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Ms. Hess-Cassel left her alone on the porch. Blair had not followed, she needed a minute. She needed to soak in the majestic beauty that surrounded her. Everything in her view was of a different world, one of lazy passion and easy glamour. It was to her down the rabbit hole. Blair did not deny her envy of them. She could not help but wistfully watch Charlotte from where she stood. The princess, like every other young woman present, danced about merrily with a variety of boys. Her hair bounced and her dress danced weightlessly as she moved around the courtyard, smiling and laughing as she pleased. The unguarded flirty nature of scene below left Blair dizzy. She felt intoxicated by the salty Mediterranean air yet at the same time never more aware. Feeling the foreign music more than she heard it, Blair resolved and set out to execute her decision.

Nate was not hard to find, not since Charlotte's break included a chat between the two. Even with the music, the princess' merry laughter was audible and magnetic. Blair allowed it as her guide and stood in front of the pair for a good 30 seconds or so before either noticed. They were all smiles until they saw the look on her face, at which point Blair turned with a sarcastic smile to Charlotte.

"I want to a private conversation with my boyfriend, so you can leave now."

Charlotte winced at her tone and her face darkened.

"You dare talk—"

"Yes, I dare. Now you can get your skanky ass away from us or I'll be sure to tell the Monaco paparazzi what a home wrecking whore you are."

Charlotte looked as though she had been slapped. Now normally a threat like this would follow an identical one from her, but ruining the reputation of this WASP princess was even out of the reach of the actual princess.

"She is here with a date…" Nate said weakly looking down.

"Well, then I guess she is also a cheating whore."

Nate didn't say anything.

Charlotte closed her eyes and adjusted her shoulders before turning to Nate.

"No damage done. Your girlfriend simply has had too much wine." She then turned to Blair and sneered down at what lay around her neck, "substitute for diamonds? You had only to ask and I would have lent you something."

At these words Charlotte placed a flirtatious peck onto Nate's cheek, but he did not seem to notice. His eyes had travelled to where Charlotte's had lain, and shock flooded his features. Blair was the first to speak.

"We need to talk. I uh, have to tell you something and hope to god that you'll forgive me."

Nate didn't say anything. He didn't need to hear her say that to know that things were not as they should be; the very sight of Blair Waldorf sporting Chuck's signature scarf had said it all.


Chuck sat up at the sound of his door unlocking. He then heard Blair calling and asking if she could enter. That act alone unnerved him, it was very unlike her. He was sure she was nervous and about to deliver some bad news. Letting out a heavy sigh he told her to come in. By the time she was through the doors, his back was to her, repacking the few things he had taken out in the past few hours.

"How did you get the key Waldorf?"

"You're mother..."

"Ah. Naturally."

Blair didn't say anything for a moment. The silence made the lump in his throat pulsate.

"Chuck, I uh broke up with Nate."

"Found him in a corner with the royal skank? Don't worry Waldorf, give it a few weeks and he'll punch out some guy and you'll forget all about this."


"Perhaps punching won't even be required. As I remember, last time the green sweater and a puppy dog smile was more than enough to shatter your little resolution."

"Stop it."

Her voice was so thin, so vulnerable. It hurt Chuck to hear her like that. Involuntarily he turned around and made an attempt to reach her, but one look at his scarf knotted around her neck knocked the wind out of him. He stood frozen, looking as though a step closer then the sight would disappear…prove itself a figment of his imagination.

"I left him because I realized that there was always going to be a Serena. I'm not his dream and…and…he isn't mine. I love him, I do, but I love my dream more. I think one day I could even…even fall in love with that dream."

Chuck stared at her, barely hearing but understanding clearly.

"But Nate is your dream."

"I thought he was. But—Chuck, don't you get it? Don't you see? I gave you my virginity."

"You were drunk—"

"I've been drunk before…"


"No. You don't see. I thought it was meant to be with him, to him, but every time I lost heat…I never really had the heat to begin with."

Chuck was broken out of his trance but was now extremely confused. Blair only smiled.

"I've always been attracted to you Bass, but never took it seriously. You're like the forbidden fruit…always attractive and once had, you awaken one to a whole new world. Suddenly my heaven, my dreamy goals are fickle and empty, and your hell tempting. Everlasting. Ever-bounding."

Chuck opened his mouth to speak, but no sound escaped and he quickly closed it again.

"Chuck, you're my nightmare…and dream. The lines sort of blur out."

"What changed Waldorf? A week ago you—"



"I didn't have to look any farther to see…"

At this Blair moved closer and spoke again only after standing inched away from Chuck.

"…to realize how devastating giving up a dream is."

At this she closed her eyes and brushed her lips against Chuck's, who was only glad to receive them. Though this was a gentle kiss, with their lips barely touching, the subsequent ones grew deeper and of greater force. Chuck's fingers played with Blair's zipper for a few seconds before she groaned for him to stop. Chuck terrified that he had dreamed up the past few minutes, pulled away quickly and watched her with quizzical eyes.

"We can do this later. But how bout we go out to the party and celebrate our union over a toast of Champaign?"

"Slow down Waldorf…what do you mean union?"

Blair slapped him on the arm and not gently either.

"Your mother would want to know too. I mean Nate left for the airport without a goodbye, we will have to ask her pardon for your best friend's actions…"

"Was he—"

"Let's just enjoy ourselves tonight. We have lots of time to worry about Nate and UES and New York…Just one night off?"

Chuck answered her with a kiss and they set off out the room and to the party in the courtyard.

"My mother adores you."

"Does she now?"

Blair smiled to herself, but revealed nothing and they continued down the hall to the Eastern yards.

The young couple had a formal introduction made by the lady of the house, and were later asked to lead the last dance of the night. As she swirled and twirled in Chuck's arms, Blair had never felt more like royalty. Suddenly Prince Charming was only a childish fetish, and King Bass a more desirable reality. The whole night seemed like a dream, one that had been beyond the grasps of her imagination, beyond any pleasure she could have planned. In a way it was like that night in Chuck's limo…

When the last dance was over Blair, uncaged as she was, let out a victorious cheer and pressed her lips to Chucks. It was a kiss like no other, a kiss that spoke with her entire being…the whole of her body engaged in the process. Watching Chuck's panting face she grinned to herself, wishing that all could see her, Blair Waldorf giving into passion at the center of a royal bash wearing Chuck Bass' signature scarf with her Chanel dress. With that thought came an idea and within seconds her hands went to Chuck's back pocket and her lips pressed to his again.

"Blair, what are you doing?"

Blair gave him back his phone with a wicked smile.

"Just a little clip for Gossip Bitch. It's an introduction, to the new royal family."

Chuck gaped and Blair only kissed him again. Their night was now complete…though the private aspects still awaited.