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Summary: Set in the trios seventh year. Ginny is dreading going back to school. It was always the same old thing every year. Harry finds some way of fouling up Voldys plans to take over. The trio gets the glory. Blah blah blah. But then Draco Malfoy takes an unnatural interest in the littlest Weasely to piss off The Trio. Ginny is not impressed. Draco is rude. Ginny retaliates. It's war. But then the war rages on into something else. How will it end? Lots of eye rolling will ensue.

Note: Indicates change in POV- !#$&

Weasel Vs. Ferret

It was raining. Hard. It hadn't rained all summer long and now it seemed to be back with a vengeance, rudely announcing the start of the new school year. Unlike Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley despised going back to Hogwarts. No one knew this of course. Everyone just assumed that she loved to be the little sister of the third leg of the undefeatable, unforgettable, un-whatever other cool synonym there was for 'awesome' you could come up with for the golden trio. It's not that she didn't love them. Despite being only the afterthought in the grand scheme of things, they were always good to her.

No, it was the fact that Ginny's own prowess was over shadowed by the infamous threesome. Sure she had had her time to shine last year when she helped infiltrate the ministry and take on a hoard of Death Eaters and even saw old Moldy Voldy himself, but it seemed that one exciting minute in the limelight didn't make up for years of living in her brothers shadow. Actually, she had a least six shadows to be living in, eight if you included Harry and Hermione.

It was deep in these somber thoughts Ginny was lost in when the all too annoying tradition of Malfoy and his sidekicks invading their space came into action.

"Well, well. Look what we've got here. Crabbe, when we get back to school, do remind me to tell Dumbledore how poorly the train janitorial staff is doing. There is still filth everywhere." Draco sneered very pointedly eyeing the occupants of the compartment.

Hermione rolled her eyes and without even looking up from her book, automatically reached up and grabbed Ron's robes just as he attempted to lunge at the blonde boy.

"Let me go Mione! This dirty little snake coming in here and calling us filth. The slimy bastard..."

"Fuck off Weasley, you might burst a vein. On second thought please continue to have your little mudblood fight your battles for you. It's quite entertaining," Draco drawled, crossing his arms across his broad chest.

Crabbe and Goyle just laughed stupidly.

Ginny rolled her eyes in disgust. As if coming back to school wasn't bad enough, she had to deal with these idiots for another year. Ron was still struggling against Hermione's seemingly iron hard grip on his robes.

"Good one Draco," Goyle grumbled in his throaty growl.

Usually, Ginny liked to stay out of the little tussles that her brother and his friends liked to get into with the Slytherin nuisances but the retort slipped out before she could stop herself.

"Oh please, you wouldn't recognize a good come back if it ran over you attached to this train Goyle."

Draco raised a perfectly shaped blonde eyebrow, "Potter, control your bitch, she's spewing word vomit again."

This caused Ron to forget his struggle altogether and grab at his robes for his wand. Harry beat him to the punch and whipped out his wand immediately, training it on the pale boys face.

"Call her that again Malfoy and everyone here will get an encore presentation of the incredible bouncing ferret," Harry growled.

Draco smirked.

"Potter has a new girlfriend now, does he?"

Harry didn't miss a beat, "Ginny is like my little sister you ignorant bastard, stay away from her."

Draco was about to retort when he happened to glance over at Ginny. She stared back unblinkingly with defiance. Then a slow smile spread across his pale features.

"You know what Potter?" He sneered, "I don't think I will."

At that he promptly turned on his heel and strode out of the compartment, his cronies followed shortly after shutting the door with a slam.

"And what in the bloody hell does THAT mean?" Raged Ron, plunking back down in his seat, for Hermione had released him the minute the compartment door had shut.

"It's probably nothing Ron. You know Malfoy is all talk," Hermione said, calmly marking the page she was on then turning to Ginny, "You have nothing to worry about Gin."

Ginny raised her eyebrows at the older girl, "Who said I was worried? Malfoy is harmless."


Unbeknownst to the famous foursome, Draco Malfoy had taken residence a mere compartment away and could hear everything through the adjoining vent on the other side.

