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Sanji clutched his side, eyeing the numerous broken bodies of marines littered around him. They hadn't been hard to beat, but one of them had managed to stab him between the ribs when he was fighting another.

He groaned and dropped to one knee as blood continued to pour out of the wound and onto the ground. That was the worst he had, but the problem was, with so many cuts and stab wounds, he was losing blood, fast.

He could hardly breath, and he assumed he'd broken a few ribs, as well as the stab wound, had a lot to do with that.

"Shit." He said as his vision blurred. He heard some marines shouting in the distance before he blacked out.

Zoro ran through the streets of the town, searching for Sanji. He heard the marines calling somewhere to the west and cursed, he had to find the shitty cook soon.

He rounded a corner and gasped, there were piles of marines everywhere, bloodied and broken, and some were groaning. He walked a bit further and caught a glimpse of blonde at the end of the alley.

He ran foreword and rolled the body over, sure enough, Sanji was looking up at him.

"Sanji?" The blonde man was bleeding everywhere.

"Zo-Zoro..." Sanji managed to get out before he started to cough, hacking up a bit of blood that had filled part of his lung.

"Don't talk ero-cook; I'm going to get you out of here, so hang on." Zoro said as he pulled Sanji onto his back, wincing as he heard the pained groan. He adjusted him a bit, before breaking into a jog, trying to ignore the pained whimpers from Sanji. I need to get him to Chopper, quick.

Zoro could hear shouts coming from everywhere, and it wasn't long before he found himself in trouble.

Four marines stood between him and the exit of another alley. If he turned around, they would chase him, and he couldn't outrun them whilst carrying another person, so he had to fight them.

"Zoro..just go...drop me here..and go..." Sanji groaned out, coughing against Zoro's back.

"Not on your life ero-cook, i'm not leaving you to these vultures of men." He adjusted his stance to get one of his swords out of its sheath and place it in a defence position.

"Idiot Marimo, just go, you can always come back and spring me from wherever they take me." Sanji tried again, resting his head against the swordsman's shoulder.

"I'm not taking that chance Sanji, now hold on tight, and warn me if you are going to fall." Zoro answered, moving one arm under the blonde's legs to hold him in place.

He broke out into a sprint, cutting down the first man easily. He used his momentum to slam a second into the wall before knocking him out with the hilt of his blade. The last two looked at him, astounded, how could he do that, while carrying another man?! They looked at each other and ran, making Zoro's life much easier.

He placed his blade back in the sheath, and began his jog again. He could see the ocean from where he was and knew he wasn't far from the dock.

"How are you doing Sanji?" He yelled against the prevailing winds. All he got was a groan in reply against his ear. Zoro began to get worried, he could feel the warm blood seeping through his shirt, and knew the man had lost a lot, if he didn't get him to Chopper soon; he wasn't going to make it...

Finally, he found the Merry, and ran on deck. "CHOPPER, WHERE ARE YOU, WE HAVE AN EMERGENCY!"

The hooved man walked out and immediately paled, "Sanji! Bring him inside Zoro, quickly!"

It seemed the man had lost consciousness in the last short while as Zoro placed him on a bed. "I need you to take his shirt off for me so I can see the wound." Zoro nodded and grabbed a small knife, slicing the shirt down the middle and pulled it away from gash.

Chopper examined the wound, "It doesn't look to serious, he's just lost a lot of blood. We have to keep him warm and increase his fluids, which I can easily do with an intervenes. I'm going to sow him back together first though, and it looks like he has some other cuts that need attending, not to mention some broken ribs. "

It took nearly an hour, but afterwards, Sanji was sown back together, bandaged, and placed in many warm blankets.

Zoro looked to Chopper, "What now?"

Chopper looked down at the blonde sadly; "I've done all I can for him, now we must wait, and hope he has the strength to pull through."


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