Harry Potter and the Lady of Black

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or the characters.

Summary: AU 6th year. Pre-HBP. It's the summer between Harry's fifth and sixth year. What happens when someone he despises with his life comes to him and offers him a chance to use her as a slave? What happens when two others fall into a similar situation? HPBBNBNT harem.

Chapter 1: An Unexpected Visitor and an Unexpected Surprise

Harry Potter, a boy of 15, was lying on his miniature bed in his miniature room in 4 Privet Drive in the small town of Little Whinging, Surrey.

He was wide awake looking up at his bed, mourning the loss of his godfather, Sirius Black, who ended up dead because he was dumb enough to fall for a simple ploy. If he had only tried to contact Sirius through his magical mirror, or learned Occlumency from a capable teacher, perhaps it might have never happened. But instead, he was stuck here in this god-forsaken hole, starved of food and fresh air.

All this thinking led to Dumbledore. Why was Dumbledore always the last to arrive to the scene, never to help when the help was needed most? This line of thought brought Harry to eventually conclude that everything that happened to him was Dumbledore's fault. His abuse at the Dursleys', the ordeal with the Philosopher's Stone, the Chamber, the tournament; all were problems stemming either directly or indirectly from Dumbledore's decisions.

"For someone who's expected to kill the big, bad Dark Lord, you'd think they treat me a little better! How does that old bastard expect me to kill him when I don't get any training?!," he thought, his anger rising.

Another thing to think about was that Dumbledore was too lenient. Captured Death Eaters were thrown in Azkaban, only to be broken out within a few months. Why bother capturing then? Shouldn't they do their best to cut down Voldemort's forces? The prisoners should be executed! Harry's beliefs were quite strong when it came to this.

Why the hell am I still here anyway? Voldemort stole my blood fourth year, so the so called "blood protection" wards shouldn't be able to stop him.

He turned his head and looked at the desk where there should've been a pile of letters there to comfort him in his time of need. Unfortunately, it was barren.

Not a single letter. Some friends they are. They can't even bother to send a bloody letter to see how I'm feeling or if I need help…His morose thoughts were interrupted by a hoot by his snowy owl, Hedwig, his first and most faithful friend.

"What now?" he asked irritably, wanting to brood in silence. Hedwig just hooted in response, and Harry could've sworn that if it was possible, she was looking at him with disdain. Another hoot and Harry could take no more. "I'm going out for a walk, Hedwig, since I can't get any silence around here!"

Harry grabbed his invisibility cloak and snuck out, walking to the park a few blocks away. The park was his sanctuary, where peace and quiet reigned supreme. Since Dudley and his gang destroyed everything there was in this small park, no one ever bothered to come here anymore, and wild bushes sprang up, surrounding the park from outsiders. This was his place to think and rest, and he would be damned before he'd let someone ruin it.

Harry slowly made his way to an old swing and sat down, his legs kicking at the dirt and his gaze straight down.

Some time later, an audible pop was heard and Harry's head snapped up, wand in hand.

And there, standing in front of him was Bellatrix Lestrange, Sirius' cousin and murderer.

"I'll KILL you!" he growled and just as he was about to scream two words that would snuff out the light in her eyes, she raised her hands, which to his surprise, were bare of any plausible weapons.

"Wait! Just hear me out first," she yelled.

Without lowering his wand, Harry just spat for her to continue quickly, lest she find herself missing a head.

"I am here to fulfill a Blood Debt," she paused and watched for Harry's reaction. Seeing none, she rightfully assumed he did not understand its significance. "A Blood Debt occurs when one person kills the head of his or her family. In my instance, I belong to the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black, and Sirius was my head. Since I killed him, the debt occurs between you, the heir to his line, and me, the offender. Normally, most Blood Debts are not called, since it is a very old Pureblood tradition.

"The Dark Lord, the fool that he is," she ground out bitterly, "called on me to fulfill my debt to you so that I could get to you and either get you to join him or to kill you. By ordering me out of his service and into another, he loses all control over me, and is no longer my lord. You see, when we take the Dark Mark, it symbolizes his absolute control over us. What he says, we must do (to the best of out capabilities, which isn't much if you consider most of the Death Eaters). If you accept me, the debt will be paid and I will be bound to you as a slave. I will also lose the Dark Mark." Her voice held a hopeful tinge as she explained the last part.

