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Chapter Sixteen: The Final Stand Part Two

Draco stood up, the chair falling backwards behind him. All eyes turned to him, wide with anticipation. Draco jumped over the leg of the chair and ran for the staircase before vanishing with a wisp of cloud. The other's hurried up the staircase, taking two at a time or vanishing with a crack.

Draco landed on the attic floor with a thud and ran to the book. He slammed it shut and looked at the mark with wide eyes.

Oliver landed on the floor with a heap, followed by Harry, while the others nearly broke the door down.

"What's going on?" cried Molly.

"Look!" yelled Draco pointing to one of the four marks.

Lynette hurried forward and gave a gasp, "It's flickering!"

"That's Lavender's mark. Why is it flickering?" cried Draco.

"You should know!" shouted Oliver.

"I don't know! I never heard of it doing that in my life!"

"It means Lavender is badly injured," said Molly calmly, "That's what happened to Willow's… before she died."

Oliver nearly collapsed but Ron and James caught him and led him to the over stuffed couch.

"What do we do?" asked Harry, "I thought the plan was for Lavender to be injured."

"Perhaps there was more power into the injury then they had anticipated," said Lily.

Lynette and Molly gave agreeing nods but Harry, Ron, Oliver and Draco couldn't mask their looks of worry.


"My love!" screamed the Great Evil as he literally flew to Lavender's side. He knelt down and ran a pale hand over her face, "Oh, I never meant to harm you!"

Ginny looked at Hermione and Luna looking worried. There had been more power in that electric ball then any of them had thought of.

"Wake up!" moaned the Great Evil.

He lifted Lavender's upper body but her head merely hung limply from her neck. He shook her and rubbed her forehead over and over but nothing was bringing her around. Slowly he stood and turned to the three women. Hermione was ushering the young girls to the far corner of the room when she was flung across the room, landing hard on the main table. She slid off the side and landed awkwardly in a crouched position.

"How dare you use me to kill her!" he roared.

"Now!" screamed Hermione, "Now!"

Luna closed her eyes and focused her hands on the ground. Suddenly the room began to shake with the ground cracking around the Great Evil. The floor sank in places and molten lava sprang up blocking the Great Evil from the three women and girls. Ginny looked over at Lavender making sure she was okay. With a glance at her mark, she saw Lavender's was still there, yet it was faded.

"Ginny, go!" screamed Hermione sliding over the table and stumbling over to her and Luna.

Ginny spread her arms out wide, hot wind flew out before Ginny brought her hands together blasting out a stream of fire. The Great Evil gave screams of agony. Combing physical pain and his emotional trauma was weakening him. His emotions were controlling his mind, not letting him think rationally as the thought of him being to blame for Lavender's death wasn't something he would be able to bare.

Hermione stood beside Ginny and cupped her hands together. A swirl of grey cloud began to circle in her palms, growing stronger by the minute. Slowly the ball became cone shaped like a mini tornado.

"We need Lavender to wake up," said Hermione, "We have to connect with her mind."

"How?" cried Luna focusing on controlling the ground to remain sunk in places and the lava to jump up and spit onto the Great Evil's burning skin.

"I have Empathy. I need to connect with both of your emotions and thoughts. Focus them on Lavender. When we enter her mind we have to keep our powers focused on the Great Evil. It won't be easy but I believe we can do it. We are strong enough," said Hermione as she pushed the tornado to flow around the Great Evil keeping him locked inside a cloud, windy prison.

Luna and Ginny nodded and closed their eyes concentrating on dividing their minds between the Great Evil and Lavender.

Hermione lowered her wall to let in Ginny and Luna's emotions. In her mind they began to grow and form into images of Lavender's smiling face. Once the form of Lavender was strong enough Hermione extended her emotion to Lavender. Faintly she could sense the emotion of fear and love. Taking a deep breath she projected thoughts of her self, Luna and Ginny into Lavender's foggy mind.


Lavender sat shaking as she placed her hand on her stomach. The red material disguised the blood from where the ball of electricity had hit her. Slowly she was dying.


Lavender looked up from the fog-covered ground. The voice had sounded like Ginny.


