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Hyuuga Hinata had been a Konoha citizen since always. She was happy with her family yet her father thought of her as weak the first day he began to train Hinata's sister, Hanabi. Hinata was left aside and she only had her mom left. He mom loved her but she died when Hinata was six so Hinata became a miserable girl, with a not-loving father and a girl that didn't consider her as a sister, don't get her wrong, she also didn't consider Hanabi her sister.

Even her class mates thought of her as weak and pathetic. She stood all of that for two years and when she was about to become eight she was fed up. She was one day crying in a corner. She saw a young man coming towards her and she looked up. He looked at her and softly said

"Why are you crying Ms. Hyuuga?" The man had long hair down to his hips in a low pony-tail. He had black-onyx eyes and black hair also two scars on each side of his face. She lowered her gaze and looked up again. She wiped her tears and softly said

"N-nothing…" The young man softened even more and said "I really doubt you are crying over nothing… Maybe I could help" Hinata began to tell him her story. In a few minutes Hinata felt a connection to that man, bigger than the connection she ever had with her father, when she finished she was giggling. Then she saw the smaller village's heartthrob, Uchiha Sasuke come closer.

"Itachi! Lets go, damn it!!" he said in a bratty style showing disgust towards the young Hyuuga.

"Well then Ms. Hyuuga, I shall leave but first tell me, what is your name?" he smiled broadly to the small girl in front of him and she shyly replied

"H-Hinata, H-Hyuuga Hinata" she shyly answered.

"Well then Hinata-chan, I got to go, take care" he said kissing her forehead lightly before turning around to leave.

"W-wait!!! What is your name?" she blushed at her rising voice.

"Uchiha Itachi, Then I guess I'll see you tomorrow… Hina-chan" he smirked and turned around, leaving with the bratty kid that called him. That could be described as Hinata's brightest day, that day hope appeared in her life.

But ohhhh days passed after that incident and the day that everyone knew as the Uchiha massacre took place. The night was lovely, there was a full moon and you could see happy families walking around Konoha. Hinata was in her room, reading silently a scroll given to her by Itachi but she suddenly stopped. She felt his warm gaze and she rose her own to the window where she saw him.

There he was. Her role model, the man of her dreams… Uchiha Itachi. She stood up and opened the window letting him enter her room. He entered and walked up to her.

"Hina-chan? Are you still fed up of Konoha, its citizens…and your family?" He asked softly looking at the girl's eyes, she nodded hastily. "Hina-chan…I'm leaving Konoha permanently-" he was cut off

"Don't leave… you're the only one I have left…" she softly said. He smiled at her and was going to continue. Her eyes welled up in tears but he still did.

"Hinata I need to leave" He lent a hand to the small girl who took it and stood up but quickly she crouched and lied on the floor, she crawled under the bed and picked up her bag. She then stood up again, dusting herself up and ran to the closet where she had her clothes, she grabbed various comfy clothes, her ninja set and her books and scrolls on the Byakugan. The last thing she grabbed was her mother's photograph and she grabbed a piece of paper and wrote something that said:


I left… Don't look for me.


She took a step sideways so she was looking at Itachi who stared at her.

"Hinata-chan what are you doing?" She grinned "I am leaving with you" she said gently. He shook his head and cocked an eyebrow.

"No… You can get hurt" concern was present in his eyes but she still replied.

"Please… take me with you! If you love me then do it, show me that you do love me!" she said as a stray tear ran her pale cheek.

"I have enough charges and they won't be able to catch me and do something to me but they can find you and make you a missing-nin" he smiled and ruffled her hair. "Believe in me Hina-chan" she shook her head. Itachi leaned over to the eight year old girl and brushed his lips lightly against the smaller girl. "You will always be referred to as my Hime" he spoke in a kidding tone and she frowned.

"Take me with you" she demanded as he softened his gaze at her.

"Promise you will do what I tell you" he said as she nodded.

"I promise… Itachi-ouji" he stared at her to see if it was sincere. He nodded and smiled.

He reached for the bag Hinata had just packed and threw it over his shoulders then he picked up the smaller girl in a protective manner and jumped out the window. He ran quickly towards Konoha's main gates and when they got through he placed the small girl down. He placed her against a tree and spoke lightly on her ear.