"Am I right in understanding that you do not wish to keep the mark?" he asked slowly, with his wand still level with her face

"Yes, you assume correctly. Allow me to explain. I come from a long line of purebloods, and such, was raised as one. Our ideals are that we are superior in every way to muggles, muggleborns, and halfbloods. Fourteen years of brainwash does eventually affect the mind, you know. My family arranged a marriage between Rodolphus and myself, which I reluctantly accepted, lest I be disowned from my family, like my sister Andromeda, who married a muggleborn. When we were introduced Rodolphus was a gentleman and I couldn't wait to get married to such a kind and gentle man. On our honeymoon, he took me on a Death Eater initiation, where the recruit is supposed to kill and torture a muggle. I refused to do something so barbaric." She paused here and took a breath of air. "When I refused he just slapped me and brought me to his home. There he raped me with his brother Rabastan and then put me under the Imperius. When you defeated the Dark Lord, I was under the influence of the Imperius for such a long time I forgot who I really was, so the effects never really went away, even when I went to Azkaban. The moment I was back in His service, they didn't bother to reapply the curse, so I was in my own mind, so to speak. I was too scared to rebel against His orders, so I only went along half-heartedly with his wishes. Why do you think I only shot a stunner at my dear cousin? I would've thought he had more brain than to get killed by a such a simple spell," she concluded sadly, as in deep thought.

Harry was listening to her story, but also attempting to assess the truth to her words. He looked into her violet eyes and his brain was going on lightspeed, thinking things through. The truth and sincerity with which she said convinced him that she was in fact telling the truth.

"I, Harry James Potter, do hereby accept the Blood Debt from one Bellatrix Black. I forever accept you into my service until I release you or until the day I die. So mote it be," he incanted suddenly.

A small yellow tendril of magic emerged from Harry's heart and Bellatrix's forearm and twirled together, before disappearing in a quick burst of light.

When the light seceded, Bellatrix was wearing an elegant, black robe with the Potter crest emblazoned on her left breast. She pulled her right sleeve up and to her delight, the Dark Mark was no longer there.

"Wow she's beautiful," Harry thought as his eyes raked over her body.

Bellatrix blushed in surprise, and asked aloud, "Do you really think I'm beautiful Master?"

"Yes. Hey wait a second, how did you read my mind?" he asked, startled.

To which Bella replied, "I didn't, I thought you said it aloud."

"Nope it was most definitely in my head."

"Well maybe this is a result of being bonded? But I've never heard of a master/slave bond like this. Think something again."

The first thought that came to mind was Bella. "You're breath-taking…"

Bella blushed again and said, "Thank you master. Now see if you can hear my thoughts."

Harry stared at her intently and he heard "You're not so bad looking yourself." His cheeks turned red in embarrassment and just confirmed that they could read each other's mind.

As soon as he looked away, a brown owl came swooping down and dropped an elegant letter into Harry's open hand. The owl left as suddenly as it came.

He looked down at the letter and saw it decorated with the symbol of Gringott's: a golden galleon with two elegant goblin-crafted longswords crossed to form an X.

Dear Mr. Harry James Potter,

We were recently notified that one Mr. Sirius Orion Black has passed away. As his major beneficiary you are required to come in before the initial release of the public will. Enclosed is a portkey to bring you here directly into the Office of Wills and Testaments, where you shall hear the part concerning you inheritance. We will be awaiting your presence.

May your gold always flow,

Ragnarok, Director of Gringotts

Harry reread the letter once more, feeling a lonely tear emerge at the thought of Sirius. Bella noticed his tear and managed to take the letter as Harry still stood there as his grief overwhelmed him, and a small silver pin dropped out of the letter.

Once Bella picked the pin up and read the letter, she just looked at her new master and asked, "So Master, when do you plan on going?"

Harry slowly turned his head towards her and replied, "Don't call me Master. Just call me Harry, but if you have to, just refer to me as sir. And I'd like to go now. But first, put your hood over your head so no one can see your identity.

"No worries," she replied cheerfully as she waved her hand over her face, causing her hair to turn from its shiny black to a dull blonde, and her eyes to become more Oriental and turn a color of blue. Then she waved her hand over Harry's face, and his hair turned red and grew down to his shoulders, and his eyes turned chocolate brown.

To say Harry was surprised was an understatement. Wandless and nonverbal magic. The only people he knew who could do it were Dumbledore and Voldemort.

"It's really not that hard, you know," she said. "I can teach you if you want, Mas- I mean, Harry."

Harry agreed. "Bella, can you teach me everything you know about the Dark Arts? I know that I need not to be prejudiced against magic to win against Voldemort, and you must've learned a lot of things, although involuntarily."

"Of course. If you don't mind, we should get going now, before it gets completely dark." She reached her hand out and gently laid it on Harry's arm.


Harry only had time to blink before the world melted away and he reappeared in a large meeting room, where a goblin was standing at attention. Harry held up the letter and the pin, which the goblin took away.

"Very well, Mr. Potter, if you would please follow me," the goblin said.

The two left the meeting room and quickly approached a side hall. The goblin lead them to one of the doors and knocked. The door opened and someone inside grunted something in Gobbledegook.