Lavender slowly stood, coughing as she did so, "G-Ginny?"

"This way!"

Lavender was sure she had gone insane. How could Ginny be here? And if she was, she certainly wasn't alone. Maybe Lavender had died and so had Ginny. Panic spread through her at the thought – what about her daughter's? Her husband? How would they cope without her? How would she cope without them?

"Lavender!" cried Ginny hugging her tightly.

When Ginny stepped away, Hermione and Luna came into view.

"Are you dead?" asked Lavender in a shaky voice.

"No… Ginny you're bleeding!" cried Luna seeing Ginny's bloodstained shirt.

Ginny looked down and pulled her shirt up. Upon seeing uncut skin she looked at Lavender's stomach. Reaching out she touched the dresses silk and lifted her fingers, showing blood.

"Oh my Merlin," whispered Hermione.

"I think I'm dying," said Lavender tearfully, her body shaking horribly.

"No, no you won't," said Hermione firmly, "Lavender you need to wake up now! We need to kill the Great Evil so we can take you to Draco for healing."

"I'm not strong enough to kill him," said Lavender near hysterics.

"Lavender," said Luna placing her hands on her shoulder's, "Look at me!"

Lavender looked up and met Luna's eyes, "What?"

"I am scared to death myself. The last battle I fought – I died! But you have been in heaps of them and lived! You can do this! Your daughter – Savannah – has your strength! Doesn't that tell you something? Look inside of you Lavender! You know you can do this! We all know you can!"

Lavender nodded and took a deep breath, "Okay… okay… I can do this… I can do this."


Draco lifted his head off the book with a frown, "They're back… Luna, Ginny and Hermione are back in full control… I think Lavender is coming around."

"Oh good," said Harry looking relieved.

Ron gave a nod pacing back and forth, "This is crazy. How long have they been gone?"

"Four hours," said Oliver instantly, "Four hours that feel like four bloody decades."

"How is Lavender's triangle?" asked Lily.

Draco looked down, "It's not flickering but it is faded."

"They must have projected into her mind then," said James looking pleased, "They are at their peak with their powers."

"Really?" asked Molly.

"Yes. Mind projection is no easy task."

"They must be Molly," said Lynette, "We never could do magic that advanced."

Molly gave a nod and sat beside Oliver rubbing his arm in a caring, motherly way. She took a deep breath and looked up at Ron as he stood beside her, gently squeezing her shoulder reassuringly.

"They must stand a good chance at defeating him," said Harry, "If they're at their peak."

"We can only hope that the plan comes together as was planned," said Draco keeping his eyes focused on the mark.

In his mind he kept replaying the look Hermione gave him when they were announced man and wife. Never in his life had he been given a more happier and loving look. Then there was Torrance and her quirky grin that never faltered when she was happy.

"Hey," said Lynette beside him, "Everything will be fine."

Draco took a deep breath and nodded, "I know."


"Look!" cried Savannah gesturing across the molten lava, relief flooding through her.

Lavender was standing up slowly. Her hand clutched her stomach as she turned to see the wild tornado with fire whipping its way around it and burning the flesh of the creature in the middle. The ground shook violently causing Lavender to lean on the over turned seat she was forced to sit in earlier.

"I can do it," whispered Lavender pushing away the pain from her stomach.

She stood upright and held her hands out emitting blasts of ice. The shards cut through the cloud of wind and fire slicing into the Great Evils skin.

Lavender could feel her body growing weaker by the minute as more blood continued to ooze out of her wound. As she felt her power supply weakening the ground shook more violently then ever. Bright bursts of light shot out from the centre of the tornado along with a deep cry of pain.

"LAVENDER!" came the scream from the Great Evil.

Suddenly the figure burst from the centre of the grey cloud and landed before Lavender. His skin was burnt away mostly with only his face distinguishable. He knelt before Lavender who was slumping against the fallen chair.

Across the molten lava river, Hermione Ginny and Luna stopped their power connection. The ground shook back into place with the red lava vanishing. The three ran forward preparing to attack.

"G-go away," gasped Lavender shoving away his charred hands.