"I'll be back in a little while, stay here and hide" she nodded and sat there waiting. He came back an hour later all covered in blood with his bloodied katana. He found the little princess sleeping soundly and tightly against the tree where he left her. He smirked and picked her up, gently, trying not to wake her up. He took a tight hold of her and the bag and jumped on a tree. In an incredible speed he took off. The girl woke up and looked at him and smelled his clothes.

"Itachi what did you do?" she said sounding completely asleep. She had realized all the blood present on Itachi's clothes and the extremely evil smirk on his face. He looked at the girl and showed her a genuine smile and gently said

"I'll tell you later… go back to sleep, everything's fine" Hinata did as she was told and she drifted back to sleep, not hesitating one bit. Before completely sleeping she muttered a phrase "Bye Bye Ko.no...ha" she fell asleep.

In Konoha there were alarms setting off and shinobis running around along with a small onyx-eyed kid crying his heart out and a really pissed off Hyuuga.

"Hinata, Hinata, take care of Hanabi, be useful for once, I'm leaving to see Hokage-sama" Hiashi said across the door but he heard no answer. He opened the room and saw no life form present. Maybe that was the reason why he couldn't feel any chakra presence. He searched all over the room to be sure his daughter wasn't there and there he found it. It was a letter and it read:


I, Uchiha Itachi, had found a use for your so-called

Useless daughter… She is not in Konoha, I took her

with me. You know… you really are blind. She isn't useless as you said

she is really strong and I'll prove it to you.

Uchiha Itachi

The letter was written in blood and had spots of the same ruby red liquid dripping on the carpet. Hiashi ran out the girl's room and down the stairs, running to go tell Hokage-sama his new discovery. Of course… changing slightly the facts considering it isn't exactly good reputation if your heiress runs away with a missing nin and a murdered. He clenched his teeth and frowned.

Seven years later

"Damnit Itachi! We need to run, to get away!" A tall blue man shouted as he say his partner trying to open a damned door.

"Shut up Kisame, we are already hurrying enough!" a guy with his jet black hair in a low pony-tail said.

"We have to help her!" A blue-eyed blond yelled.

"I'm fucking trying Deidara!" Itachi said trying to open a door surrounded by flames.

"Damnit Itachi, let her be, she's strong enough, and she'll be able to find us!" A shark-skinned man said.

"…I can't do that to her, I had always promised to protect her…" Itachi said as his chest tightened.

"Deidara, Tobi, Kisame, Itachi, everyone is already in the other base, what the fuck is wrong with you?!" Pein exclaimed. He couldn't believe that such high ranked shinobi would be so slow in an escape.

"Sorry Leader-sama… but she is in there" Itachi looked at the floor then behind him to see if he could see her.

"Let her, the ones that set up the fire here were Konoha shinobi. They can find her and take her home; this never was a fucking kinder garden" the "leader" said.

"Leader-sama, she's one of the best members!" Deidara argued.

"Still, when she's older she can come with us… meanwhile let them take her, the anger will fuel up in her. It's all for the best, now run or you'll fucking die!" the guy with the face full of piercing yelled.

'Sorry… Hime' and with that they ran, leaving everything behind.


eleven months later…

"She hasn't awakened yet?" a feminine voice asked.

"No madam. She's still breathing thanks to the machines and no sign of conscience is present" a nurse said.

"Well thanks Hitomi… I'll try to see if I can do something else" a pretty woman said.

"Sure madam" the woman said as she bowed and walked away still holding onto the records of the smaller girl.

"Hi Hinata… it's been eleven months you know? In two days it will be Christmas… hah, I bet I sound crazy, talking to you like this as if I knew you since always. Well… eleven months of knowing you is enough to get to love you as a daughter" she said as she chuckled lowly, as her smile wavered and she settled in an uneasy and sad smile.

"You are too young to be in this state you know? It's a miracle that you weren't burnt in that fire… Your father comes to visit you every day… he always brings flowers… curiously they are never fully bloomed and just when he brings them in an hour they are fully bloomed. You have a special power you know dear. Pity such a beautiful girl is in this state. Konoha has changed since you left… your dad and little sister have changed… ever since you came here…" the large busted woman said as a small tear ran her cheek, falling in her opened hand.

