A/N: Slight spoiler for chapters 469+. Ever notice how there's no fanfics about dear Ah-Un?


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For the first time in centuries, Sesshomaru wanted to raise a foot for this ear-scratching predicament. He suppressed it, of course. Yet how confounding! What was Ah-Un's problem? This beast was truly becoming a burden, casting forlorn gazes every which way with both heads, lingering in his direction. Were dragons capable of depression?

Were dog-demons capable of compassion?

Sesshomaru tossed his head at the absurdity of his comparison and strode off.


Ah-Un grumbled. Master was walking away again and he didn't seem to notice anymore. His concerns were the Girl or the Boy, and occasionally the Imp nowadays.

Never having been saved by the Heaven Fang, did that mean Ah-Un was dispensable? Everyone else had been revived by the Heaven Fang, but not Ah-Un.

Another low moan rumbled from both throats. That cliff nearby was suddenly so inviting.

Without a second thought, Ah-Un leapt off. It felt no pain though. Was it already dead?

One eye peeked. Then all four opened to a most disheartening reflex; four miniature clouds, one at every claw, held the great dragon aloft.

This was foolishness. Of course Master still cared; he simply had yet to find a chance to save Ah-Un.

Both heads nodded with resolve, until two pairs of ears pricked at the sound of a young girl's shriek. Quickly it sped off. Come oni or yokai, it would make Master proud.


Scent of bloodshed sent Sesshomaru racing back to where he'd left Rin, Kohaku, and Jaken. When he arrived, there was a motionless ogre and all of his party members were all right – not a scratch on anyone's head. Save Ah-Un, but those weren't scratches. Gaping slashes had severed both necks.

"We're going."

"But Lord Sesshomaru, what about Ah-Un? It protected us!"

"Oh, hush, you sentimental brat!"

"Kohaku! You saw too, right?"


"Hmph, as you see fit, m'lord."

A few moments later, Sesshomaru was rolling his eyes and sheathing Tenseiga. Honestly, some times he didn't understand half the things that happened around here. Like what was so special about a run-of-the-mill beast-of-burden? And why in all the worlds was there a scaled smile plastered across Ah-Un's twin heads?