"Say you love me and I will be whole!" pleaded the Great Evil in a hoarse voice, "It is my only hope."

Hermione held out a phial of clear liquid. Lavender caught sight of it and quickly summoned it silently.

"I beg you! If you love me tell me!" he pleaded, bloody spitting from his mouth with every word.

From their hidden spot the three young girls watched on in silence. Savannah's lips were trembling. She could sense her mother wasn't well at all.

"I don't love you," said Lavender in a weak and tired voice, "I never loved you and if I ever nearly did, it was because I was blind to who you truly were."

With that Lavender uncorked the phial whilst the Great Evil began to moan and groan in pain - both physical and emotionally. Tipping the phial up, the potion began to eat away at his burnt body. Within seconds the Great Evil was nothing- no dust or ash remained of him. He was simply dead.

Lavender slumped to the ground straight away causing Hermione, Ginny and Luna to rush to her side.

"Mum!" cried Savannah running towards her and sliding on the ground beside her, "Mum!"

"We have to get her to Draco," said Hermione urgently.

"I don't think so."

The group looked up to see Torrance being held at knife point against Kenneth.

"Merlin save us," whispered Bronwyn from beside Savannah.

"Call Draco. He has to come if we tell him too," said Hermione to Luna as her and Ginny stood to face Kenneth.

"Draco!" screamed Luna, "We need you – now! Lavender is dying!"


Draco stood upright cracking his sore back and gave a yawn. The past hour had been silent with no news.

"Five hours," sighed Ron, "How much longer do you think?"

Draco opened his mouth to reply but stopped, standing still. He cocked his head to the side focusing intently on the soft cry in his mind.

"… now! Lavender is dying!"

"They need me," said Draco to the others before leaving with a wisp of cloud.

"I hate it when he does that," muttered Harry irritably, "I hate it when all five of them do that."


Draco ran through the broken door seeing his wife and Ginny standing in their attack position as Torrance was being held at knife point. He hesitated momentarily before running to Lavender's aid.

"Where is it?" asked Draco.

Luna lifted Lavender's hand and showed him the slight stain of telltale blood. Holding his hand over it the golden glow hovered over the wound. He kept his eyes on Lavender's pale face praying that she would show some sign of life.

"Let her go!" came Hermione's angry yell, "You're no match against us! Your leader is dead!"

Kenneth gave a laugh and pressed the knife harder against Torrance's throat. A trickle of blood slid down to her yellow, torn dress, staining it.

She gave a whimper before frowning in anger. Her foot stamped on his, followed by an elbow to the rib cage. He stumbled back, allowing her to spin around and send him flying against the far wall with her element. She ran forward and picked up the knife before hurrying to her mothers side.

"You do it," she begged, "I can't. I'm not ready for that."

Turning away Torrance closed her eyes as her mother threw the dagger that sliced through his chest. Torrance looked over her shoulder and flinched as she saw Kenneth burst into flames and settle into a pile of ash. The three hurried back to Lavender who gave a gasp of air as Draco almost pulled away in defeat.

"Mum!" screamed Savannah hugging her mother as she pushed herself up.

Savannah sobbed happily as Lavender hugged her.

"It's okay sweetie. He's gone and I'm here," said Lavender looking at Hermione, Ginny and Luna for confirmation.

"He's gone," nodded Ginny as Luna gave a gasp.

She looked down at her wrist and gave a small smile.

"He is truly gone," she said showing that her triangle had disappeared.

"Can we go now?" asked Bronwyn, "I hate it here."

Ginny stood up and held onto her daughter's hand. Together they left with a crack. Torrance and Hermione stood and ran to Draco for a hug. Draco clung to the two most important women in his life tightly, kissing both on the foreheads.

"I was so worried and scared," he said softly before they left with a wisp of cloud.

"Let me help you," said Luna helping Lavender stand, "You know I can't imagine anyone better to be part of the Charmed Ones."

Lavender smiled at Luna. It meant a lot to hear that from her. Placing a hand on Lavender's shoulder and holding Savannah's hand, Luna apperated them from the horrid castle.


