AN: Laden with sexual innuendos and sleazy pick up lines. IT IS BAD.

Take A Ride With Me

"Oh, is it true what they say, Scorpius? Can it really fly you to the moon?"

"I'd like to fly you to the moon, baby."

Giggles all around, before Scorpius silenced them with his signature smirk.

"Well, 'course you'll need a Bubble Head Charm when you get up there, but yeah."

"And does it REALLY go faster than the speed of light?"

"Don't be stupid. Nothing's faster than the speed of light; that's just basic physics. But the speed of sound, definitely."

Albus Potter rolled his eyes at the group of girls surrounding Scorpius Malfoy and his disgusting, shiny, stupid, perfect-condition, brand-new Firebolt Omega. It wasn't even a month ago they were all surrounding him and his Firebolt Psi, but the Psi had crashed shortly after its first takeoff – without Albus on it – and was now out of service. As it was, the Psi hadn't been properly tested and was promptly pulled from the market, now replaced by a the new and improved, and supposedly safer, Firebolt Omega. Albus's mother was furious that he had destroyed the Psi the day he got it and had refused to buy him a new broomstick until his next birthday, if that, but the Malfoy family had no problem purchasing a shiny new Omega for their son.

"Can it really take you forward in time, Scorpius? Can't you take me to the future, please?"

"Well, no, it can't do that, but I can tell your future for you! Don't you know I'm the star pupil in Divination?"

"Oh? What do you see in my future, then?"


Albus had to admit he was jealous.

Of the broomstick, of course.

He sat under an old willow on the shores of the lake, scowling over his school books, trying desperately to drown out the flirtatious giggles of Scorpius's fan club with his Ancient Runes homework, but failing miserable.

"Can you take me on a ride, Scorpius? Oh, please! Oh, pretty please!" A girl whined, jumping up and down while pulling on Scorpius's arm.

"Oh, I can take you all for a ride, if you'd like," Scorpius said, winking.

Albus could feel the girls' hearts fluttering...or was that his own? Oh, nonsense, he was just going to focus on this runes translation and forget all about Scorpius Malfoy and his magnificent new broomstick.

Though he probably wouldn't mind going for a ride on Scorpius's broomstick, come to think of it...

"Whatcha doin', Potter?"

Albus jumped, slamming his textbook shut. Looking up, he found Scorpius Malfoy leaning against the tree, grinning down at him.

"Nothing! Runes! Homework...why?" Albus stuttered, trying to seem nonchalant and failing miserably.

"Did you, ah, see my new broomstick?" Scorpius said, casually, examining his fingernails. Albus noted the broom slung over Scorpius's shoulder, a new leather strap holding it to his back.

"Oh, yeah...the new Omega. That's nice," Albus said, eying it enviously. He pried his eyes away for it for split second to note that the gaggle of girls had disappeared. "Where'd your fan club go? Thought you were going to take them for...a ride...."

"Eh, maybe, later," Scorpius said, tossing his long blond hair. "Haven't gotten a chance to try it out myself. I'm not just gonna let some girl think she's all lucky and special and get to share the first ride with me."

"Oh?" Albus said, trying to hide his interest, and again, failing miserably. He was glad the girls were gone – maybe now he could get back to his studying. Though the broom was looking pretty good, he must admit. His genetic inclination towards flying twitched within him....

"You wanna take a ride with me?"

His eyes jumped from the broomstick to Scorpius's face. "S—sorry?"

"I said," Scorpius said, repeating his words more slowly, a grin on his face, "Do you wanna take a ride with me?"

Inadvertently Albus's eyes found their way to Scorpius's crotch, then quickly darted back up to his face. "The...the Omega?"

Scorpius smirked. "Of course." He leaned in closer to Albus, his breath on his forehead, "What else?"

Albus held his breath.

Scorpius pulled away, slinging the broom off his back, and swiftly mounting it. He glanced over his shoulder at Albus. "Well?"

Uncertainly, Albus stood up, inching his way towards the broom, before throwing his leg over. The broom dipped a little, and Albus naturally slid his arms around Scorpius to keep him from falling.

"Now, don't go thinking you're all lucky and special," Scorpius warned.

Albus did.