The goblin who led Harry and Bella here quickly said something in the goblin native tongue and then left. The door opened widely to reveal an old goblin with a long white beard, a bit like Dumbledore's. This new goblin then motioned them inside.

"Hello," the goblin said, "I am Ragnarok, director of Gringotts. You are here to see about your godfather's will, am I correct, Mr. Potter?," Ragnarok continued.

"Yes I am. If you would, I'd like to get this over as soon as possible."

Ragnarok pointedly looked at Bella.

"She stays," Harry said forcefully.

Ragnarok nodded and pulled out a small, stone basin from his desk and handed Harry a small dagger.

"To confirm your identity, Mr. Potter," was all he provided

Harry pricked his finger and let several drops of blood into the basin, which then glowed a bright white.

"Ah, very well, Mr. Potter. Now let us proceed with the reading of the will."

Ragnarok put the basin away and pulled out a Pensieve. He put his long, gnarly finger in and stirred for a few seconds, when a figure emerged from the white essence.

"Hey Harry, it's me Sirius! Ok, I know I'm dead, but there's no need to be so Sirius! Ha! Sorry, couldn't resist one last joke. Onto the will! 20 percent of my money will be spread equally between Remus, the last remaining Marauder, and Tonks, my favorite cousin. Everything else is now yours, Harry, including Headquarters. Spend the money well, have some fun, and most importantly, enjoy your life! I know I probably died for some dumb reason, but I do hope you won't mourn for me forever. If you insist on mourning however, then just prank the hell out of your classmates. I better not see you for at least a hundred years, or else I'll prank you so bad you'll cry. Got it? Good. Seeya, Padfoot out."

The figure of Sirius Black disappeared. Ragnarok quietly sat at his desk for several minutes to let Harry and Bella, who he did not know the identity of, weep.

After five minutes had gone by, he cleared his throat and asked if they were alright to move on. They responded with a single "yes". Ragnarok proceeded to pull out a scroll and opened it up.

"These documents contain your material assets, and the liquid assets that you have just received."

Harry took the scroll from Ragnarok and looked it over: Grimmauld Place, Black Manor, several different houses in many of the major countries over the world, a deed to his own private island somewhere in the Caribbean, and ownership of several prominent businesses were listed.

Near the bottom of the list, it also said that he gained the right to the title of Lord Black. By becoming a Lord before reaching 17, emancipation would be automatically granted. Harry could now do magic without fear of an owl swooping in with a letter saying he was expelled and his wand snapped.

At the very bottom, Harry's liquid assets were listed there: 3,000,000 galleons. Harry nodded to Ragnarok and handed the scroll to Bella who quickly skimmed through it..

"Mr. Potter, would you like us to move your new inheritance into your Potter vault, or keep it in separate vaults?"

"One vault please, and give access to Bella here, so she can withdraw money when I'm unavailable."

"Very well. There is one last thing for you to consider before you go. I understand that your life is in danger quite often, no? Perhaps a will is in order?"

Harry nodded and Ragnarok snapped his fingers. A piece of parchment and a white quill appeared in his hands, and he handed it to Harry. Harry quickly jotted a few things down to leave for his loved ones in case of his untimely death.

"Thank you Mr. Potter. If you wish to, you can make it a recording, like your godfather's," the old goblin offered.

"No thank you. Now, I must get some of my money. Do you have a way for me to access my money without going to my vault every time?" he asked.

The old goblin nodded and pulled out a pouch and a wallet. "The wallet is for muggle money, and the pouch for Wizarding money. You merely stick your hand in the wallet or pouch, think about how much money you want to pull out, and it'll be charged to your vault. And don't worry about the cost for these two items. They're a gift for one of our most precious customers."

"Thank you for your time and for the gifts," Harry concluded and bowed, Bella mimicking his actions. The two beat a hasty retreat out of the bank and back into Diagon Alley.

As the two moved through the Alley, a group of Order members apparated in right in front of them.

"Quick," one yelled, "find the boy! Dumbledore says he's in great danger while he's out here!"

The group split up, with some going towards the bank, and some going through the shops.

Harry and Bella kept their head down as they walked past the Order members.

They walked past several shops before stopping at Flourish and Blott's. The two walked in, with Bella going straight to the books section to pick up several informative books on the Dark Arts, the Mind Arts, and Potions.

Seeing the book on Potions, Harry raised an eyebrow, and even though Bella couldn't see it, she responded that it was for her.

He nodded and went to the counter to pay. After the purchases were made, Harry and Bella walked out of the store,

They noticed that the Order members were still searching diligently for Harry.

"Come, let us return home," Harry siad.

Bella nodded and place her hand on Harry's


A gentle pop later, the two were back in the park where they met. They walked slowly back to the house while planning on what to do to train Harry for the rest of the summer.