Final Fantasy VIII and its characters are copyright Squaresoft. This is a little fic of three parts ^^; yes, so I can claim to myself that I have done a multichaptered fic..oh, the shallowness of it all. Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, I present a Queifer fic, my first, prolly my last too. ^_~

Sorted Laundry by Wayward_Tempest

It's Automatic
I never really had it
The love that grows in time
She's really not the tragic kind.
She's just waiting for love
But she hasn't got the time
Maybe someday, She'll complain. ---Collapsis (Automatic)

The place is cursed. Everyone here knows it. It's become a place more dreaded than the training center. Of course, there are no T-Rexaurs bleaching their underwear down here thankfully. No, this presence is completely unknown, invisible to the human eye. Which makes it even more frightening. Down in the depths of the Balamb Garden laundry room.

Everyone has stories. Students will avoid that place like the plague. Clothes pile up in the dorms. Occasionally you'll catch students scrubbing their clothes in the shower rooms. Because rarely does a trip down there go without incident, people have come to fear it. Take my friends for example.

The last time Squall Leonhart entered through those doors he had his soiled SeeD uniform pants in hand. Earlier that day Zell had accidentally dumped a plate of chilidogs in Squall's lap. Just two hours before he was supposed to address the entire Garden. Needless to say, his mood was fouler than usual. So off he goes to the dark recesses of the laundry room, unaware of the danger in his present state of irritation. And it ended up blindsiding him across the face, or rather, to be more specific, in the pants. Mysteriously enough, some bleach found its way into the same washing machine as his black pants. So that night, he had to give his very important speech in a pair of neatly pressed, perfectly fitted pants. And they were a lovely shade of mud brown. It was all we could do to get him to come out of his room after that for a week.

Zell, well Zell nearly lost his virginity in the laundry room, to that cute little pig-tailed girl that works in the library. What the hell is her name? I can never remember. Anyway, I think the spin cycle became too much for them, one thing led to another and then… well…you get the idea. And I suppose your saying that it's not a bad thing. And it wasn't. However, caught up in the throws of passions there was two key essentials they overlooked. Essentials that had they been in any other room of the Garden, they would have remembered. One was, of course, to lock the door. Two, was that they'd forgotten about student initiation day, in which the newly inducted students get a tour of the entire Garden. You can put those two together and get an idea of what happened next. He was caught with his shorts down around his ankles, and her with nothing but a look of surprise plastered on her face. Zell managed to earn a few new nicknames after that. Irvine charmingly refers to him as Mr. Suds Stud. Poor Zell.

Irvine was involved with the laundry room in a somewhat indirect incident. It all began one day when Selphie was taking the service elevator to deliver a cartload of laundry to the washers. See, when your new here, you're a potential victim for the other students to throw their clothes on. Especially, when you have one of those nice, sweet, and gullible personalities. Naturally being that sort of person, Selphie said she didn't mind at all. It never crossed her mind to question why there were clothes in that cart that hadn't been washed in months. And as she descended in the small elevator, about halfway down, it became stuck. That poor girl was stuck in a closed and confined space, with a cart full of rancid clothes, for two hours. Probably the longest two hours of her life I'm sure. It's amazing she didn't suffocate. After hearing about the incident, and seeing that Selphie was indeed all right, he began to laugh at the hilarity of the situation. Perhaps thinking that maybe, she too would see it and laugh along with him. He spent the next two hours in the infirmary, tending his two swollen black eyes.

Yes, the unbelievers do become believers, very quickly. Rinoa laughed at the idea of a cursed laundry room, as many people do will do when they arrive here. She didn't laugh long. She offered to wash Squall's clothes after his little pants incident, as he refused to go down there again. And who could blame her? It's hard to have a relationship with someone in malodorous clothes. Showers can only do so much. So she dismissed his warnings and pleas with a wave of her hand. Her foot ended up finding the only puddle of spilled liquid detergent in the entire room. She slipped and banged her head against a dryer. Had to have five stitches in her forehead. She just had them removed a few days ago, her and Squall have matching scars now, though hers isn't quite as big. They look quite adorable together.

I could go on and on. Like I said, everyone has his or her own stories about their experiences. And just yesterday, I had mine.

End prologue. Comments and suggestions much appreciated.