Upon arriving at the house Oliver gave a shout and engulfed his wife and daughter in one hug. Harry was hugging Ginny with Molly hugging her granddaughter. Ron and Luna were locked in a tight embrace and looked like they wouldn't come up for air in a long time. Jerry had stood to the side with Lynette and was talking away with her, a happy smile on her face.

Once everyone had calmed down Molly left to return Tamika, Jake and Steven. Despite it being rather late Hermione headed to the kitchen to whip up a round of hot chocolates and choc-chip cookies. As she made them the clock struck one in the morning. At that moment Hermione felt a wave of nausea sweep over her body. She turned and fled from the kitchen for the downstairs bathroom. She slammed the door shut and threw up into the toilet.

"Hermione?" came Draco's worried voice, "Are you okay?"

"Umm… no… can you get Ginny, please?" asked Hermione as she washed her face and mouth out.

She flushed the toilet and sprayed air freshener as Ginny knocked on the door.

"Herms? Are you okay?"

Hermione unlocked the door and let her friend in, shutting the door behind her and locking it again.

"I think I might be pregnant," whispered Hermione, "I haven't said anything to anyone. But I am about two weeks late now and just threw up."

Ginny nodded, "Can sort of smell it. Well, lift up the shirt deary."

Hermione lifted her shirt up and Ginny performed the spell, "It would top off the night… you know we killed him. I really can't get my mind around that."

"Me either," grinned Ginny before laughing, "Congratulations! You are to become a Mum again!"

As Hermione gave a happy cry, so did many voices outside the bathroom. Ginny unlocked the door and opened it revealing a cheering Draco, jumping Torrance and grinning Lynette along with the rest of the group. Hermione hugged Draco happily, letting him spin her around a bit.

"This is brilliant," said Draco kissing Hermione passionately, "I'll be released in six months. Then two and a half months after that – we'll have another boy or girl for the family!"


Twelve Months Later…

"… husband and wife, wife and husband!"

Luna and Ron shared a happy kiss, with him stooping down to kiss her rounded stomach. Luna laughed happily as they walked to the cheering family members.

Ginny wiped away tears of happiness with Harry hugging her from behind clapping. It was a simple wedding with family and very close friends invited. Luna gave her father a kiss as well as his partner – Lynette. Beside Lynette was Hermione cradling her and Draco's four month old son, Theodore. Lavender and Oliver smiled on while the three girls, now in their second year stood together clapping and smiling.

The group moved to the reception held in a white marquee in the field at the Burrow. Little Theodore was at the house being looked after by the hired Nanny for the night who was also looking after the other young children from the Weasley family.

In the twelve months that had passed Draco had been released and now him Hermione, Torrance and Theodore lived as a proper family in Hogsmeade. Draco was studying to become a Healer while Hermione had opened up her store. Torrance was obviously still in school and blitzed all her exams. Theodore was adorable with his mother's brown hair and eyes and his father's nose and mouth.

Ginny still worked at the medical centre in Hogsmeade and spent a lot more time with her family. Harry was close to earning the Head Position in the Auror Department with Lynette wanting to see it happen.

Bronwyn was much like her father and always looking for something adventurous to immerse her self in, but Quidditch kept her satisfied with Torrance and Savannah reminding her what their life held for them after school. The twin boys, Jake and Steven, kept their parents on their toes having spent quite a bit more time with their Uncles.

Lavender was co-running the Quibbler with Luna and Jerry as Harold retired. Oliver had handed over his captaincy and was now coaching the England team to many victories. Savannah generally kept her self out of trouble unless it came to Quidditch. She was always with the team captain showing him game plays her father taught her over the summer. Tamika was showing more interest in writing, always wanting to help her mother while Quidditch didn't matter to her at all.

Luna and Ron were quite obviously happy and now married with Luna being five months pregnant with twins. Other then co-running the Quibbler, Luna was decorating the nursery of her new house with Ron, while he continued working in the Auror Department.

Life couldn't be better. The Great Evil was dead and the Underworld beings were fighting amongst themselves as to who would be the new leader. As for now the Power of Three had no worries and neither did the next generation.


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