AN: Based on Nineteen Years Later. Albus Severus/Scorpius one-shot. Though actually I adore the title "What Our Parents Don't Know", so I'd love to make it more than just a one-shot. Maybe a collection of one-shots or, better yet, a story with an actual plot. But I don't see that happening. First slash fic in a while - I forgot how much I like to make boys like boys. ;)


What Our Parents Don't Know

"My father's going to kill me!" Scorpius Malfoy groaned as he was pulled down the crowded sidewalk by a boy with unruly black hair.

"Relax," Albus Potter said, dragging the blond across the street with little regard to the traffic. "It's just London. Not like I took you off to Azkaban or anything."

"Muggle London," Scorpius emphasized, "My father would probably prefer I was at Azkaban."

"I thought your father had given up his Death Eater ways?" Albus asked, squinting down the street as if unsure he was going the right way.

"Of course he has," Scorpius said sharply, "That doesn't mean he likes Muggles, though. And if he knew I was out here running around with them, he'd...he'd...well, I don't know what he'd do, but it wouldn't be anything good!"

"You're not running around with Muggles, you're running around with me," Albus said.

"Oh, running around with a Potter, that's so much better," Scorpius sneered.

Albus ignored his sarcasm, his eye having caught a glimpse of something down the street. "Aha! There it is!" He grabbed Scorpius's hand again and made his way down the street, shoving his way through the crowd.

"Where are we going again?" Scorpius said, panting for breath and struggling to keep up. He was of a smaller build than the other boy and not accustomed to exercise unless it was upon his broomstick.

"It's this restaurant," Albus explained, for the umpteenth time. "Lovely little Muggle place - they can't get enough of it, apparently. There's on one practically every street corner."

"It's not that Starbucks place you took me to last month, is it?" Scorpius said, wearily. "I told you, my family is accustomed to high-class tea imported straight from China, not that nasty brewed Muggle coffee stuff."

"No, it's not that again, though as I recall, you did particularly enjoy the frozen lattes." Albus glanced back at Scorpius and raised an eyebrow.

"Well," Scorpius said, blushing, "It was only because of the whipped cream---well, never you mind! Where are we going?"

"I told you, just a nice little Muggle eatery. They've got the...aha! Here!"

He stopped abruptly in front of a building and, looking up, Scorpius could discern large letters printed underneath a pair of golden arches.

"McDonalds?" He read, suspiciously. "What is it, like, the farm from the Muggle nursery song?"

"No, no, it's called 'fast food' and -- wait, you know Muggle nursery songs?" Albus questioned.

"Well, Muggle Studies IS mandatory now. You may be able to sleep through the class, but some of us actually have to pay attention."

"Anyway," continued Albus, shaking his head, "It's delicious. Hamburgers,'ll love it."

"Sounds disgusting to me," Scorpius said, as Albus opened the door and pulled him inside.

"Go find a seat," Albus said, ignoring Scorpius's pessimism, "I'll order for you."

Scorpius shrugged and made his way to a booth in the darkest corner of the room. If, by any chance - though Scorpius honestly could see no reason why it should happen, unless his father had put a tracking spell on him, which wouldn't be that surprising - his father came here, Scorpius felt he had a better chance avoiding him hidden in the corner.

Albus returned shortly with a tray full of food.

"That was speedy," Scorpius said, grabbing a burger from the tray despite his previous misgivings towards the food.

"It's called 'fast food' for a reason," Albus replied, setting the tray on the table and taking a seat across from Scorpius.

Scorpius took a bite from the burger, and moaned, "My father's going to to kill me."

"Seems like your father would kill you for a lot of things," Albus said, thoughtfully.

Scorpius nodded. "If he knew where I was, what I was doing and with whom I was doing it, I'd be dead."

Albus snorted. "What, it's not like we're in his own personal study kissin--"

"I told you not to mention that in public!" Scorpius hissed, spewing some of his burger from his mouth. "If my father knew..."

"If your father knew this, if your father knew that - what makes you so sure your father would hate knowing that we were..." He paused here for a moment before continuing, "Friends."

"You know bloody well why! You're a Potter!"

"My family has no issues with you being a Malfoy! They send your family a Christmas card every year!" Albus said, indignantly.

"Your family sends every bloody wizarding family in the country a Christmas card every year! Daddy's got to keep up appearances, hasn't he?" Scorpius sneered.

"Well, maybe if your family wasn't reeking of dark magic, my family would be a bit more receptive towards them!" Albus said, raising his voice and leaning threateningly across the table.

Scorpius met his challenge, standing up and placing his hands firmly on the table, towering over the other boy. "You know my family's stopped those sort of practices - we've been clean ever since You-Know-Who fell! Before he fell, even, your father even agrees with that!"

"Exactly - your father would be in prison if it weren't for my father!" Albus shouted, standing up and shoving his face towards his rival's.

For a second, they were both silent, anger emanating from the both of them, faces contorted in fury. Then suddenly they were kissing, passionately, roughly. French fries fell the floor, sodas spilled.

Then, just as suddenly, they stopped. Faces smeared with ketchup, they glanced around at the Muggles surrounding them, who were staring at them in a mixture of shock, confusion, and disgust.

"I can see we're not welcome here." Scorpius said, roughly.

Albus smirked. "Your father's study or mine?"

Scorpius started piling the food wrappers onto the tray, groaning. "My father's going to kill me..."

Albus shrugged. "What our parents don't know won't hurt them."