The beeping of the pulse machine was still present, making the silence break. Tsunade tried to smile and brushed her forehead from the stray strands of indigo hair. She turned around and began walking when she heard skiing. She opened the door and revealed a flushed and panting Sakura.

"Sakura, good morning. What brings you here?" she asked sweetly to her student.

"Tsunade-sama, good morning. I… came to check on Hinata-san" the younger girl said as she smiled.

"She's fine… she still hasn't woken up" the taller woman said as she closed the door and looked at her through the window.

"She's been in coma for quite a long time right?" the girl asked.

"yes… she has. Hah, funny… even though I never really met her I feel a great connection to her…" the Hokage laughed nervously.

"I think mostly everyone here does. She does emanate a kind of aura… that sooths you. I brought one of the kids with cancer and after two sessions of being with Hinata-san the cancer began to vanish. It's as if she had this miraculous healing power… She's truly amazing" the smaller girl said as she looked back at the sleeping girl.

"How can someone so pure stand to be within the Akatsuki members? They are cold blooded assassins; they don't care about anyone…" The busty woman thought out loud.

"She seemed nice when I was listening to her interrogatory" the smaller girl replied as she smiled.

"I bet she is the sweetest girl. I still don't get it… she wasn't physically hurt yet still she went into coma after we told her the Akatsuki deserted the hideout" Tsunade asked herself.

"Maybe… they were important to her" Sakura replied as she turned again to look at the girl.

"I still don't get it" the woman replied as she stepped away. Sakura smiled again and opened the door, entering.

"Hi Hinata-sama" she said as she sat beside her smiling. "Why are you so out of it? Did they mean that much to you? You're a mystery you know? The first time I saw you, you were being lead by an ANBU, as you were handcuffed. Haha, everyone seemed to fear you as your face held the slightest traces of tears…but you weren't showing any emotion… I saw you in the distance… and I also got mad, you know? Maybe because you were helping Itachi, Sasuke's brother. Sasuke got mad… he almost went berserk when he saw you. He instantly tried to reach you and kill you. Then you were interrogated. You didn't say a word as you kept looking at the door, as if waiting for them to come for you, then you reacted when they told you no Akatsuki member was found beside you. You turned to look at Kakashi-sensei and Ibiki-san and you seemed shocked. Your eyes welled with tears and you got up, slamming the chair against the opposite wall, Kakashi-sensei barely dodged it and then Ibiki-san came in. He knocked you out… but we never thought it would make you go into coma you know" she said as she brushed her hands through her hair and looked at the unconscious girl. She sighed.

"You are getting all your family worried and… Neji wants you here" she said as she turned to look at the window. She sighed again. "Why am I even telling you this! I bet you don't even care, and I bet you aren't even listening to me, you are in a freaking coma for goodness sake! Yet… I still think you are listening… maybe your subconscious is keeping track of everything I said… or maybe I'm just wrong and you won't even wake up. For some reason this makes me sad you know, seeing you like this and thinking about you not waking up makes me even sadder. I'm nuts right?" she said as she chuckled and sat beside her.

"I don't get your way of thinking you know? As far as we know you were kidnapped by Uchiha Itachi and yet you get so riled up once you know they left you there. I really don't get you…It is sunny outside… the birds are singing and everyone in Konoha is happy. Today is a lovely day… it'd be really nice if you woke up you know… I want to get to know you. But I will wait, please try to wake up, I know you're listening! Please try to…" she said as she wiped a stray tear on her cheek and got up. She bowed and moved the chair to its original position. She opened the door soundlessly as if Hinata would wake up, and got out.


"…wrong and you won't even wake up. For some reason this makes me sad you know, seeing you like this and thinking about you not waking up makes me even sadder. I'm nuts right? I don't get your way of thinking you know? As far as we know you were kidnapped by Uchiha Itachi and yet you get so riled up once you know they left you there. I really don't get you…It is sunny outside… the birds are singing and everyone in Konoha is happy. Today is a lovely day… it'd be really nice if you woke up you know… I want to get to know you. But I will wait, please try to wake up, I know you're listening! Please try to…" a voice echoed.

