Title: Naruto Doesn't Want Neji
Disclaimer: Let's get one thing straight: I don't own it, never will.
Pairing: Naruto x Neji
Song: "All I Want For Christmas"
Rating: G(K)- Randomness on a stick.

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"So... Naruto."

"Yeah, Neji?"

"Did you," he leans over and presses play. The intro to a song begins, "get everything you wanted for Christmas?"


The music dies instantly.

"Um... Are you sure?" The music starts over.

"Definitely! I got a month's supply of ramen, money, new kunai and shuriken, a bunch of..." He rambles on, oblivious to what Neji is trying to say, and the music that has just paused again.

"No. Naruto," he presses 'play' once again. "Are you sure?"

The music continues playing and Naruto is staring dumbly at Neji.

"Um, I already answered this: yes!" The blond crosses his arms. "Do I have to spell it out for ya?"

The music continues, getting softer. "Aren't you forgetting something?"



"It's okay, Neji-nii-san," Hinata mumbles, patting Neji's back as he cries into her shoulder. "He's dense."

Neji pulls back a little. "He-- He promised he'd sing it to me this year!"

She nods slowly and knowingly-- if she had a pair of reading glasses, one would confuse her with a psychiatrist (or a librarian). "Now you know why I gave up on him and started chasing Shikamaru-kun." Beneath her nodding, nearly all-knowing exterior, she is grinning wolfishly, remembering that she had 'locked' him in her closet--- one of the many pointers Sakura and Ino had suggested she use.

When Neji's crying does not cease, she sighs. "Maybe, you're just not what he wants for Christmas."


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