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Chapter One

I lost everything and everyone really from what I had to do. I did this because she was my best friend. I couldn't let her down. She asked me to do one thing for her, keep it a secret and pretend to be in her situtation. I did because we had been best friends since we were born. I lost my friends, my parents, and my boyfriend of 3 years. If I had told them what was really going on then they wouldn't have hated me. I messed up big time and it was all for Haley Moore. My name is Gabriella Montez and now I'm stuck with a 1 month old son.

10 months earlier

I was in my bedroom lying on my bed when I heard the front door ring. My dad, Greg answered it. I heard him tell whoever it was that I eas upstairs. It wasn't Troy, my boyfriend of 3 years because he always came through my balcony. So it had to be...

"Gabriella?"Haley Moore Best friend since we were born came into my room, shut and locked my door.

"Hales? what's wrong? Have you been crying?"I asked looking at her tear stained face.

"No everything is not fine...I'm pregnant."I looked at her then stood up and embraced her into a hug. I was shocked. But I couldn't believe this.

"How far along are you?"

"3 weeks."she replied quietly.

"It's Eric's isnt it?"I asked.

"Yeah.."she creid even more when I said his name. Eric Montez was Haley's boyfriend, also my brother.He was a year older was 18. He was killed by a car. A hit and run is what they said. The day I found out I was in class in homeroom with everyone else. Haley, Troy, Sharpay, Ryan, Zeke, Jason, Kelsi, Taylor, Chad..etc. The officer came into the room and went to Ms.Darubs' It was like yesterday


"Ms. Darbus?"the officer that came into the room walked over to her and asked her something in private. We all wanted to know what it was then Darbus turned around and looked straight at me.

"Gabriella...You need to step outside with the officer for a moment."that's all she said. I got up and looked at the officer who led me outside the classroom. When I got out there I saw my parents.

"Mom, Dad?" I could see my mom's red eyes that were all puffy from crying. I was scared to know what was going on."What's going on?"

"Gabi...Eric was killed by a hit-in-run this morning."Greg answered. I stood there and looked at them...I was crying on the inside. My dad and mom came and wrapped me into a hug and a didn't move. They told me to get me stuff that they were taking me out early. I told them no..I want to stay and then they left with the officer. I stayed out there for a second before going into the classroom. Then it hit me Eric my big brother was dead. I cried. I walked into the classroom and everyone was looking at the tears running down my face. Haley got up right away as I sat down and kneeled beside me. Troy also came beside Haley.

"Gabs? What's happened?"Troy asked. I looked up and saw haley and troy...I looked at Haley.

"He's gone Haley."

"Gabi who's gone?"Haley asked me

"He's dead. He was killed..."

"Gabriella! who's dead!?"Haley asked concerend and yelled the whole class was now looking at me.

"Eric." I said throught my tears.

End of Flashback

"What are you going to Haley?"I asked her.

"I'm keeping it...But I'm not telling any one. You know I live on my own..."Haley said. She got emacipated when she was 16...her mom started drinking and her dad...well he left when she was born. So my parents helped her out and we got her emacipated and an apartment.

"Hales you got to tell someone."

"I did. I told you...But I need a favor."I looked at her when she said favor. I was scared.

"Anything." I told her.

"Pretend to be pregnant."


"Please...you know if I'm pregnant the officer for my emacipation will revoke me...but if you pretend for me then I can stay where I live." It was true. He would.

"But Troy and I haven't had sex. So what's going to happened when he finds out?"

"I don't know but please Gabi please."she started crying which made me cry.

"Ok. I'll do it. But for you and this baby."

"Thank you so much Gabi!"she sunk her arms around me and gave me hug. I was doing this for Haley and I knew what the consequenses would be...I guess one thing would come out ok...I would get my first nephew or niece.