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A/N: I hear we will not see Chuck for a good couple of weeks since he isn't in epi 10 and X-mas break n no new Gossip Girl epi. Well I for one am MADLY IN LOVE with Chuck Bass n can't take it much longer. Anyway this fic is my coping. This is based after epi 10 and contain a few light spoilers, so um SPOILER WARNING!

Chuck has gone to Monaco and in this fic instead of reverting back to his old days, he is off to see his mother. Nate is supposed to join him. He doesn't in this chapter, but to stay consistent with the show I thought I should bring him for the next chapter or two.

Chuck was announced into a lavish living room, inside of which two women sat who just moments before, had been energetically engaged in a conversation of great importance. In their mind anyway. Upon his arrival they stopped promptly and the younger of the two sprang up. With her arms wide open she very near sprinted to the doorway and invited her handsome son into an embrace. Chuck did not resist and within seconds was being showered by kisses and a great many terms of endearment. It took a full minute or two before the former Mrs. Bass (now once again Amelia Sophia Hesse-Cassel) was satisfied and pulled away to do the unnecessarily introduction between her son and the lady who was known to him as Princess Caroline of Monaco. He greeted her in the gentle manner he had long ago learned, and allowed her to take a moment to gush over how so very handsome and well bred he appeared. She went on to press her thin lips against the sharp edges of his cheeks and ask after his father.

The princess was a woman of elegant features, though those that were sharp and hard. Nevertheless when well acquainted, she proved herself to be as warm and gentle as any woman could possibly be. His mother likewise, was the epitome of feministic affection, all that of it offered in the world was held within the lovely figure of a blond haired vixen, 36 years of age.

The sight of him brought both women much joy, for they had missed him dearly and had a great deal to share with him. As it appeared, the princess was to marry Chuck's mother's great-uncle, the Prince of Hanover. The two women, who had been so intimate of friends all these years, were to become family in a matter of months. Ms. Hess-Cassel was most overjoyed and claimed so very proudly and frequently that it had been she who had made the introduction and pressed both sides as was needed.

Chuck smiled and congratulated the princess as sincerely as he possibly could, but conversation involving the union of happy couples made him feel quite ill at the moment. His discomfort did not escape his mother, who was clearly not yet done with her outpour of affection for her son, and who felt alarmed at his being discontent in the smallest way. She pressed her slim figure against him and played with his hair affectionately, as though trying to repel evil with tender motherly love. Surprising to even Chuck, in spite of the terror that lurked inside of him, he couldn't help but smile. Her adorable ways were exactly what he had come down for; they were exactly what was needed for the present occasion.

"Oh darling you look ghastly. You should have called to tell me you planned to visit; I would have sent an escort. Though, I must admit that I cannot think of a single thing more pleasant than Herald announcing you. Diamond, did you really come alone? I though Nathaniel Archibald was due to accompany you on the next visit, his mother too. Mrs. Archibald has promised me to renew our once intimate friendship you know, I dare say she seeks my company as feverously as I seek hers…"

Chuck allowed his mother to go on this way for some time. He was not particularly paying attention and remained only for her ringing tangy little voice and playful cuddling. No remedy was to him greater than his mother's flustering. It allowed him, if just for a short while, to be a little boy again. As he marveled on this, he had to quickly remove a nasty thought that creeped its way through. It was a reminder of another beautiful female who had adorned him with a great deal of affection…just a few days before. It was a reminder of another's pouty lipped kisses on his cheeks. He did his best to not think such thoughts and to keep his focus on his mother and her own unique embrace. He wanted to stay that way forever and was even for a little while, contemplating staying in Monaco. He would be happy here, he knew he would…well maybe happy wasn't the right word. But he was sure as hell that he wouldn't be in great danger of emotion turmoil here and at the moment that was a sufficient substitute for happiness.

When Ms. Hess-Cassel believed her son sufficiently adorned over she went on to once again pursue the topic of the upcoming wedding. It appeared that for this very night, Ms. Hess-Cassel had planned the Princess an exquisite bridal shower and was expecting the caterers, entertainment and such to be arriving in a couple of hours. Chuck who had been looking forward to a day with his mother could not be any less pleased. He promptly asked to be excused and went off in search of his bedroom.

