncle Aro's Cd's with disco music and rap, the time when-

" Isabella?" I was so caught up in speaking with myself I failed to notice my father had came in so I jumped three feet into the air and screamed.

" I take it that you didn't hear me knock am I right?" He asked. I nodded.

" Well do you understand what you did today could get you into serious trouble and you need to understand that sometimes I can't always be there to bail you out. But I was also informed that you and your cousins Alice and Rosalie have been scaring mortals, harassing werewolves, and almost exposed our kind to the world on numerous accounts. And now I don't know what to do with you anymore. We have grounded, punished, and threatened you three to behave but you still don't listen. What can we do to make you understand that this is the last straw. Apparently we are failures as fathers." In the beginning of his speech his voice was strong and now it was pleading. Oh no, now I feel guilty. I ran over to him and gave him a hug and he put his arms around me.

" What can I do to make you understand, to listen that you guys are in serious trouble. Sometimes you're a little to much like your mother." He sighed.

" Can you tell me about her?" I asked him. I know how he loves to talk about her. He looked as if he was thinking about it and he sat on one of the chairs facing the fireplace. He motioned for me to join him.

" Well what do you want to know?" He asked.

" Everything." I replied. He smiled.

" You want it from beginning to end?" He asked.

" Yes, from when you met and so on." I answered.

" You sure?" He said. By now I knew he was playing with me.

" Dad please!" I whined.

" Alright alright." He chuckled.

" I first met you mother in 1123 in Barcelona and mind you she was still very human. I was in Spain on business and I was taking a stroll in the middle of the night. After an hour or two I decided to head back to the hotel I was staying at when I heard a scream and smelled fresh blood. I followed the smell till I found young woman being yelled at by a huge man. It seemed that she was a slave and the man was her master. Anyway he was yelling at her because she spilled something and he hit her splitting her lip hence where the fresh blood came in. I wasn't thinking and I lunged at him snapping his neck. I grabbed her and ran back to the hotel. Not once did she scream when I put her down, she just stared at me and I stared back. She had chocolate brown hair and eyes, a heart shaped face, and she was tall enough to reach right under my chin. She asked who I was and I answered ' Marcus Volturi at your service.' She told me her name was Marie Dahlia Delavega and she was pleased to meet me. We talked a bit and after a while she asked the question that probably would have made my heart stop; what am I. I was afraid that if I told her that she would run away screaming and never wanting to see me ever again. I was even afraid of what she was going to think about if I told her what a I was because truth is that I had fallen in love with her. So I went up to her and whispered into her ear ' Just a dream.' and made her faint. I took her back to the house that she worked at. Day after day I watched her in the shadows while she continued her life. Until one day she was fetching water when a man came up to her and stabbed her, panicking I once again gathered her up and took her somewhere safe. I took her to a doctor and he said that she would die because she had internal bleeding. ' How can an angel die? I would not let her die.' I said to myself and I picked her up, bit her, and ran all the way back to Volterra." He paused and looked at me.

" You know, you look just like your mother almost a spitting image of her. You act like her too." He laughed.

" She could never stay in one room very long without either making a commotion or doing something to make everyone smile. She used to go to the gardens everyday and sometimes she would lose herself in them and I would have to go in there to find her, sometimes she did it on purpose just to see how long it would take me to get to her. She grew all kinds of plants from daisies to the most rarest like the White Lapagerias' that grow on the north side of the castle, she was very proud of those. She taught everyone in the whole castle, even the guards, the names of each and every plant that grew here. Everyone loved her, but I loved her more. When she died everyone was devastated." He paused again with a sad face. He turned to me and smiled.

" But she left something more precious than all the diamonds in the world, she left me a beautiful baby girl named Isabella Marie and there isn't a day that goes by when I don't thank what ever god is up there for giving me you because without you I wouldn't have anything to live for. Even if your mother is not with us at least I have you." He was sobbing now and I went over to him and and wrapped my arms around him sobbing to.

" I love you Daddy." I said.

" I love you to my Isabella Marie."

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