Amos Diggory was, in fact, a mad man. But few people knew it. He was, as a modern psychologist might say, "highly functional." Meaning, essentially, he did a pretty damned good job of hiding the fact that sanity was for him a ship that set sail the day his oldest son died.

Amos didn't of course consider himself mad. Voldemort had been mad. No, he was just a grieving father seeking justice for his dead child. The fact that he had chosen to place blame on the blameless and engage in conduct that oldest child would never have approved of was beyond his comprehension.

Enjoying life, however, while his younger son, his pawn, was being the careful instrument of his revenge, wasn't out of the question. And he was enjoying this little posting in Dubrovnic quite well.

Dubrovnic was a beautiful city; blue on blue waters that lapped up on to stone slab beaches; the old city on high, seeming almost to have been carved from the mountains that surrounded it, and a bevy of islands that offered endless hikes and opportunities for reflection and solitude.

Amos didn't give a damn about any of that.

He'd quickly learned that to be stationed in Dubrovnik was to be seldom in Dubrovnik. He instead spent countless hours in various urbane localities, this time in Chisinau, the capital of Moldavia. Here his buddy Lucius Malfoy was working covertly with a group of dark wizards not unlike the Death Eaters. There was a wizard there…his name quite escaped Amos, and Amos liked it that way…who fancied himself the next Voldemort.

Well, let him, Amos thought. Nothing mattered to Amos except revenging himself on his enemies…or enemy now, George Weasley. He had considered once trying to seek revenge on Harry Potter, the boy responsible for Cedric's death, but it was never so much Cedric's death that bothered him.

Cedric had been destined for great things. One look at the boy could tell anyone that. And even in death, greatness might have been possible. If Cedric had only gotten the credit he deserved for winning that tri-wizard tournament! Because he had won the tournament, he had; the story Potter told of Cedric and he grasping the trophy together always had rung hollow to him.

He remembered saying so to his wife, after they'd refused Potter's guilty conscience offering of that money. And she'd responded: But Amos, it is exactly what our Cedric would have done! He'd dismissed it then, and he dismissed it now.

He hadn't realized until later that the money would have been useful, could have provided a way to buy Cedric a memorial, have a portrait done, in general to spread the word about the true Hogwart's champion. It had been that oaf Hagrid who'd confided in him where the money had gone, after having been plied with several pints of ale.

A joke shop! Those Weasley Twins? Heck, Amos wasn't even sure Cedric had liked those boys. He'd railed about it without stopping to his wife when he'd found out.

Of course Cedric liked the boys, Amos. Don't you remember he played youth Quidditch with them? He was their Captain? High spirits, he always said, but he said they made him laugh.

He'd ignored her then, just like he'd ignored her when she claimed she wasn't sure she could handle a pregnancy…she'd had Cedric just fine, hadn't she. Then she went and died in childbirth…he should have known that indicated that the boy was inferior.

Not so inferior, perhaps. It had taken…persuasion…but he was quite confident that CJ was obtaining the objective. He had no choice now.

"Ah, Amos." Lucius Malfoy slid in across him, in a booth in a dingy pub in Chisinau. "How were your meetings with Minister Filipowsi?"

Filipowski was the current and embattled leader of the federation of Eastern European Wizardry.

"Interminable, as always." Amos shrugged. "He asks a thousand questions…and I provide him with few answers."

"Remember your duties. We expect you to let him believe he is losing the confidence of the British. Very, very subtly, of course. You sow the dissent…we will move in when it is time." Lucious caught the rather vacant look that suddenly came over Amos' face. "Diggory. I am serious about this. We had an agreement…I would witness the unbreakable vow…and you would provide us access to the inner workings of Filipowski's government."

"Agreed, of course. Whatever you need." Amos shrugged, salivating at the thought of CJ in the role of parasite on the Weasley household. It would destroy George, Amos smirked, when he realized that a child he'd harbored had brought down his empire.

Mafoy shook his head with a wry smirk. "Whatever happened to you, Amos Diggory? Pure hearted Amos. Here you are setting things into motion that could undermine all of Europe, Britain included, and you don't even care. Do you truly hate the Weasleys so much?"

"Just George." Amos said, a strange glint coming in to his eyes. "My only regret from the battle of Hogwarts is that Fred died before I could touch him."

Malfoy raised a glass to him. "I have no love for the entire family, curse my blasted progeny who has gone to their side. But there is so much more out there to be chosen."

"Look, Malfoy…you have your goals. I have mine. The fact that we can use each other to obtain them is helpful." Amos clinked glasses, and downed his ale.

"Indeed." Malfoy's eyes went icy cold. "You are sure of your boy? Children are capable of being such a disappointment?"

Amos guffawed. "What's he going to do, die instead of fulfilling the vow? What choice does the little blighter have?"


In London, Kingsley Shaklebolt was speaking, via floo, with Kasimir Filipowski. "Malfoy. You're sure, then?"

"I am." Filipowski gave a grave little smile. "Your man lead us right to him. You are sure that this Diggory doesn't realize that you know he's been gotten to?"

"Diggory is unaware of anything except for some perverse delusions that even I can't explain. He hates his living son, and has put his dead one on a pedestal so high he can't even see it anymore. He thinks he's being allowed out of the country for the sole reason of keeping him away from his child. Has no clue we have other plans." Kingsley rubbed at his chin slowly. "He is mad, but his madness is useful to us."

"Well, as long as he keeps leading us to those who plot against us. We will not have another Grindelwald. Or Voldemort. Or anything even close. Never again." Filipowski vowed.

"Agreed. We will not let it happen." Kinsgley looked over a photo from George Weasley's wedding, and spotted CJ Diggory shyly waving out at him from next to George's son Alfred. "No matter what the cost."


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This concludes part 3 of We Belong. There will be a fourth and final part, which will tie up all the lose ends you are no doubt wondering about, not the least of which is will CJ be able to get out of the mess his father has ensnared him in?

Expect part V to begin within a week or so.

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