Once inside with the door shut he collapsed onto his comfortable bed. He lay there completely motionless and eventually drifted off to sleep. Few hours later he was awakened by the stream of light led in through magnificent windows whose curtains someone had opened. Through squinting eyes he saw the shining form of his mother.

"So grumpy when you wake up. You have always been so."

Ms. Hess-Cassel sat herself on the bed next to his irritated figure, reaching out to smooth away a fringe of hair on her son's forehead.

"You should let it grow longer. It suits you better."

"Why are you here mother?"

Ms. Hess-Cassel held Chuck's gaze for a while before answering.

"The house is going to be a circus for the rest of the day; I thought that maybe you and I can go up—"

"I'm fine mother. "

"You left NY without telling anyone, you're skin is grey and sallow, you've been quite and inattentive… Darling If there is anything, absolutely anything—"

"NO MOTHER! There is absolutely nothing you can do. Alright? How about you leave me alone and…"

"And what? Let you wallow?"

Chuck glared at her then buried his face in his pillow again, signifying the end to their conversation. His mother just laughed slapping his back playfully.

"Playing hard to get again? Didn't I tell you it's only acceptable when a woman behaves so? Diamond, if you didn't want my company you want not be here. Jealousy of Caroline is very unbecoming, and might I say, unnecessarily."

Chuck looked up at this, and Ms. Hess-Cassel's smile widened.

"I have no intention of returning home this evening. I've asked Charlotte to play hostess, and she being the lovely girl that she is, accepted graciously. Though I will remind you that I certainly am not blind to the fact that your well being might have bore some weigh in her decision…"


Ms. Hess-Cassel just smiled at this and led her son's head onto her lap, stroking his dark hair.

"So who is the girl?"

Chuck froze, grateful that his face was not very visible to his mother. She laughed again, but this was a softer more gentle kind.

"I have been awaiting this for a very long time. You mister, are going to be a gentleman and play along. You will not deny this or spare me a single detail. Now hurry up son, tell me the tale; describe her magnificent hair, her powerful stare, her flirty flaky person. Tell me all about the sweet angel she appeared and the cunning devil she proved to be. Go on, tell me. Love is never so bitter than for one so young."

In spite of himself, Chuck turned to face his mother directly, his head still rested on her lap. She was smiling at him, looking very much like a teenager the way her hair was tucked behind her ears. He smiled back. Then together they burst out laughing.

"She went back to her boyfriend," Chuck said, unable to keep the bitter note out of his voice.

"Oh, darling…"

Chuck warped an arm around his mother and pressed his head against her stomach, feeling very much like he was eight-years old.

"I would be happy to see her happy. I would be fine if she…if she really wanted him. I would offer my most sincere blessing. I would."

"What a gallant little boy I've raised."

"Indeed mother. I wouldn't…even now I wouldn't…"

"Well than that's a shame."


"Pardon darling, not what."


"Look you have a big, huge heart. You have a beautiful soul, one of a true gentleman. If you really care for her and think that you own a part of her heart then why not? She could not do better."

"She could. She has."

"Funny, modesty was never one of your better qualities."

Chuck made a face at his mother, and she blew her tongue at him.

"At least you're mature enough for her," She pinched his hollow cheeks, noting how very beautiful her little boy was. She ran a finger down his jawline and gave a Chuck like smirk, "she cannot do better. For one you my son are devilishly handsome. What girl wouldn't dream to have you?"

"In bed maybe, but in no other place am I so welcome."

"Charles…how could you talk so."

Chuck would not meet her eyes and made a point to stare across the room at his reflection in the grand ivory mirror. Ms. Hess-Cassel didn't know what to say. She just watched him mournfully caressing his jaw bone.

"It appears mother that I am not a gentleman. I guess father is to thank."