"Who is there?" Hinata asked as she looked around. She only saw black, pitch black.

"She's one of your friends…" a new figure said. Hinata had never seen it or him or her…

"Friends? I don't have any. I don't remember of having any…" she replied as she tried to get close to the figure that simply backed away a little.

"What do you remember?" the figure asked taking her off guard.

"…" she kept quiet and lowered her head.

"Who are you?" the silhouette asked her.

"I… I am… I… I don't know" Hinata said as she looked around, taking in the dark abyss that surrounded her. She could only see herself and a silhouette thanks to a very faint light that barely illuminated her. She hugged herself in an attempt to calm the cold she felt.

"Where are you?" the silhouette asked.

"I don't know" she replied as she got mad at the person or thing asking her this. She knew he knew she didn't know. (A/N-did this sentence make sense?)

"Do you know who I am?" the silhouette asked, not moving.

"No" she plainly answer. Why would she lie?!

"I'm your subconscious" the person answered, making her look bewildered.

"S-subconcious?" she asked.

"Yes, subconscious… I am you" the person explained.

"But who am I?" she asked as she looked down.

"You need to figure that out yourself"

"how long have I been locked up in this dark place?" she said as she finally looked up.

"…" no answer…

"HOW LONG?!" she yelled frustrated.

"eleven minutes…" he/she answered.

"e-eleven… minutes??" she repeated in a questioning tone.

"Yes… eleven minutes… you know…everyone is waiting for you, everyone wants you over there" the person pointed but thanks to the darkness she couldn't see. .

"Over where?" she asked.

"The light" the person answered plainly.

"What light?"

"walk through the darkness… you will find it… somewhwere" the person said.

"If you are me, then why don't you help me, you are me after all" she replied in her confusion.

"I only know what you know. If you don't know then I won't know, if you know then I will know" the silhouette said as it disappeared leaving a confused her behind.

"… What's the big deal… it's been eleven minutes… twelve probably" she said as she walked up straight but fell. She felt as if she was drowning. She began to gape and choke and she began to struggle…


"Sakura-sama! Tsunade-sama! She's struggling and her pulse is rising rapidly!" a nurse ran towards a busty blond and a pink-haired girl handing them the chart.

"Tachycardia!" Another nurse yelled as many people entered the room and began to try to help.

"Hinata hold on, we're getting you out of this! You got to hold on!" Tsunade said loudly as she got in the gown and the gloves. She began to apply charka and along with Tsunade the increased pulse began to steady. Tsunade and Sakura sighed loudly as they fell each on a chair, tired from the amount of charka and energy used.

"She almost died…" Sakura said breathlessly. Tsunade nodded.

"But she is okay now… it's been a month since the day you collapsed Sakura" Tsunade said as she recalled the day she talked to Hinata and Sakura came just after her. Since Hinata came it had been twelve months… she should remember everything once she woke up and she would probably be placed in prison or be watched 24/7 in her house.

"… I was just affected, it's nothing…" Sakura replied as she stared at the girl.

Tsunade sighed and wiped her forehead clean from sweat drops.

"You know, I have been getting reports. It is not healthy for you to come every night to check on Hinata"

"I… I… was worried every night so I came to check on her considering on nights there are mainly nurses and I thought something could happen to her…" she finished as she sighed.

"You have really gotten attached to her, right?" Tsunade said as she stared at her student.

"yes… I don't really know why though" she said as she got up. Sakura began to walk towards the door and made a quick bow as she began to take her leave. Tsunade began to do the same as she heard some groans and she turned to the bed. 'She's reacting to the medicine…' she thought as she kept walking.

The door closed with a slight –thump- and the room was filled by darkness again. A slight breeze came from the window beside the bed. The -beep- from the machine that read Hinata's pulse was still the only kind of sound in the whole room.