"Oh you wait little Weaslette. And I will show you just how NOT harmless I can be…"


Ginny glanced down at her class schedule, and her eyes lit up. She had a free period this year. The fact that it was right after lunch helped lift her mood immensely as well. Maybe this year wouldn't be as bad as the rest. Her mother did always say that your fate is what you make it. Or something like that. She really needed to stop reading those ridiculous Lockhart books all the time. She grinned at the thought of her mother fawning over the younger gentleman like a pre pubescent girl at a Quidditch match. Another peek at her parchment told her she was due in Potions in five minutes. The grin dropped off her face.

"Shit! Oh man detention is not the way to start of your first day Weasley, not this year!"

Ginny exclaimed before sprinting off towards the dungeons, "Especially with Snape," Ginny added as an after thought. She shuddered. No, that would not do at all.

Luckily, Ginny reached the dungeons in just under four minutes and hastily plopped herself into a chair next to Colin Creevey and started unpacking her ingredients.

"Hey Gin!" Colin greeted her cheerily, "Nice of you to join us eh? Snape would have had your head if you were late on the first day."

Ginny set her cauldron on the desk and glared at her friend, "Yes Creevey, I am well aware of the potential consequences, I just drifted off after I got my schedule and lost track of time."

Colin winced, "Geez Gin, I was only kidding, no need to get all Slytherin on me and use the last name."

"Did I hear someone say Slytherin?"

Ginny groaned inwardly. She'd know that slimy drawl and sarcastic lilt anywhere. Colin scoffed.

"What are you doing here Malfoy? Where's Sn… er, Professor Snape?" he inquired, clearly as thrown as Ginny was to see Malfoy in their classroom. The rest of the class seemed to be just as puzzled by the looks on their faces.

Draco chose to ignore Colin and addressed the rest of the class instead, "As you can see, Professor Snape is not here." Ginny rolled her eyes and whispered, "Quick, that one is," to Colin as he choked back a laugh. "He got caught up in a meeting and asked me to oversee the class until his return." Draco continued, seemingly oblivious to sudden chorus of giggles he was receiving from some of the sixth year girls.

Unlike Ginny, some girls were far less concerned with the fact that Malfoy was a Slytherin and more concerned with this defined jaw line, impeccable fashion sense, money and not to mention those biceps that seemed to have come from no where. Not that Ginny noticed any of these things. That would just be disgusting. It was at that moment that Draco decided to rest his piercing glare at the little red head herself, that trademark smirk coming back full blast.

"Weasley," The name sounded dirty to Ginny, coming from his pompous pure-blood pride loving arrogant face.

Ginny raised her ginger eyebrows at the older boy, "What?" Some of the girls who were giggling previously, scowled. They seemed to disagree with the tone Ginny had taken with their temporary teacher. Not to mention he had chosen to address her and not them.

Draco merely continued to smirk and proceeded to ask, "Would you be so kind as to direct me in where you left off at the close of last year?"

His voice was as oily as Snapes hair and it made the hairs on the back of Ginnys neck rise. Why was he being so forcibly nice to her? And why the hell wouldn't he stop smirking?

"I don't see why that information would be beneficial to you Malfoy, as you are not teaching the class, simply over seeing until Professor Snape returns. Don't think that just because he sent his favorite pupil, we hold the same regard for you as he does."

A gasp went around the room. Colin closed his eyes in apparent horror. Draco's merely narrowed.

"Careful Weasley, I might have to dock points."

Ginny was about to retort when the torch light suddenly flickered and the light caught a glimpse of metal on Draco's robes that Ginny failed to notice before. There, pinned to his chest, right above is heart was a shinning silver badge. Head Boy.

The smug look that had graced Ginny's features faltered. Draco Malfoy? Head Boy? Oh Merlin this was going to be a long year. As if reading her thoughts, Malfoy decided to put the icing on the cake.

"Actually Weasley, come to think of it, I'll do you one better, detention, for failing to cooperate and disrespecting my authority."

Yup, Ginny was definitely not going to like this year.

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