By: Seinasu

Disclaimer: Yoroiden-Samurai Troopers is copyright © Sunrise.

Author's Note: This story is first person POV and it takes place after episode 4 of the Message OVA. This was also posted at Amanda Swiftgold's Ronin Warriors website. I decided to revamp it a tad and post it here.

I don't understand.

They were given the heavy burden of protecting the world from evil. Such young children they were, and yet they were forced to fight in order to survive. Why didn't they hate Kaosu for giving them this task? They were sent to hell and back because of those armors. The armors are the cause of the madness, the madness that swallowed them and swallowed myself. They are the fires that burned into their innocence and their lives.

I hate the armors. I hate them because they killed my mother and my father.

The armors killed me and burned my home. They damned my family to hell! Those five who wear the armors... I hate them as well. I hate the Samurai Troopers!

The armors I have created are from the hatred I feel within my soul, my damned, tainted soul. I have used these to capture Tenku no Touma-sama, Suiko no Shin-sama, Kongo no Shu-sama, and Korin no Seiji-sama. They will suffer like I have through the armors. They could not fight me so their punishment will be death. Ha! They say they no longer fight, but because of Kaosu, they are branded Samurai Troopers until the day they die. The Kikoutei will soon be present and I shall use it to cease all suffering within this world and most important, myself...


Korin no Seiji-sama, what is it about you? Why did you say such things to me earlier?

"That armor was made by your heart. The armor was created because of your sadness."

It was as if you understood the suffering I was experiencing. From recollection, you seemed cold and uncaring on the outside... but it was when I asked you to wear the new Armor of Korin did I realize your true feelings. By wearing the new armor, you wouldn't have to fight anymore. Your destiny has ended, Korin no Seiji-sama. As I cried, you comforted me in your own way. Did you really understand me? Did you discover how upset I really was? How I am still very upset? I suppose I will never know. The suffering will continue until I have the Kikoutei.

I now know what I have to do. I cannot afford to make any more mistakes. Rekka no Ryo-sama is the last Samurai Trooper I must capture. I wish to suffer no more. The bad, painful memories, the years of loneliness... It must end.

Everything will eventually come to a beautiful, silent end.