"Tsume-chan, you are supposed to patrol around the Hyuuga's room"

"Hai Narumi-senpai" a girl with short violet hair with an ANBU mask of a tiger said as she got close to the room, opening the door. She entered the room and closed the door. The light from the moon filtered in the room and she stared at the bulge beneath the bed sheets. She sighed and was about to open the door and get out but she was caught from behind. She turned around and stared at the taller girl in a white hospital gown. She had a tight hold onto Tsume who was having a panic attack. The girl was staring coldly into the other girl's eyes and scoffed. She held tightly to her neck, about to break it. Tsume was beginning to pant and ask for air. Hinata smirked and just kept the same strength until…

"Tsume-san I need you to get out so I can give the patient the examina-"the chart fell, making a loud sound. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" she yelled and backed up towards the wall holding tightly onto herself. Before her was the former in comatose-state girl about to kill one of the strongest ANBU members. Quickly all the hospital members were there, and soon ANBU. Hinata looked around at the new threats. She tried to do an experiment and moved just one hand, soon all ANBUs had their weapons out and about to jump on Hinata.

"O-onegai… let me go"

"Who are you people?!" Hinata said loudly directed towards everyone in the room.


"Tsunade-sama emergency!" Shizune entered her master's office without knocking, waking Tsunade up.

"What is it now Shizune?" Tsunade groggily asked. She wasn't able to sleep until now and once she's asleep she s woken up… 'Sometimes being Hokage is not that nice…' she thought.

"Hyuuga Hinata, she has woken up!" Shizune said as she stared at the emergency note on her hand.

"WHAT?!" Tsunade was shocked. She didn't think it's be today that she would wake up.

"Tsunade-sama they need you there right now!" Shizune said.

"Call Sakura!" Tsunade yelled as she began running down the Hokage tower towards the hospital.

"Hai" Shizune said as she tried to reach Sakura.

'Please be okay Hinata, please be okay!' she yelled in her mind as she ran as fast as she could.


"Hinata, its okay we are your friends… don't worry" Neji said in his ANBU suit as he stared at his cousin.

"I don't know you… how can you be my friends if I don't freaking know you?!" she yelled as she looked around. 'You are not my friends… I get mad by just seeing you… seeing this village, how can you be my friends?' she thought her anger just fuelling up.

"Hinata… it's okay…"


"Neji, move, Hinata?" Tsunade ordered. Neji moved a little bit to the right, giving more space for her to walk towards the girl.

"Why… why do you keep calling me that?" she said as she finally let go of Tsume who she had been letting go little by little ever since the room was full of ANBUs. Tsume wiped her own tears and hid behind one of her comrades as two of her friends were comforting her. Just as she let go of her many ANBUs threw themselves at Hinata, holding her tight to avoid any escape.

"Let me go"

"Hinata calm down, everything is going to be all right" Tsunade said as she got closer to Hinata, which resulted in her throwing every single ANBU off of her making them crash against the wall.

"Hinata?" a soft voice said. Hinata looked around trying to find the source of that familiar voice. A girl a bit smaller than her walked through the large amount of people standing in the room. She had bright pink hair and emerald eyes. She smiled shyly at Hinata who just stared at her detachedly. She walked closer and stopped just before the girl.

"You… why are you familiar?" Hinata asked not understanding why she remembered her voice but her looks didn't ring a bell. Tsunade whipped her gaze and stared stunned at Hinata just like Sakura. Both of the med-nins knew Hinata had never met Sakura before… then why was she familiar.

"No, I explained myself mistakenly. Your voice is familiar to me" she said as she looked at the girl, her expression not changing. 'She's the girl you heard a little while ago' her sub told her. She sighed.

"All of you can leave" Hinata said as she stared at everyone look shocked. "Leave. I only want to be with the white eyed boy, the blonde woman and the pinkie girl" she ordered. All the ANBU and nurses and other people in the room looked at Tsunade who nodded. They began to leave leaving only Neji, Tsunade and Sakura.

Hinata sighed and went towards the bed, to sit down. She looked at them and they smiled weakly.

"Where am I?"

"You are in the Konoha medical institute" Tsunade replied smiling.

"How long have I been here?"

"An year and two weeks" Tsunade replied again.

"… Why am I here?"

"You were in coma" Neji answered.

"The final question is… who am I?" Hinata said as she looked at the floor, startling all the others in the room…


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