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Lily woke up, rolled over, and felt her head. She was nauseated from drinking all those beers and shots. Drinking was never one of her specialties.

She heard the shower stop and wondered what had all happened last night and hoped that she didn't make a mistake by doing anything stupid.

Shawn stepped out of the shower and smiled. "So I hope you're not too nauseous to go have breakfast this morning?" he asked while grabbing his clothes.

Lily shook her head," Not at all. I shouldn't drink so much. Would you remind me of that the next time I drink please?" she asked not liking the way she was feeling.

He nodded and went into the bathroom to change and get ready. Shawn didn't like it one bit when he saw that Lily was so drunk last night. He knew that he should let her live life and go to bars and have fun with her friends but he didn't want to have that life any more. Drinking and getting drunk was something he did in his younger days and he didn't want to go back to that part of his life. " Maybe she should be with someone more her age and wants to do those sort of things," he thought out loud as he opened the door.

Lily smiled, walked over to him and kissed him softly on the lips. He kissed her back and lingered for a moment. She moaned as he licked her top lip encouraging her to open her mouth which she obliged. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he pushed her into the wall.

Pushing herself into him she could feel how hard he was getting. She slid her hand from his hair to his chest and further down to his crotch where he actually let her touch him. He groaned as he grabbed her hand and slid his hand up her shirt. He was about to touch her when there was a knock on the door.

"Don't get it," she whispered kissing his neck. He shook his head and apologized because it could be important.

Shawn opened the door to find Paul and Stephanie standing there.

"What's going on?" Paul asked coming in with Stephanie holding her hand.

Stephanie looked at Lily and knew. By the expression on her face she knew they were definitely interrupting.

"Why don't we come back later," Stephanie said trying to tug Paul back out of the room but he wasn't getting the picture.

Paul looked at her like she was nuts. It was her idea to see if they wanted to go have breakfast with them. She nudged him toward Lily when he finally got the picture. "Yeah, you know we'll come back later."

Shawn knew he should let them leave but he didn't want to be rude. "No come on in," he said as Lily put on a fake smile.

"I'm going to take a quick shower," she said going into the shower.

"Mind if I keep you company?" Stephanie asked as Lily shook her head.

After the girls were in the bathroom Paul smacked Shawn. "Ouch, what was that for?" Shawn asked rubbing his arm.

"You two were getting hot and heaving and you answer the door. What's the matter with you? Do you want her or not because if you don't then you should really let her know," Paul replied not knowing why Shawn wouldn't want to be with Lily because she was a good person.

"After seeing her at the bar last night I don't know. Maybe she deserves to be with someone who wants that kind of life because I don't want it any more," Shawn said.

Paul shook his head," Who said she wants that kind of life. Just because she was having fun and drinking doesn't mean she wants to party and drink every night. Steph doesn't like the bar scene at all but we wanted to go have some fun. I want that part of my life over as well. I'm ready to finally settle down and have some kids and so is she but that doesn't mean we're not going to have fun once in a while,"

"Maybe you're right but I keep freezing up with her. Whenever she tries something with me I don't know what's wrong with me, it's not like me," Shawn said no knowing why he was acting that way with Lily.

"It's probably because she's Alexis's best friend. I know this is a bad example but it didn't bother Scott to make a move on Alexis so why should it with you. Yes I know that you're different than Scott but if you have any feelings for her at all go for it and if not tell her and let her go," Paul said as he turned on the television and sat on the couch.

Lily started the shower and stepped in. "So I don't get it. Does Shawn not think I'm attractive any more because when we were kissing I thought he liked it and everything but maybe I was wrong. I'm just so confused and I can't talk to Alexis about all this."

Stephanie shook her head. She didn't get it either. Lily was a very beautiful girl. She knew she was young but that never stopped Shawn before but then again she was Alexis's best friend.

"You just need to tell him how it is. Make him choose then at least you know how he's feeling and if he doesn't want to be with you. Then you can be with someone who actually wants you because trust me by the way Sean and Kevin were dancing with you you'll definitely end up with one of them or maybe both of them if you know what I mean," Stephanie said as Lily laughed.

"You are so bad, I didn't know they were into a three some," Lily said shocked that they could be that way.

"Oh yeah. Paul said that Kevin, Scott, and Sean were all into that. Paul also said that if I was ever feeling exotic that we could try it some time,"

"Now that would be fun," Lily said as she turned off the water and Stephanie left to let her change.

Stephanie found Paul on the couch watching TV and told him that they should go.

Paul looked at Shawn before leaving.

"So I think we need to talk," Shawn said when Lily came out of the bathroom.