"It's weird," Rain said, leaning forward, as the train shook them, "it's like when I consume the flesh of living, it's like having sex. I don't know which way is up."

"Uh huh," Alice said, mouth open, gun in hand. Her eyes hadn't left the smoking hole in Rain's forehead for the past five minutes.

"That's the thing," the Licker said, sitting back on its haunches. "It's almost sexual, isn't it? I want to kill and feast -- it's no normal hunger-satisfy impulse, it's like -- it's like murdering and eating people is the greatest thing in the world."

"Well, bully for you!" Alice said, her voice raising a few octaves, switching the gun over to aim at the Licker.

Behind her, Matt lay, his arm damaged, his blood slowly dripping on the train floor.

"You know, it's weird," Rain said, picking up the syringe. "You'd think this would have cured me -- it being the cure and all."

"Maybe I didn't grab the right syringe," Alice said. "Maybe it's all my fault."

The Licker cocked its head to look at her. "Still, though, don't you think there's something odd about this whole thing? If the antidote wasn't proven to work, why would they have manufactured it in such a large quantity. There's several syringes here. Please, just a finger."

"No fingers," Alice said. "Let's work this out rationally. They didn't know the virus's effect on humans, right? They tested it by injecting it directly into living species, right? That's how they made you."

The Licker nodded.

"So would they have tested it on animals as an airborne virus?" Alice said. "You think they would have. They must have known it regenerated dead tissue."

"Seems logical," the Licker said.

"So why would the Red Queen have killed everyone with toxic gas? She must have known-"

"An ear?" Rain asked.

"No," Alice said. "Now, if the virus was as effective airborne-"

"Wait," the Licker said. "Is it plausible that they never tested it airborne? They never would have known its effects if released into an atmosphere?"

"That doesn't make sense," Rain said. "Then why would the Red Queen have gone psycho when it got out? They'd have ran tests on it through the computer."

"Maybe-" Alice said. "Maybe the antidote had to be airborne, too. I'm sorry, Rain."

"Yeah, why would the Red Queen kill everyone?" the Licker said. "It was like she was begging for a bunch of zombies."

"No," Alice said, shaking her head. "No, the virus goes fatal very quickly. She'd have zombies anyways. She wanted to seal up the place."

"But why wouldn't she have told us about them?" Rain asked. "If she wanted so fucking badly to keep them in there?"

"She would have. She could've provided ample evidence. We could've checked with Umbrella -- they would know what we were working on-"

She stopped and looked up at Rain.

"Umbrella never briefed us on that," Rain said. "They sent us to their deaths."

"Maybe they're evil?" the Licker asked.

"No," Alice said, standing up, fear in her eyes. "A well-armed paratrooper squadrons costs money. A lot of money. There's training, there's arms, there's transportation -- they would've briefed you if they wanted-"

Rain nodded. "They wanted us to shut her down and get infected."

"That doesn't make sense," Alice said. "A briefed team could go down, fry her, and pick up a sample. It'd be much more efficient."

"Then what?" Rain said. "The Red Queen's in cahoots with Umbrella?"

"They're waiting for us," the Licker said.

"No, this doesn't make sense," Alice said, clutching at her head. Wires were starting to come out of her, and she clutched at them staring. "This doesn't make sense. It's like-- like a haphazardly plotted movie--"

"A movie?" the Licker said.

"Or maybe a dream," Rain said.

Rain fuzzed into liquid, and Alice gasped, suddenly on a cold table, surrounded by white light.

There was a man watching her. "Alice, are you awake?"

"Where am I?"

"There was a nuclear explosion. Raccoon City is gone."


"We gave you the power to kill people through cameras."

"Fuck, I'm dreaming again."

"No, no, it's awesome. It's like, you look at a camera, and if there's a person that happens to be watching you through a closed-circuit television screen, you can kill him. It's totally wicked cool."

"Uh. Am I dreaming again?"

She woke up on a futon, and she fell out onto the floor, a blanket wrapped around her. She blinked and raised her hand, squinting at the light.

"God," she said. "God."

Rain appeared in the doorway and said, "Sweetheart, you all right?"

"Yeah, yeah. Just had a really weird nightmare?"

"Aw, sweetie, what happened?"

"Ever had a dream where you were stuck with a bunch of people who couldn't act and had really bad dialogue?"


"Well, it was one of those."

"Well, no worries, darling, you're back home."

Rain leaned down and kissed Alice, and then flounced off. "I'm gonna make pancakes, you want one?"

"Yeah," Alice said, looking around. "Yeah."