"Stop it Charles. Let me tell you something. My dear son, there are few men who I believe more well bred than you. There are however a great many who have all the appearance of being so. If this girl does not recognize your worth and you believe that she never can, than you will do better without her." Now his mother leaned her face lower, so low that as she spoke into his ear, her lips would brush against it, "but I don't think that's the case. You have fine taste and if I am correct, she is a girl of sense, one you feel for due to her superiority of mind and understanding. For such girl you cannot step aside and let be. Darling it is your duty to make her see. Show her that you match her in mind and spirit. You cannot be proud."

"Shocking. Mother did I hear you right? Insinuating that I am a sort of Mr. Darcy. How amusing."

"Laugh as you may, but Darcy was no novice to arrogance. Such things are expected of one gifted with good looks and intellect. It doesn't however mean that you cannot put it all aside and win the girl of your dreams."

"Mother, you are too much of a girl. Always romanticizing everything. Let me tell you something: there is nothing less romantic than seeing her fuck your best friend. Quite the fairytale, right mother?"

She didn't speak, but watched him with wide eyes, mouthing one word. When she finally had found her voice, repeated it out loud.

"Nathaniel? But he and Blair have been childhood sweethearts..."

At the mention of her name, Blair, Chuck reacted, but only slightly. His mother being the shrewd women that she was, saw it, and her eyes widened a great deal more.

"Oh my baby. Oh you poor thing." She drew him once again onto her lap, but pulled back for a fraction of a second, "but you said …she wanted you in bed? Does that—uh well does it?"

Chuck's face burnt at this point and would not speak. He gave her a shadow of a nod before disappearing under his bedspread. Despite the situation Ms. Hess-Cassel felt an irresistible urge to laugh, one she eventually gave into and fell laughing onto the clump under the blankets that was her son.

"Ma!" he cried in pain and eventually reappeared from underneath the coverings to glare at her. She only laughed harder and gently shoved him back with a long slim cream colored leg that was stretched out to its full length to reach his chest. Half annoyed and half amused, Chuck rolled away to get out of her line of fire and instead repaid his dear mother by tackled her to down and tickling her till she had great thick tears rolling down her cheeks and in shrieks of laughter and agony, threatened to ground him for a month. Once they had settled down and laughed their hearts out, Ms. Hess-Cassel turned again to her son, watching him with that Chuck-like smirk again.

"So you slept with your best-friend's pristine little virginal girlfriend?" he gave her the crooked smile he had for when his arm was caught down the cookie jar, she shook her head, chuckling. "I am half horrified that you would do this to Nate of all people, and well half impressed. How did you get Blair of all people to—wait, she wasn't drunk?"

"Of course not mother. I would not impose myself on her. Not ever. Besides I would have no intention of fucking myself over. She—"

"—is a girl of undeniable worth. Yes, she is. I was right, you do have fabulous taste child."

Chuck watched his mother, and she reached out again to touch his face, caressing his cheekbone with her thumb.

"No matter. Nathaniel is a good sort of boy, a very good sort of boy, but he is not much more than that. He was never worthy of a clever girl like that, never fit her well. I have always thought so. Oh darling will you be mad if I confess to having always wished for you to steal her away?"

"You jest mother. Nate is fine indeed. She couldn't be any more lucky."

"Ah, there you go with your modestly. Dear boy you have enough sense to know that Nate is no god for her, she is by far his superior, in mind and spirit. I believe in honor and respect and loyalty, but there is never a worthier object to receive such things than one's own heart."

"Mother please, enough with the Austen innuendos."

"Choose as you will," Ms. Hess-Cassel got up from the bed and was about to reach the door when she gave a little start and stopped dead in her tracks. Slowly she turned to Chuck with an uneasy smile.

"Darling, I must let you in on a little piece of information. Earlier I did not think much of it, believing that you were well aware, now however…oh no matter. Diamond, Nate called in while you were sleep and asked for permission to join you here. I gave him my heartily consent thinking that it was prearranged with you. I did not…could not suspect…"

Chuck felt the bottom of his stomach fall. Nate was at the moment the 2nd last person he wanted anywhere near his vicinity. This was not good news. Ms. Hess-Cassel gave him an apologetic smile and vowed to herself, that if Nate was going to be here, then she was going to have to repay her son and she knew just what to do.